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Source: The National

Airport reopens vital link to ABG

THE opening of the Kieta (Aropa) Airport is another vital part of Papua New Guinea’s national infrastructure that will create new opportunities for the people of Bougainville, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
Speaking at the airport re-opening ceremony alongside government ministers and members of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) last Friday, O’Neill highlighted the achievement as part of a bright future for Bougainville.
“This is a beautiful day for Bougainville and for Papua New Guinea,” he told about 3000 people who attended the ceremony.
During his visit to Bougainville early this year, O’Neill had assured the people that his Government would work with the ABG to re-open Aropa Airport.
“In January, I announced I was here to honour the national Government’s commitments and deliver important projects to bring Bougainville back to what it once was,” he said.
“The national Government’s main focus is to bring services to and improve the welfare of our people, especially the generation which missed out completely.”
He said the reopening of Aropa was significant after 23 years of non-air service to the main island of Bougainville. “This infrastructure can now effectively serve the people of Bougainville,” O’Neill said.
“The welfare of the people of Bougainville is a priority for our Government.”
O’Neill commended the National Airports Corporation, Air Niugini, Airlines PNG and Travel Air for their efforts and support for the reopening of Aropa.
He acknowledged the good work and commitment of past and present leaders.
He assured Bougainville leaders and people that his Government would continue to honour the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Source: The National

Momis thanks leaders for unity

BOUGAINVILLE President John Momis has praised the leaders and landowners for their cooperation which led to the reopening of the Aropa Airport last Friday.
“This demonstrates the capability of people when they collaborate and form solidarity to solve past issues and come up with infrastructure, reconstructive and for us to collaborate,” Momis said.
He acknowledged the significant support by the national Government in the reconstruction of the airport and terminal.
Momis said it was important for the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and national Government to partner under the Bougainville Peace Agreement and seek lasting solution in the crisis.
“In PNG, this Bougainville Peace Agreement is a good agreement; it binds the national Government and government of ABG to work together but in the ultimate analysis,” he said.
“We (ABG) make a pledge to work with the national Government to find lasting peace, solution and a mutual acceptable outcome, that’s why this process (agreement) or roadmap must be followed.”

Source: The National

Airfield to fly in tourism, business deals, MP says

CENTRAL Bougainville MP Jimmy Miringtoro has described the reopening of Aropa Airport as a huge relief for his people.
Speaking during the ceremony last Friday, he said the airport would complement other services and sectors already established in the area.
“The airport will be a meeting place, bringing all people together from north, south and central Bougainville and not forgetting the outer islands to come and use this service.
“Aropa opens Bougainville to the outside world through this airport; opportunities will be opened in tourism, businesses and other investments in the region, Miringtoro, the Communications and Information Technology Minister, said. He said there were frustrating setbacks in the redevelopment of the airport in 1989 at the onset of the Bougainville crisis and it remained closed for 25 years.
“Aropa Airport was one with more challenges. When I took office, the place was divided just after we came out of the crisis.
“According to our customary laws and because blood was spilled here, it was a forbidden area for any activity. Only through reconciliation, it could remove such. We have fulfilled that through customary obligation called cleansing of site.”
Miringtoro thanked the national Government for the commitments towards the impact projects for Bougainville and towards the peace agreement.



Source: Post-Courier

23-year wait ends


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has assured Bougainvilleans that the needs of the autonomous region remain a priority for his Government and he did not travel to the island to "play politics".
Speaking to more than 3000 people at the opening of Aropa Airport outside the former capital Arawa last Friday, he said the restoration of services is paramount and he did not intend to talk about the referendum, independence or the reopening of the Panguna mine.
"This kind of talk will continue to circulate but we must learn to trust and uphold the discussions held between our governments, there must be trust to ensure that our priority is the welfare of our people," he said.
"When I was in Arawa I said we had to make sure that this generation of Bougainvilleans – who over 23 years missed out on education, health and infrastructure services that would enable them to succeed – now that is a priority for our governments to sort out."
Aropa Airport was shut 23-years ago when the island was thrown into a civil war, which claimed more than 20,000 lives as landowners, angered over the non-equitable distribution of wealth from the Panguna copper mine, took up arms against the Government.
The National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) have two-and-a-half years to complete work on key infrastructure in Bougainville before the next general election, which the Prime Minister said his Government was committed to accomplishing.
The ABG president John Momis, who played a key role in the peace process on the island in his capacity as a PNG politician before winning the Bougainville presidential election in 2010, thanked the national Government for funding the work to get Aropa operational and said the project demonstrated the collaboration between the two governments under the auspices of the 2001 Bougainville Peace Agreement.
He used the occasion to highlight the significance of the agreement and how it binds the ABG and the national Government to work together to tackle the problems that led to the civil conflict.
"I don’t want to talk about what happened before but I want to use the opportunity to remind ourselves of what happened and the existence of the Bougainville Peace Agreement," Mr Momis said.
"There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel. The national Government should accept its responsibility under the Peace Agreement and the Bougainville people and their government must accept their responsibility set out under the agreement. If we do this then there is no need for us to worry."
The airport reopening attracted a huge crowd of about 3000 people.



Source; The Australian

Julie Bishop urging PNG to establish a sovereign wealth fund

by Brendan Nicholson

JULIE Bishop (pictured) is in Papua New Guinea urging its government to establish a sovereign wealth fund to ensure the whole nation benefits from its natural gas boom.
Ms Bishop flew to PNG yesterday with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, Defence Minister David Johnston and Justice Minister Michael Keenan for talks that will also focus on defence and policing co-operation, the resettlement of asylum-­seekers and help for PNG in providing security when it hosts the 2018 APEC summit.
PNG is also looking for ways to strengthen its public service through improved education and training.

Ms Bishop told the Sky News Australian Agenda program yesterday that PNG was going through an energy renaissance, with a huge natural gas project about to come online.
“Their economy is the fastest growing in Asia,” she said. “It is going to be growing at 15 to 20 per cent. Huge revenues will be coming in to PNG. We want to work with them as partners, as economic partners, to make sure that PNG has in place sovereign wealth funds so that the money they are receiving from these massive energy projects can be spread through PNG,” she said.
Ms Bishop will make the first visit by an Australian minister to the Autonomous Region of ­Bougainville since 2000. “Here I will meet political and community leaders to discuss the implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement and visit Australian aid-funded projects in Buka and Arawa.”
Ms Bishop said Bougainville wanted a referendum on independence next year but she did not believe it or PNG would be ready for a referendum for some time. “I want to meet with the autonomous Bougainvillian government and talk to them about their expectations,” she said.
Asked if she was concerned about a resurgence of violence on Bougainville, Ms Bishop said that had always been a possibility.
“Unless the PNG government and the autonomous Bougainvillian government can sort out their differences and work closely together, I think it is going to be a challenge for Australia and New Zealand and other countries who are responsible, if you like, for this part of the world.”

Ms Bishop said Australian Federal Police officers were trying to work with PNG police to restore some stability and improve the law and order situation, which was “quite dire” in some areas. “Throughout 2015, I will be giving it a great deal of my time and energy because I think 2015 is going to be a challenging year for PNG.”
She said the fact that four ministers were in PNG reflected the strength and depth of the relationship the government shared with Australia’s nearest neighbour, which received each year about half a billion dollars in aid.
Ms Bishop will be a co-chair at the Australia-PNG Ministerial Forum and Business Dialogue at which the business community will discuss ways to strengthen trade and investment links.


Source; Post-Courier

PX Kieta christened at Aropa


THE Air Niugini Q400 plane Prime Minister Peter O’Neill travelled on to Aropa on Friday is now officially PX Kieta.
The aircraft was christened by Mr O’Neill at the official opening of the Aropa Airport as Air Niugini also officially announced that its first commercial flight to Aropa Airport starts tomorrow.
Bougainville leaders, led by ABG President John Momis, Central Bougainville MP Jimmy Miringotoro, Regional MP Joe Lera, South Bougainville MP Steven Kamma, who is Minister for Bougainville Affairs, were present when the announcements were made.
State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah, Works Minister Francis Awesa, National Planning Minister Charles Abel, Education Minister Nick Kuman, Civil Aviation Minister Steven Davis and Air Niugini board chairman Sir Frederick Reiher and chief executive officer Simon Foo were also present when the naming rights were accorded.
Mr O’Neill and Mr Momis unveiled the airport sign as thousands of Bougainvilleans watched the ceremony.
The PX Kieta will be flying all over PNG, showcasing the name, painted in black. It will make its maiden commercial trip as PX Kieta to Aropa International airport tomorrow.



Source: EMTV

Aropa Airport reopens in Bougainville
By Fabian Hakalits – EM TV, Arawa

The Aropa airport, that completes the list of twenty-two national airport facilities in Papua New Guinea, is now open.
The reopening of the Aropa Airport in Kieta, Central Bougainville is a historical milestone and achievement for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and was greeted with mixed feelings for those who witnessed the occasion.
Three airlines made their maiden flights to Aropa on Friday 12 December, 2014, to signify it’s reopening, exactly 25 years after being shut down due to the Bougainville crisis.
Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill officiated at the event, fulfilling his promise to reopen the Aropa Airport, reassuring the national government’s commitment to Bougainville.
The once international airport of Aropa was commissioned by Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill and the Autonomous Bougainville Government President, Chief Dr John Momis.
Locals say that benefits and opportunities are coming; and are happy for the easy access to air services. They no longer have to spend extra money on having to travel all the way to Buka to catch flights.
Women leader, Theresa Jaintong thanked the Aropa landowners for giving the green light, to reopen the airport.
Sam Kauna, the Bougainville Resource Owners Association Chairman and one of the leaders of the Bougainville Revolution Army (BRA) said the reopening is the start of another chapter in the autonomous region’s history which individuals must charter, for its prosperity.
The Aropa Airport is one of the high impact projects’ funded under the Special Intervention Funds.
The project managed by the Program Management Unit, and the National Airports Corporation as the project management consultants, was completed in less than three months.
This was because of the three different contractors engaged in this project.
Commercial flights will be operated by three airline companies in Air Niugini, Travel Air and Airlines PNG.

Source: PNG Attitude

John Momis tells Peter O’Neill to keep his hands off Panguna

BOUGAINVILLE President John Momis has told the Papua New Guinea prime minister he is deeply concerned that Peter O’Neill has said he wants the national government to control future mining at Panguna.
It has been revealed that in October the prime minister held a three-hour meeting with a team form the so-called Me’ekamui Government of Unity at the behest of the MP for Central Bougainville, Jimmy Miringtoro.
Dr Momis said the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) obtained the Me’ekamui’s minutes of the meeting, which reported Mr O’Neill as saying, “Ok Tedi is your model to help you with mining in the future”; “we have given the Western Province 20% ownership of Ok Tedi” and “I will give 35% to Bougainville in any mining in the future”.
Dr Momis said, “The minutes indicate Mr O’Neill wants the national government to control mining at Panguna in the same way it manages Ok Tedi.
“Other information available to me indicates that the prime minister also told the Me’ekamui group that the national government proposes to purchase Rio Tinto’s shares in BCL to allow [the PNG government] to control Panguna mining.”
Dr Momis said he had sent a letter to the prime minister reminding him that Bougainvilleans are deeply concerned about the future of mining in Bougainville, and are determined to control it themselves through the ABG.
“The Bougainville Peace Agreement states clearly that the main goal of Bougainville’s autonomy is to empower Bougainvilleans to solve their own problems, manage their own affairs and work to realise their aspirations,” Dr Momis said.
“I told [Mr O’Neill] that the idea of the national government operating mining at Panguna (or anywhere else in Bougainville) is completely unacceptable to Bougainville.
“Any attempt by the national government to control mining in Bougainville could cause Bougainvilleans to lose all faith in the Peace Agreement. Many would refuse to work with the national government. They would want immediate independence. It would be a recipe for undermining, perhaps even destroying, support for the Peace Agreement.”
Dr Momis said that, in other meetiongs he had with Mr O’Neill, the PNG prime minister made no mention of the views he expressed to the Me’ekamui.
“He must explain why he can express such dangerous proposals to the Me’ekamui and refuse to discuss them with me. Is he trying to divide the people of Bougainville?” he asked.
“If such views were expressed by the prime minister, they clearly have serious potential for undermining relationships between the ABG and the national government.
“In the interests of maintaining a working relationship between your government and mine, it is essential that the prime minister clarify his position on these issues.”
Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop will walk right into the middle of this dispute when she visits Port Moresby, Bougainville and Goroka next week.

Source: Post-Courier

Meeting records upset President

AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government President John Momis said he was deeply concerned that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill wants the National Government to control future mining at Panguna. President Momis expressed this concern after learning of a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Me’ekamui Government of Unity led by Philip Miriori as president.
The three-hour meeting between Mr O’Neill and the Me’ekamui Government of Unity held on October 9 was arranged by the office of the MP for Central Bougainville, Jimmy Miringtoro. President Momis said the Autonomous Bougainville Government has obtained minutes of matters discussed in that meeting, prepared by the MGU team.
The minutes of the meeting quoted the Prime Minister as saying: “Ok Tedi is your model to help you with mining in the future”; and “We have given the Western Province 20 per cent ownership of Ok Tedi”; and “I will give 35 per cent to Bougainville in any mining in the future”. “This meeting was arranged by the office of Jimmy Miringtoro,” Mr Momis said.
“The minutes indicate Mr O’Neill wants the national Government to control mining at Panguna in the same way it manages Ok Tedi mine. “Other information available to me indicates that the Prime Minister also told the MGU group that the national Government proposes to purchase Rio Tinto’s shares in BCL to allow the National Government to control Panguna mine.
“I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister reminding him that Bougainvilleans are deeply concerned about the future of mining in Bougainville, and determined to control it themselves, through the ABG. The letter is attached to this statement.
“The Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) states clearly that the main goal of Bougainville’s autonomy is to ‘empower Bougainvilleans to solve their own problems, manage their own affairs and work to realise their aspirations’. Because of our experience of mining, mining was in the first set of powers that the ABG requested to be transferred from the National Government.
“I told him that the idea of the National Government operating mining at Panguna (or anywhere else in Bougainville) is completely unacceptable to Bougainville. Any attempt by the national Government to control mining in Bougainville could cause Bougainvilleans to lose all faith in the BPA. Many would refuse to work with the national Government any more. They would want immediate independence. It would be a recipe for undermining, perhaps even destroying, support for the BPA.”

Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville government thanks Aropa landowners

JOHN Momis (left) and Peter O’Neill open the Aropa Airport.

Presdient John Momis, on behalf of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, has thanked the landowners of Aropa for giving the green light to open up services back into Aropa airport.
“As the leader of Bougainville, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Bougainville, especially the landowners of Aropa for having the confidence that we the Bougainvilleans determined to rebuild our island once again,” President Momis said at the re-opening of the Aropa airport on Friday.
Mr Momis also called on the people of Bougainville to rise up and show what autonomy is all about. “We never throw in the towel. We never say die. We must stand up with confidence and work together to solve our problems. This is what autonomy means – to stand up and look for solutions ourselves.”
Mr Momis said the national Government could help if it sees this commitment and good will from Bougainvilleans. “I am sure National Government will come in and help us. But we must do something first and not being crazy and do stupid things,” Mr Momis said.
He thanked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his cabinet ministers, Australian Deputy High Commissioner and his personal friend former minister for Bougainville affairs and Kairuku-Hiri MP Sir Moi Avei, who came along to celebrate with the people of Bougainville.
“Sir Moi Avei has worked very hard and was one of those people who was instrumental in the formulation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, which is so important. I think it’s a master stroke that we come with this Bougainville Peace Agreement that has bound us together. “We must not be lazy and look at other options.
“Other options out of the perimeter of the BPA must bring us together to work together to find a way forward – not something the National Government would want and also not something Bougainville would like, no but something completely strange – even I don’t know, but I am sure something good will come out of our cooperation, our mutual trust that will see us through to the final solution to our problems on Bougainville,” Mr Momis said.

Source: Post-Courier

World Vision backs education


THE community of Pateaveave in the inland of Tinputs recently witnessed the opening of a new double classroom for elementary children. The building was funded by World Vision through their education project sector. This is to ensure that children study in an environment that is conducive to learning instead of using makeshift classrooms made from bush materials.
The executive manager of Tinputz district, Blaise Vosivai, said education is the key to effective service delivery in Bougainville and urged all stakeholders to work together when it comes to issues on education. He said a lot of areas in Bougainville have no access to government services and the only way now is through the public private partnership (PPP).
Mr Vosivai said Tinputz was the least developed area after Torokina district that received the least services and challenged other districts to implement the PPP concept as the district administration, council of elders and the communities in Tinputz have already started the PPP implementation.


Source; Bougainville24

Momis sends open letter to Prime Minister of PNG


Chief Dr John Momis

President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government

My dear Prime Minister,

I have been advised that on Thursday 9th October you held a three hour meeting with a team form the ‘Me’ekamui Government of Unity’ (‘MGU’), organised through the office of the Member for Central Bougainville, Hon. Jimmy Miringtoro, and attended by his Press Secretary, Mr. Chris Baria. Minutes (two pages) from that meeting, apparently prepared by the ‘MGU’ team, have been provide to my Government. They are attached to this letter.
You will perhaps be aware that this meeting, and the views reported by the ‘MGU’ team to have been expressed by you have caused great consternation to many Bougainvilleans. In the Minutes you are reported as saying:
‘John Momis is going ahead of me with important issues – PNG can’t allow that’.
Issues about ownership of Panguna land and resources, and the future of large-scale mining there, were a focus of the meeting. The Minutes report you as saying:
In this context you are reported as saying that you believe that mining powers and functions have not been validly transferred to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and that the Bougainville Mining (Transitional Arrangements) Act 2014 is invalid.
‘Ok Tedi is your model to help you with mining in the future’; and
‘We have given the Western Province 20% ownership of Ok Tedi’; and
‘I will give 35% to Bougainville in any mining in the future’.
I also understand that you suggested to the MGU group that they should consult with me and my Government about the issues that you discussed with them. While I welcome that advice, I have grave concerns about the above your reported views. Amongst other things:
I understand that in this context you proposed that the National Government purchase shares held by Rio Tinto in BCL and control future mining operations at Panguna, similar to arrangements with Ok Tedi.
Given the various decisions made since January 2008, jointly between the National Government and the ABG (through the Joint Supervisory Body), about the transfer of mining powers to the ABG, and the multiple efforts made by the ABG to consult the National Government about development of theBougainville Mining (Transitional Arrangements) Act 2014, it would be a matter of the gravest concern if you did in fact express the reported views concerning the transfer of mining powers and theBougainville Mining (Transitional Arrangements) Act 2014.
There are few issues of greater sensitivity to Bougainvilleans than those concerning the future of mining in Bougainville. A key goal of autonomy recorded in clause 4(b) of the Bougainville Peace Agreement(BPA) is to ‘empower Bougainvilleans to solve their own problems, manage their own affairs and work to realize their aspirations’. In the light of Bougainville’s experience of mining, it is no coincidence that the first set of powers that the ABG requested to be transferred included mining
Bougainvilleans regard it as essential that all decisions about future mining be made by the ABG, on behalf of all Bougainvilleans. The concept of the National Government operating mining at Panguna (or anywhere else in Bougainville) – whether on a basis like Ok Tedi or on any other basis – is completely unacceptable to Bougainville
Any attempt by the National Government to control mining in Bougainville could cause most Bougainvilleans to lose all faith in the BPA, and to refuse to work with the National Government any more. Many would want to seek immediate independence. It would be a recipe for severely undermining, perhaps even destroying, support for the BPA.
I met with you in Port Moresby on Friday 3rd October (just six days before your meeting of 9th October) and again on Tuesday 18 November.
In both meetings our discussion focused on your views about issues concerning Bougainville. Yet you made no mention at all in either meeting of the views you advanced in the meeting on 9th October.
It is difficult for me to understand how you could have been unwilling to discuss with me the views you are reported to have stated to the ‘MGU’ team on such important, sensitive and potentially divisive issues.
If such views were expressed, they have serious potential for undermining relationships between the ABG and the National Government.In the interests of maintaining a working relationship between your Government and mine, it is essential that you clarify your position on the matters raised in this letter, and that you do so as a matter of urgency.  


Source; The National

Stay out

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has warned the O’Neill Government against controlling mining on Bougainville.
President John Momis said the idea of the National Government operating mining at Panguna or anywhere else in Bougainville was “completely unacceptable”.

Momis said in a letter to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that Bougainvilleans
were determined to control their mining interests through the ABG.
“Any attempt by the National Government to control mining
in Bougainville could cause Bougainvilleans to lose all faith in the Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) and many would refuse to work with the National Government anymore,” Momis said in a media statement yesterday.
“They would want immediate independence. It would be a recipe for undermining, perhaps even destroying, support for the BPA.”
Momis revealed that O’Neill held a three-hour meeting with a team from the Me’ekamui Government
of Unity (MGU) on Oct 9. The meeting was arranged by the office of Central Bougainville
MP Jimmy Miringtoro, who is the Minister for Communications and Information Technology in the O’Neill cabinet.
Momis said the ABG had obtained minutes of the meeting, which reported the Prime Minister
as saying: “Ok Tedi is your model to help you with mining in the future.
“We have given the Western Province 20% ownership of Ok Tedi,” and, “I will give 35% to Bougainville in any mining in the future.”
He said the minutes indicated that O’Neill wanted the National Government to control mining at Panguna in the same way it controlled Ok Tedi.
Momis (pictured) said during his meeting with the PM in October and November, O’Neill made no mention of the views he expressed to the MGU team.
“He (O’Neill) must explain why he can express such dangerous proposals to the MGU, and refuse to discuss them with me,” Momis said.
“Is he trying to divide the people of Bougainville?
“If such views were expressed by the prime minister, they clearly have serious potential for undermining relationships between the ABG and the National Government.
“In the interests of maintaining a working relationship between your Government and mine, it is essential that the prime minister clarify his position on these issues.
“The Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) states that the main goal of Bougainville’s autonomy is to ‘empower Bougainvilleans to solve their own problems, manage their own affairs and work to realise their aspirations.
“Because of our experience of mining, mining was in the first set of powers that the ABG requested to be transferred from the National Government.”


Source; Bougainville24

ABG finalises budget planning in Arawa
By Stephanie Elizah

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) convened in Arawa on Wednesday and Thursday this week to work on the ABG 2015 Budget.
According to ABG Acting Chief Secretary Chris Siriosi, the Bougainville Budget Forum involved the leaders of Bougainville, including the ABG cabinet, members of the Bougainville House of Representatives, Councils of Elders, District and Departmental executives.
“The budget forum this week is basically to allocate the budget to the priority plans that the ABG in consultation with the different levels of leadership had identified and compiled in the first budget forum held mid this year in Arawa,” Mr Siriosi said.
He announced that from the 29th to 31st December, the Bougainville House of Representatives would be in parliament session to debate and decide on the ABG 2015 Budget.
“The passing of the ABG 2015 Budget will be the culmination of the work that starts tomorrow and ends on Thursday,” Mr Siriosi continued.
He added that the National Government and Bougainville’s various development partners have announced their budget ceiling for Bougainville which now leaves the Bougainville leaders and bureaucrats to determine allocation of the Autonomous Region’s 2015 budget.




Source: ESBC

"KIE" (Aropa) is the old and the new Gateway to BCL's Panguna mine!

KIE the new IATA destination code for Aropa/Kieta airport. It will soon be seen on the luggage tags al over the Pacific.  The new airport is "next door" to Panguna and  Bougainville's

former capital Arawa. As in the past KIE will be the international gateway to Bougainville Copper's huge copper mine in Panguna. The re-opening of the airport is a first step to re-vitalise the region of Central Bougainville. Hopefully it is also a step to re-vitalise the dormant Panguna mine soon.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

By Aloysius Laukai in Aropa

The famous REBOINE, AROPA Airport in Central Bougainville officially opened for Business today by Prime Minister, PETER O’NEIL and ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS amidst capacity crowd of what was estimated to be more than TEN THOUSAND people from South, Central and North Bougainville.
The airport was closed at the height of the crisis in 1990 and remained closed although the Peace Monitoring Group and several light aircrafts continued to land especially for Bank runs to Central Bougainville.
The opening was added extra flavour when three Airline Companies also flew in on the re-opening day.
The Once International Airport had the Airline PNG landing first then the Air Niugini’s Q 400 which was officially named KIETA to commemorate this special service into mainland Bougainville.
A plaque displaying this name KIETA was also unveiled by the Prime Minister PETER O’NEIL and ABG President DR. JOHN MOMIS this afternoon.
The Q400 carried the Prime Minister’s Official party whilst the Airline PNG carried Aropa Airport landowners who went to Port Moresby to complete the MOU on the future of the airport with the National Airport Corporation.
The other plane that landed today was the TRAVELAIR or the famous MANGI LO PLES which had the owner, MR.  EREMAS WATOTO and several media team on it.
The opening ceremony was incident free although security was tight to make sure the opening went without any disturbance.
Speakers at the ceremony included the Minister for Communications, JIMMY MIRINGTORO, ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS and the Prime Minister PETER O’NEIL.

ABG President John Momis and PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill shaking hands infront of the KIETA Terminal Building



PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill in the crowd

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill inspecting the Police Guard of Honour

More Aropa in Pictures...

Cutting the ribbon to the Airport terminal

All were excited

Pictures from the Aropa Airport Re-opening today


Unveiled the KIETA and this Q 400 is now dedicated to this airport and would be making daily runs

Met captain Ralph Teo, Aloysius Laukai and Bill Aritis pose for this New Dawn PIC after Airlines PNG  lannedd at Aropa this morning.

Prime Minister making his speech this morning



Source: Bougainville24

Aropa economy thrives with airport reopening
By Gideon Davika


The reopening of the Aropa Airport today in the heart of Bougainville has created a lot of business opportunities for the locals and the landowners living on the outskirts of the Airport.
The value of the land has also increased and it is very hard to now to get a piece of land since every landowner is trying to establish small business enterprises near to the airport.
With the airport due to open its doors today there have been a lot of changes happening at nearby areas with ongoing construction.
At the front gate the locals are already putting up market houses and have started selling a variety of fresh foods to the workers at the construction site.
Some people have started fencing off their blocks of land and building up houses because they have realised the need for housing since development is taking place and the government will bring more services to their area, such as PNG Power.
Local businessman, Charlie Marutoo, is establishing a new guesthouse about a kilometre from the airport. He calls his guesthouse, which is under construction, a resource centre.
With the airport reopening many guests will be travelling by plane and the guesthouse will be available for them right at the door step of the airport.

Source: Radio New Zealand International

Solomon Airlines looks at future Bougainville flights


Solomon Airlines will be among the guests at this morning's re-opening of Aropa airport in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province Bougainville which has been shut for 24 years.
The airport, near Arawa in central Bougainville, was forced to close by the civil war and air services were re-established in Buka.
The operations manager for Solomon Airlines, Gus Kraus, says his airline used to have an office in Aropa and is looking to do so again.


He spoke with Koroi Hawkins about the history behind the runway.

GUS KRAUS: In 1989 we opened an office in Arawa to actually try and capture some of the market traffic from Bougainville to Solomon Islands and of course not. not less than twelve months later we had to close it because of the tension that was created there through the problems of the mining. So you know for us strategically there's a lot of our families this side of the border and of course Choiseul is a big pivot point for Solomon Airlines and it's growing so for us we are looking at the airport in terms of the future prospects of launching Dash 8 services to and from Honiara maybe via Munda if we get a decent terminal built there, of course the major issues are always about customs, immigration and quarantine, manpower and facilities and also about security so we are just, I suppose it's very timely for us to be part of this delegation to have a look at the processes and the developments that are taking place for this new airport development. So we are very interested to see what's going on and of course it also gives us the foundation to talk to Air New Guinea about, you know, potentially in future, trying to do something together as far as cross water flights are concerned.

KOROI HAWKINS: And just going back to the landing strip on Bougainville has that been upgraded?

GUS KRAUS: Well I think Aropa, everybody knows that when the tension happened, everybody knows that ceased to be an operating airstrip so it's been re-done totally by the PNG government obviously with the, I think liaison and the friendship of the Bougainville people and the Bougainville government so you know, I think it's a positive element for Bougainville. Personally I think we all love Bougainville and to me the relationship of Bougainville to Solomon Islands the links are there historically. So it's certainly a positive element from our part of things and I am sure for the PNG government as well. So it's been a long time in coming it's been closed for many, many years and we look forward to the prospects in the future of trying to service the people there as well.
KOROI HAWKINS: And finally just details, how big is it, what can land on it?

GUS KRAUS: Well at the moment I believe that they are taking a Dash - 8 Q400 the bigger aeroplane with 70 seats from Air New Guinea. It used to operate with the Fokker F28s in years gone by Air New Guinea. I am sure that they are looking towards the eventuality  to operate back with either Fokker 100 or Fokker 70s so for me it's a matter for Air New Guinea and the runway capabilities so, I am sure that they are looking at prospects for the future for that.

Source: Radio New Zealand International

Sol Air may fly again to Bougainville

Solomon Airlines officials will be among the guests at this morning's re-opening of the Aropa airport in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province Bougainville which has been shut for 24 years.
The airport was forced to close by the civil war and a new airfield was later established in Buka.
The operations manager for Solomon Airlines, Gus Kraus, says his airline had actually set up an office in 1989 at Aropa and is looking to do so again.
"We are looking at the airport in terms of the future prospects of launching Dash 8 services to and from Honiara, maybe via Munda, if we get a decent terminal built there. Of course the major issues are always about customs, immigration and quarantine, man power and facilities and also about security."
Papua New Guinea's prime minister Peter O'Neill is leading the delegation flying in to Aropa for this morning's ceremony.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

ABG President, CHIEF DR. JOHN MOMIS is not happy with the National Government because it has not fulfilled its obligations to Bougainville in the 2015 Budget.
In a press release this week, DR. MOMIS said that whilst recognising and appreciating a significant increase in the unconditional operating grant, it is noted that the development budget contributions were at least K30 million less than was expected.
He said that other factors including the slow payment of taxes by the Internal Revenue Commission and the failure to increase the Restoration and Development Grant (RDG) will definitely impact on Bougainville’s development process in 2015.
He said that the Joint Supervisory Board meeting in July 2014 agreed that the National Government and the ABG go to mediation over the disputed calculation for the Restoration and Development Grant.
DR MOMIS said that Bougainville’s figures for the arrears of RDG and the annual RDG payment are a long way apart. However, at the JSB the National Government offered to pay K30 million of RDG arrears in the 2015 Budget. They have done this, but at the expense of cutting the K100 million Special Intervention Fund (SIF) grant from K100 million to K70 million.
He said that in February 2011 the then Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and then Treasurer Peter O’Neill agreed with Bougainville to pay K500 million SIF over five years at K100 million per year but this promise has been broken in the 2015 Budget.
President Momis said that with the K30 million reduction in forecast funding the ABG will not be able to maintain the current project profile. Continue new phases of projects such as the Buka Ring Road, water and sanitation improvements in Arawa and Buka and the sealing of the Arawa to Kokopau Road and the Arawa to Buin Road.
President Momis also said that the ABG also urgently requires the National Government to pay the second K50 million instalment of the 2013 SIF grant. “Contracts have been signed and project started on the basis that the National Government would meet this 2014 Budget commitment.
He says that these projects are all agreed with the National Government. There are no surprises in the cash flow requirements which have been with National Planning for months.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Lihir Gold Mine’s landowner company, ANITUA has teamed up with a local CONTRACTOR IN Central Bougainville to engage equipments on roads constructions throughout Bougainville.
And Expensive Earth Moving equipments were seen being unloaded to from a Barge that arrived yesterday at the Kieta wharf.
New Dawn FM managed to talk to the ANITUA Company Employee and team leader, IVAN IRORO who said that this was part of their partner’s capacity building to make sure they do any projects successfully in the future.
IVAN IRORO a Bougainvillean Equipment Instructor from Siwai told New Dawn FM that it has been difficult for Bougainville companies to participate in big projects due to the lack of support to local Businesses  by the Autonomous Bougainville Government.
He said with all the equipments that arrived under their partnership arrangement, they will start training local operators on the use of these equipments tomorrow.
MR. IRORO said that this arrangement was good as it creates job opportunities for our youths.
Equipments offloaded from the Barge at Kieta Wharf :





Source; Post-Courier

O’Neill will reopen K19 million Aropa airport

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill will land at Aropa Airport this morning in the first charter to officially open the once defunct Aropa International Airport.
During a visit to the region in January this year, Mr O’Neill promised the people of Bougainville that the airport would be reopened for use as soon as practicable.
A total of K19 million was allocated for the exercise, and after three months of work, the airport is now ready for use.
It was closed 25 years ago as a result of the Bougainville Crisis in 1989.
The airport, situated on the main island, is a significant infrastructure and its official re-launching will transform the pace of change in the economic development of the autonomous island province.
Officials from the Civil Aviation Authority and Works and Transport departments, who will be accompanying Mr O’Neill on this milestone visit, were directed to get to work on a working program to redevelop the airport in a short space of time.
The result of their hard work and tireless efforts will go down in the history books of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
An Air Niugini Q400 did a test landing and take-off on the runway, and it proved successful to the satisfaction of CAA officials.
Mr O’Neill will lead a big delegation from Port Moresby to Aropa this morning.
He is expected to be joined on the ground for the opening ceremony by Bougainville President John Momis, Communication Minister and Member for Central Bougainville Jimmy Miringtoro and other leaders from the region.
The local people are expected to perform a traditional ritual to thank and honour the Prime Minister, who became the first sitting Prime Minister to visit Panguna, rebel leader Francis Ona’s stronghold and the epicentre of the crisis.
For now, the Aropa airport will only take in aircrafts the size of Dash 8 and Q400 or smaller. It cannot take in F100 or bigger aircrafts until more work is done on the runway.
The airport saw the last Air Niugini flight out of Aropa International Airport in September 1989 when the Bougainville Conflict began.
The Crisis was an armed conflict fought between Papua New Guinea and the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), who were fighting for independence.

Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville leaders cry foul over mining act sections

By Patrick T Wundai

BOUGAINVILLE leaders are crying foul over what they described as "two controversial sections" that have been inserted into the final draft Bougainville Mining Act that is scheduled to be put on the floor of the House of Representatives in Buka this month.
Messrs Sam Kauona, Mathias Salas and Michael Aitai, in what is seen as a major reversal, said the addition of Sections 8 and 9 provide a mechanism for Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) to get back exploration licences over the prospecting authorities that it once held but which were cancelled with the passage of the August 8 Transitional Mining Bill.
In a hard-hitting article which appeared on the other daily on Monday, Mr Salas, the former ABG Mines Minister in the Kabui Government, disagreed with the ABG President of caving "in to Rio/BCL pressure" and "all-out betrayal of the law making process and a betrayal of Bougainville".
Contacted by the Post-Courier from Arawa along with Mr Kauona yesterday in relation to their paid advertisement taken on the alleged insertion of the sections, Mr Salas said; "Yes, we now have been informed that Rio/BCL sent many high level delegations to Buka to confront the ABG to register their displeasure with the Transitional Bill that was passed in August and to propose and provide the language for the drafters to insert into the Final Bill.
"This is a scandalous interference in Bougainville affairs. The troubling thing is why didn’t the President just say no? I don’t understand how Rio/BCL have so much direct influence over the current leadership of the ABG and their policy making process"
"From a practical point, what is being proposed is unworkable and Rio surely knows it. What it seems intent on doing is to get title over the minerals so that it can sell the package off and exit Bougainville.
Chief Aite, now in his 70s and the senior chief of Eivo Torau in which constituency the PAs covering Mainoki/Karato lie, said; "Our super history grants our two major clans, Hornbill and Eagle, birthright and ownership right over our resources; Section 23 of the Bougainville Constitution and section 12 of the Proposed Draft Final Mining Bill are politicians stating what we already know from birth. They will not be taken away from us by CRA/BCL.
"I remind the greedy and those that covet our resources that in July 1965 as a young man I lead the Mainoki/Karato people to chase out CRA.
"It is hard for us to understand why Sections 8 & 9 crept in; because we honestly believed the Transitional Bill released us from our Colonial past and returned our stolen rights. Women and men cried openly at Kopani last week when told of Sections 8 & 9 and what it now means for them."
Mr Kauona, founding general of the BRA, chairman of BRORC (Bougainville Resource Owners Representative Committee), and unofficial leader of the political opposition at large on Bougainville, opposed to BCL being given its pre-war rights through a Mining Act, is firm in his opposition to Sections 8 and 9.
Interviewed by telephone in Tunaniya, Mr Kauona said there are a number of reasons why this should not be enacted as it stands.
"One, it violates Section 12 of the Transitional Act itself which states that all minerals existing on, in or below the surface of any customary land in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are the property of the owners of the customary land.
"This is in accordance with section 23 of the Bougainville Constitution.
"But with the inclusion of Section 8 and 9 it says that they don’t belong to the customary landowners if friends of the BEC ask for them, in which case the BEC headed by Momis has the right to expropriate them and arrange for them to be to be passed on to his friends," the BRA hard man stressed.
BCL could not be reached for comments since the paid advertorial on Monday.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville's Aropa Airport to re-open Friday

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Aropa airport in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province Bougainville is being officially re-opened tomorrow after being shut for 24 years after the civil war broke out.
Aropa at Arawa had been the province's main airport up till that point.
An airfield at Buka was later brought into commission and an extensive upgrade at Aropa will now mean Bougainville is the only province with two airports.
Earlier this week Air Niugini conducted a successful test flight carrying civil aviation officials to Aropa.
New Dawn FM reports the re-opening will be led by the PNG prime minister, Peter O'Neill.

Source: Radio New Zealand International

Calls for more decision making opportunities for Pacific women

A women's advocacy group says the Pacific needs to do more to give women the opportunity to participate in politics.


A women's advocacy group says the Pacific needs to do more to give women the opportunity to participate in politics.
Women's representation in parliaments across the Pacific sits at around five percent.
During last month's election in Solomon Islands, only one of the 50 successful candidates was a woman and none of the 16 women who stood in Tonga's election were successful.
The executive director of Femlink Pacific, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, told Koro Vaka'uta women need to be involved at all levels.
SHARON BHAGWAN ROLLS: Parliaments are important but so are sub-national or local government government structures, whether it's municipal councils, district councils, the tikina o village councils or the provincial councils, every single structure must have gender equality. They must have equal representation of women. For women to participate in elections or decision making, they also must be supported by the political structures so there's a great onus also on political parties in the Pacific to still look at themselves and say 'how are we supporting women'? How is it that in the Solomon Islands in the most recent election only one woman got elected? What have we done as political parties to support women. Tonga's election.  What have political parties been doing to actually actively engage women in their party process? There are different strategies that are needed but most certainly I think the more women are involved in political level decision making, whether within a political structure or as civil society, it's go to be both, it can't be just one.
KORO VAKA'UTA:  We recently spoke to the Bougainville Women's Federation and they talked about a survey they had done with women, trying to see how they could become more interested in not just politics but in leadership as well. They said there was a lack of interest. Is there the interest across the Pacific for women to be involved and participants?
SHARON BHAGWAN ROLLS: You've got to remember in the context of Bougainville where they had an overt armed civilian war and they're still recovering so I think that the focus on Bougainville, the message there is: There needs to be capacity building of a generation that have gone without education that have faced the real impact of their conflict and their roles as mothers, as wives, as daughters even, to even think about what does it mean to get involved in politics. In post-conflict situations like we have in Bougainville, like we have in Solomon Islands, there needs to be different strategies. There can never be a one size fits all. In Fiji, we mobilised as a coalition as the Fiji Women's Forum in the lead-up to constitution making process, our most recent elections in September. We recognise that we must work in coalitions in order to strategise connectively on how do we address women's political participation. How do we make that change for gender equality in those spaces? So strategies need to be home-grown. Samoa has made a commitment to temporary special measures. Vanuatu has done the same for women in local government. We need to look at what are the needs for the countries and the communities and for the women's movement as well in each of these countries.



Source: Post-Courier

Big feast for Aropa Airport tomorrow


A big feast is set for the Aropa airport re-opening in Kieta, Bougainville tomorrow.
The much talked about Aropa airport will bring a new lease of life to Kieta and Arawa, which the town once enjoyed before the crisis.
Three cows (pictured) and 100 pigs will be slaughtered including big amounts of vegetables like bananas and sweet potatoes will be cooked for the tomorrow’s re-opening.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be the guest of honor to officiate with the Autonomous regional of Bouginainville Government president John Momis.
Mr Momis will cut the ribbon to open the airport after 25 years.
After the opening, Air Niugini will resume their services starting next week Tuesday.

Source: Post-Courier

BSP Arawa renovates town courts


The Arawa Township's residents can now again enjoy community basketball games and tournaments thanks to recent renovations by Bank South Pacific (BSP) through its annual Community Project initiative.
Previously the courts were in a bad state of disrepair so the renovations were greatly welcomed by the local community.  In addition, BSP also built an officials grandstand which was also unveiled during the project handover last Monday December 1st.
Present to witness the handover of the project was the Arawa Town Mayor Mathias Salas, Basketball Association members and local enthusiasts of the game.
Paul Salas of the local Basketball Association was overwhelmed with the support given by BSP Arawa to see the project through. “I thank BSP for the upgrade of the basketball court; this will go a long way for youths and public in training and holding competitions. I am sure people will appreciate and look after the facility,” Mr Salas said.
When handing over the facility BSP Arawa branch manager Patrick Buibui said that the bank recognized that sports has an important part in social and human development in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
“It is now an eye catching sight and the public now have a facility to use for basketball and the new court can be used for tournaments and training for future PNG games instead of a three (3) hour drive to Buka for training and provincial games,” Patrick said.
He said that this project was important as the staff at the branch saw the need for the courts to be rehabilitated so the town and the residents would have good sporting facilities to themselves.


Source: Post-Courier

Aropa Airport in operation



The newly reconstructed Aropa airport in Central Bougainville is set and ready for use after a thorough test run and check by National Airport Corporation officials including engineers yesterday.
The NAC officials including security made a trip aboard Air Niugini Q400 airplane from Port Moresby to Aropa to test land at the Aropa tarmac.
The plane then took off and tested landing and taking off approach including its load and wind approach.
“It’s all good and Air Niugini is ready to land at Aropa,” Martin Mola, representing Air Niugini in Arawa said adding that the test run has been conducted in accordance with the NAC rules and regulations prior to the grand opening tomorrow (Friday) where flights will come in from Port Moresby including government’s aircraft Kumul with the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill onboard who will officiate at the inaugural opening of the airport after the Bougainville conflict in September 1989. Air Nuigini is recommencing its services into AROPA after 25 years.
“Air Niugini will finally operate an inaugural flight into Aropa Airport in Kieta on tomorrow (Friday the 12th of December) to be followed by a commercial flight on Tuesday the 16th of December. Iam appealing to the people of Bougainville to look after the facilities in place at the airport and to support the flights to both Buka and Kieta,” Air Niugini CEO Simon Foo stated.
Meanwhile, preparations at the airport are on track and will be completed by today (Thursday).
“Bits and pieces and the general clean up will be done today (Thursday) in preparation for the big day tomorrow (Friday),” Henry Abara of local contractor Kompaini Plant Hire, engaged in the general airport preparatory ground work said yesterday.

Source: Post-Courier

Aropa Airport to reopen after 25 years of closure



The Q400 Air Niugini plane touches down at the Aropa airport yesterday for the test run. Insert: Belinda Koivi (left) and Neclese Matane.

THE newly reconstructed Aropa airport in Central Bougainville is ready for use after a thorough test run and check by National Airport Corporation officials yesterday. The NAC officials made a trip aboard an Air Niugini Q400 aeroplane from Port Moresby to Aropa to test land at the airport’s tarmac.
The plane then took off and tested landing and take off approaches, including its load and wind approach. “It’s all good and Air Niugini is ready to land at Aropa,” Martin Mola, representing Air Niugini in Arawa, said. He said the test run has been conducted in accordance with the NAC rules and regulations prior to the grand opening tomorrow.
Flights will come in from Port Moresby, including the government’s jet Kumul with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and a government delegation onboard. Mr O’Neill who will officiate at the inaugural opening of the airport since its closure in September 1989. Air Nuigini is recommencing its services into Aropa after being closed for 25 years due to Bougainville crisis.
“Air Niugini will finally operate an inaugural flight into Aropa Airport in Kieta tomorrow to be followed by a commercial flight next week Tuesday,” Air Niugini CEO Simon Foo said. “I am appealing to the people of Bougainville to look after the facilities in place at the airport and to support the flights to both Buka and Kieta.”
Meanwhile, preparations at the airport are on track and will be completed by today. “Bits and pieces and the general clean up will be done today in preparation for the big day tomorrow,” Henry Abara of local contractor Kompaini Plant Hire, engaged in the general airport preparatory ground work, said yesterday.

Source: Post-Courier

Attendants part of new history

Two lovely ladies, Belinda Koivi and Neclese Matane, have re-wrote the history of Aropa Airport by being the first flight attendants, also known as check staff, to land at the airport after 25 years. The airport saw the last Air Niugini flight out on September 1989, when the Bougainville conflict started.
Yesterday Neclese, from Kavieng who worked for six years with Air Niugini, and Belinda from Gulf Province, who clocked five years with the airline company, were so delighted to be the first flight attendants to touchdown on a Q400 plane at Aropa for the test run of the airport. They were proud to be part of history.

Source: Bougainville24

Cell coverage returns to Aropa after five year hiatus

By Junior Karatapi


Aropa is now back under Digicel network coverage and this will make life easier once again for the people in Lower and Upper Aropa’nari.
The coverage took effect as of 12 June 2014 when local contractors completed the erection of receivers at Mang’kaki Point, Siraangpana and Koromira.
Back in 2009 Digicel erected three receivers in the same area which covered Aropa, but because of landowner issues the company had to remove all the receivers and there has been no service at all since then. This first lot was erected at Mankaki, Aropa mountain and Koromira in Kokoda Constituency.
“The network will cover the Kieta Wharf up to Aropa, Koromira and South Nasioi area,” a local contractor said.
When the company was forced to remove its property it was difficult for the local people. It was hard for parents to contact their children and they had to travel to Arawa town to access cell and internet services.
With coverage back in the area there will be many opportunities for ordinary people and business houses.
Between 2009 and 2014 the people from the Aropa area felt like they were a neglected and marginalized people as they missed out on vital communication services.
Now the local people, especially business people, will make use of the internet to order the goods online from overseas and they will be up to date with the current news about Bougainville. This will save money for ordinary people as they no long have to travel down to Arawa town to access such services.

Source: Bougainville24

Air Niugini set to recommence Aropa services


Air Niugini will operate the Q400 aircraft in to Kieta.

Papua New Guinea’s national airline, Air Niugini, will operate an inaugural service to Aropa Airport in Kieta on Friday 12th December, to be followed by the first commercial flight on Tuesday 16 December 2014
The airline ceased operations to Kieta in 1989 due to the instability caused by the crisis.
Air Niugini is recommencing service into Aropa after twenty-five years and the first commercial flight will arrive in Central Bougainville on Tuesday 16 December.
Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Simon Foo, said that since the closure of the airport people in South Bougainville and the surrounding areas have to travel long distances for their travel needs.
“The resumption of Air Niugini services will greatly help the people of Buin, Panguna, Torokina, Wakunai,” Mr Foo said.


An Air Niugini test flight arrives ahead of the official inauguration.

“Others now have easy access for their air travel needs as they do not have to travel all the way to Buka to get on an aircraft.”
Mr Foo also appealed to the people of Bougainville to look after the facilities in place at the airport and to support the flights to both Buka and Kieta.
“Air Niugini fully supports the National Government initiative to restore and expand services to Aropa,” Mr Foo continued.
Air Niugini’s initial services into Kieta will be every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and all services will be operated by Air Niugini’s Q400 aircraft.

Source: Bougainville24

Bridge project shows that Tinputz youths are ready to work

By Ishmael Palipal

Tinputz youths showed they are ready to assist community development with the recent maintenance of the oldest and the most important bridge in Tinputz.
The bridge, which links southern and central Bougainville to the northern tip, was worked on by youths in Tinputz under the ‘Even Ston’ cooperative society.
In many communities today youths are seen as troublemakers and this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, eventually leading to substance abuse, drugs, stealing, not respecting the authorities and vandalism.
The reality is that there are few avenues for young people to gain recognition and engagement, this creates a feeling of hopeless and so they turn to negative behaviours because they are the only activities available.
Bougainville has to change the way we think about our young people, start to promote and see what positive change they can bring to help develop our community in a proper way.
Changes and development can come about because of challenges that the environment brings and this is how we can see our youths.
The youths in Tinputz committed their time to help built maintenance the bridge instead of turning to drugs, alcohol or other anti-social behaviours.
“I have seen the willingness of the youths in development programs,” said one young man who wished to remain anonymous.
“Some are raising concerns that ABG must set up by now small skills training centres throughout the region to equip the young people for the upcoming developments.”
Wakunai and Tinputz youths have a reputation as the growers and most heavy users of marijuana.
However this view is slowly changing and as they are become more engaged in community development projects most young people are willing to help and do away with the negative behaviours.
“Boys do drugs in my area because there is nothing that can interest them or involve them to make them busy,” said one of the youths from Wakunai.
“Even some make a large amount of money out of it.
“And it is very easy money, which means some will be stubborn to help in projects where income will be lower than what usually earn in drug deals.”
Most young people in Bougainville are willing to help develop their communities.
It often goes unreported that youths have been working all over Bougainville to bring development in whatever way they can, but a minority have been painting the wrong picture of their generation.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille


By Aloysius Laukai

Test flight into the upgraded AROPA airport in Central Bougainville was successful.
The Air Niugini flight into Aropa came in just after TEN AM this morning with Civil Aviation and NAC Officials to test the airport and certify its completion ahead of its re-opening by Prime Minister PETER O'NEIL this week Friday.
According to this Friday's official Opening program, three aircrafts will land at the airport as part of the re-opening of the airport which was closed at the height of the Bougainville Conflict in 1990.
This is 24 years since then and the opening will definitely boost economic activity into this part of the region.
This will also make Bougainville the only Province in Papua New Guinea which has to airports.

Another history in the making.
New Dawn FM will carry live broadcast of the Speeches of the ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS and the Prime Minister, PETER O'NEIL from the Aropa airport  to its Buka listeners and live also to its websites.

Test Flight into Arawa

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille

Department of Education Meeting in Buka

The Department of Education is conducting its third (3rd) and final two days meeting of the Bougainville Education Board (BEB) in Buka this week.
High on the agenda for the BEB meeting is the endorsement and approval of the Grade 9 selection results and the 2015 Teachers’ postings. Several new policies will be adjudicated and approved by the BEB too.
New Board members will be sworn-in and inducted in the formalities, processes and procedures of the Bougainville Education Board and the way to do business in education (policies).
In her official opening remarks, Mrs Mary Remi, the new Acting Secretary welcome the new members and thanked them for having the heart to accept the Department’s nominations.
“I want to take this time to thank you all for accepting our request.”
I also want to reiterate here that all appointments are based on merits, experience and knowledge in education and how you can contribute in meetings,” Mrs Remi said.
Buka Chief Magistrate Mr Bruce Tasikul conducted the ‘swearing-in’ of new members and their alternate members to the Board.
The first agendas looked at today was the Grade 9 selection and 2015 teachers appointments. This means the Grade 8 results have been approved as well as 2015 Teachers Posting and is now available for public.
The BEB meeting starts today and will end on Thursday with some sessions to be held in the night.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille

By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

The Bougainville Football Association is thankful to Jomik Trading for agreeing to sponsor for the prize money of the Five days tournament that will eventuate from January 17 to 21 2015 in Buka.
The General Secretary for BFA Chris Naua said that according to Jomik the first prize money will range from EIGHT THOUSAND TO TEN THOUSAND KINA.
The tournament will include soccer for men and volleyball for women.
Mr Naua is appealing to all member associations to register for the game if they are interested to take part.
Mr Naua said they will only accept twenty teams to play in the tournament therefore the first teams to register will be the ones eligible for the games.
He said each team is required to have a total of twenty players and must be in full sports uniforms.
Mr Naua said team registration will be FIVE HUNDRED KINA which is the participation fee and each player will pay FIVE KINA for registration.
Mr Naua is advising all players that officials will apply the FIFA, Oceania Football Configuration and PNGFA rules in the games and players must abide by these rules.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille

By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

The Buka Urban Town Council has banned the selling of doughnuts and flour fish within the Buka commercial area.
According to Technical Officer in Health Social Services in the Buka Urban Town Council, Motoru Memehu said they have banned the selling because mothers are illegally selling in town.
He added that the selling of doughnut and flour fish requires a Trading License and sellers must get one before proceeding with their sales.
Mr Memehu said getting a trading license will also help them to know the places where the foods are being prepared at.
He said by doing this they will have a good record of the sellers and close inspections will be made.
Mr Memehu is appealing to the mothers to fulfill the requirements by getting a trading license.
Meanwhile Mr Memehu also said that many kaibars operating in town are not meeting the requirements of the council.
He said these include lack of food sanitation and unclean environment.
Mr Memehu said they will assist kaibar owners to do the right thing and if they don’t follow up than the council will stop their license from operating.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille


By Aloysius Laukai in Arawa

The ABG Minister for Finance, Treasury and Planning, ALBERT PUNGHAU says that the successful implementation of the Bougainville Integrated Planning and Budgeting Framework will demonstrate two things, namely collaborative partnerships with our Key Development Partners including the National Government and the National Members, and the empowerment  of our local communities to have a meaningful role in the future development of Bougainville.
He made these remarks at the Official opening of the ABG Budget meeting in Arawa this morning.
MR. PUNGHAU said that the Budget formulation will incorporate contributions from all funding sources, including those from the constituency members the National members and all development partners.
He said that the other aspect of the formulation of the Budget is the submission to the National Government for funding under the Constitutionally Guaranteed Grants.
 The ABG will be making its detailed submission to the National Government by the end of next week with a presentation to the Budget Steering Committee to follow.

Minister Punghau said that the Bougainville Executive Council has approved the 2015 Budget Priorities and will be based on the following four categories.

A, Improved service delivery through a strong focus at the District Level,

B, Promote Economic Growth and Sustainability,

C, Significantly Increase Revenue Volumes and the collection of revenues,

D Strengthen Key Interventions and Functions of Government.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille

by Aloysius Laukai in Arawa

All ABG members and Ministers including secretaries, COE chairmen's and Donor partners are currently attending a two-days workshop that will look at the the ABG Budget for 2015.
 The workshop was officially opened by the ABG Minister for Finance, ALBERT PUNGHAU this morning at the Sharp Memorial Youth Centre in Arawa.
In his opening remarks, acting chief secretary, CHRIS SIRIOSI said that the ABG will start reaping the benefits of activities and the work of the ABG and its administration in 2014, next year in 2015
He said that the ABG in the new year will look at shifting more resources into the districts, especially the COEs that is the second tier government.
MR. SIRIOSI says that the Government now must work on strengthening the capacities of the COEs so that they can perform better in the future.
He said that from the current staff at the Headquaters they would move most staff to the districts to where they are needed most.
To make this happen he said there is a need to build more imfrastructures in the districts.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainille


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

The Seventy Nine Football Associations throughout the region must register into the Bougainville Football Association (BFA).
The BFA is the only association that is recognized in the PNGFA, Oceania Football Configuration and FIFA according to the General Secretary for BFA Chris Nawa.
He said that any associations that will not register will not be regarded an association coming from the BFA.
MR Nawa also informs players from the registered associations that they must take part in tournaments that are sanctioned by the BFA.
He said players must apply the BFA rules when playing in BFA sanctioned tournaments.
He added that associations that will be playing in tournaments that are not sanctioned by the BFA will be responsible for any controversies or injuries faced in the game.
Mr Nawa said it is better to register and abide by the BFFA rules and avoid being in difficult situations.
Meanwhile Mr Nawa is aware that Central and South Bougainville will be having Christmas tournaments in their respective places and he is asking them to let BFA sanction the tournaments so it can be inserted into the calendar and be made an annual event.

Source: Post-Courier

Airline to fly to Aropa, Kieta

National airline, Air Niugini will operate an inaugural service to Aropa airport in Kieta on Friday 12 December to be followed by the first commercial flight on Tuesday 16.
Air Niugini is recommencing service into Aropa after twenty-five years. The airline ceased operations to Kieta in 1989.
Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Simon Foo said since the closure of Aropa airport, people in South Bougainville and the surrounding areas have to travel long distances to get to Buka airport for their travel needs.
“ The resumption of Air Niugini services will greatly help the people of Buin, Panguna, Torokina, Wakunai and others who now have easy access for their air travel needs as they do not have to travel all the way to Buka to get on an aircraft.”
Mr Foo also appealed to the people of Bougainville to look after the facilities in place at the airport and to support the flights to both Buka and Kieta.
He said “Air Niugini fully supports the National Government initiative to restore and expand services to Aropa.”
Air Niugini’s initial services into Kieta will be every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All services will be operated by Air Niugini’s Q400 aircraft.

Source: Post-Courier

Nissan faces acute food shortage


THE people of Nissan Island in Bougainville are facing a severe food shortage. This follows heavy rains earlier this year that destroyed the islanders’ food gardens, forcing them to live only on cassava, which had run out and schools were forced to reduce their classroom time to four hours each day.
This grim situation was confirmed by Joseph Semi on Nissan Island during a phone interview. Mr Semi said the locals are now eating unripe papaya and mangrove fruits, which they have to paddle out to Pinepel Island and gather and prepare to be able to eat.
Mr Semi said on behalf of the people that they have issued a warning that if they don’t get any relief supplies by this month, they will not take part in the 2015 ABG elections to vote for a constituency member, women member or the president.
“We waste our time casting votes to elect members as we the people from Nissan and also other atoll islands are always the ones that receive the least development,” said Mr Semi. He said if the disaster office cannot help, then their elected members should be helping them but instead the elected leaders are relying on the disaster office.
A story was run in this newspaper in October about the plight of the islanders but due to the unavailability of funds at the Bougainville Disaster office, all areas that were affected by the heavy rains throughout the region also have not received relief supplies.
Ms Aidah Kenneth of Red Cross in Bougainville confirmed that funds shortage has delayed delivery of much needed relief aid to the affected areas and attempts to contact the director of the disaster office in the region has been unsuccessful.
Nissan Island is located halfway between Bougainville and the Anir Islands of New Ireland province. Its remote location and low-lying geographic features have left it and other atolls at the mercy of rising sea levels.
The Autonomous Bougainville Government and other partners are still grappling with the issue of resettling the people on this and other atolls. Some have already left their island homes to start new lives on the main island on land bought and made available by the government.

Source: Post-Courier

Tupakas primary tops region again

DUX of Tupukas Primary School Sherol Dupansi receiving her prize at the graduation yesterday. Sherol also scored the highest mark for Bougainville primary schools – 138/150. Picture: JACOB IENU



















TUPUKAS Primary School in Central Bougainville has topped the province for the second year running in the national Grade eight examinations, scoring the highest marks.
Since the school’s re-opening after the Bougainville conflict, it has been among the top five primary schools in the region. The Grade eights top mark in this school has been improving consistently. In 2012 it scored 129/150, in 2013 it scored 136/150 and this year it socred 138/150.
School head teacher Joseph Siara made the announcement at the 13th Grade eight graduation in Arawa yesterday, attributing the Grade eight successes and better academic progress of the students in lower grades as achievements of outcomes for the school’s SLIP plan 2013-2015.
“For our colourful Grade eight students performance, which will see 95 per cent of our students continuing to Grade nine, I must acknowledge the teachers for their commitment. Teachers’ commitment was one level higher than last year. Thank you teachers,” Mr Siara announced in front of students, parents and citizens.
Mr Siara challenged parents to fulfil their parental obligations to pay the required project fees for their children and for the students to put more efforts to school, both in academic and non-academic activities.
“Please be reminded that of the equation of success, reward is the product of ability and application. Luck has no part in the equation,” Mr Siara assured parents and students that Tupukas will be the leading primary school in producing intellectuals Bougainville in the years to come.

Source: Post-Courier

Support unit celebrates anniversary

THE Family Support Centre (FSC) at the Buka General Hospital last week celebrated its first anniversary after opening its doors to the public.
Under the direction of the Department of Health, the family support centre is part of all hospitals throughout the country to help our women and young children, especially girls who are victims of abuse and also men who think they are abused, says Buka General Hospital CEO Dr Cyril Imako.
He said the celebration is fitting as we are currently going through the 20 days of activism to eliminate all forms of violence by celebrating a year of operation for the FSC. Dr Imako said since the opening of this FSC, it has received over 200 individual cases of sexual violence including rape and domestic violence cases and rape was the most reported all caused by end results of marijuana and homebrew.

Source: Bougainville24

Miriori eyes Ioro seat in 2015 elections
By Leonard Fong Roka


Martin Miriori feels that 2015 is the moment for him to enter Bougainville Parliament and will contest the seat of Ioro.
2015 will be the third campaign for the former representative of the Bougainville Interim Government (BIG) and Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), after unsuccessfully running for president in the two previous Bougainville elections.
This time Miriori, who hails from Panguna District, will contest the Ioro seat, currently held by the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) mining minister, Hon. Michael Oni.
Miriori believes that Bougainville’s main problem today is leadership.
“Bougainville today has a leadership gap,” Mr. Miriori said.
“Leadership is the problem. In the early days of the peace process and the ABG we had a leadership that was backed by the people and respected despite faced with severe financial setbacks.
“But today we have a government with money but so ridden with inefficiency and ineffectiveness; Bougainvilleans and their government by far not in unity.”
To Miriori Panguna was the root of the problem and leadership must return to Panguna to get Bougainville on track.
A Panguna leader carries power since he has what Bougainville wants, which is the Panguna mine.
Martin Miriori was born in 1952 in Eivo-Torau Constituency and is the elder brother of the late Joseph Kabui, President of the ABG from 2005 to 2008.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the PNG University of Technology in 1976 and immediately became Loans Officer with the Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation (PNGBC), until 1978.
From 1978 to 1982 he was assistant general manager of PSA Savings and Loan Society. He climbed over the rungs to becoming the Project Manager, Trade/Private Sector Development with the South Pacific Forum Secretariat in Fiji retuning home in late 1988 to be entangled in the Bougainville crisis.
From 1990 he was a part of the BIG/BRA leadership becoming the voice of those organisations and advocating peace for Bougainville from Honiara, Solomon Islands, BIG office till he was threaten by PNG agents that he began a political refugee in the Netherlands.
Mr. Miriori now operates his private family business, Malabolo, which operates transport, guesthouse services and hardware retailing in Hutjena, Buka Island.



Source: Post-Courier

ABG to convene for 2015 Budget allocations
By Stephanie Elizah

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) will convene in Arawa on Wednesday and Thursday this week to work on the ABG 2015 Budget.
According to ABG acting chief secretary Chris Siriosi, the Bougainville budget forum will involve the leaders of Bougainville including the ABG cabinet, members of the Bougainville House of Representatives, Council of Elders, and district and departmental executives. He said this week’s forum is a continuation from the first region-wide budget forum that was held in Arawa in the middle of this year.
“The budget forum this week is essentially to allocate the budget to the priority plans that were developed and compiled in the first budget forum,” Mr Siriosi said. He said the national Government and Bougainville’s various development partners have announced their budget sealing for Bougainville, which leaves the leaders to determine allocation of the budget.
“Their job is to allocate these monies to each of the priority areas that the ABG, in consultation with the different levels of leadership, have identified,” he said. “The leaders of the ABG with the departmental secretaries and officials of the finance and budgeting team will finalise preparations for budget sitting this month.”
Mr Siriosi announced that from December 29 to 31, the Bougainville House of Representatives would be in session to debate and decide on the ABG Budget. “Hopefully, we will have a credible budget proposal to table before the Bougainville House of Representatives. The passing of the ABG 2015 Budget will be the culmination of the work that starts tomorrow and ends on Thursday.”

Source: Post-Courier

Aropa all set for opening

WORKERS getting the airport terminal cleaned up in preparation for the opening on Saturday.
PREPARATIONS for the opening of Bougainville’s Aropa Airport is set for this Saturday. Program management unit manager for the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), Edward Kenai, said this will be a historic and significant date for Bougainvilleans after the former international airport’s closure 23 years ago.
“The ABG and the national Government through the National Airports Corporation (NAC) have worked tirelessly towards making this opening a memorable one for all Bougainvilleans. A special events committee comprising of ABG and NAC representatives are working with the landowners in preparation for this event,” said Mr Kenai.
It is understood that the three airlines operating in Bougainville, Air Niugini, Airlines PNG and Travel Air will are also set to operate maiden flights into Aropa on the occasion. The airport will be jointly opened by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the ABG President John Momis.

Source: Post-Courier

Locals attack govt workers

FRUSTRATED local contractors have attacked two government workers over outstanding payments they claimed were owed them by the district office dating back a few years.
The police have condemned the attack on the Bana district executive manager and a community auxiliary policeman travelling with him from Buka. The executive manager received serious injuries and had to be rushed to Sikondo Health Centre from which he was then referred to the Buka General Hospital. He remains in a critical condition.
Acting Commissioner of Police in Bougainville, Chief Superintendent Paul Kamuai, condemned the attack saying it was uncalled for as there are ways to deal with the issue rather than resorting to such extreme measures. Mr Kamuai said police have arrested five suspects who are now detained at Arawa police station and he is appealing to the other two suspects, who are still at large, to surrender to the police.
He urged the local communities to look after public servants in the districts as they were there to serve them and such attacks would not make for a conducive environment for them to stay, eventually forcing them to leave. Meanwhile a youth was also shot dead in Oria village in South Bougainville during a drunken brawl, according to the police report. Police said the youth was shot in the abdomen by his own brother.
Acting South Bougainville regional police commander senior Sergeant John Popui confirmed that the suspect has since been arrested and his weapon confiscated by the police. Mr Popui has appealed for the community in Oria to assist police in dealing with such trouble makers.
He added that his officers are also after a suspected rapist who open fired upon them when they tried to make an arrest in the same area the shooting took place in. He urged all people and communities to take the necessary precautions during this festive season.

Source: PNG Attitude

Bougainville China Corporation is a disaster for Bougainville

THE current Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) took power after elections in 2010 and has scrambled for available resources to trigger an economic recovery based on Asia-friendly strategies and Chinese investment in Bougainville.
In the rush, the Bougainville Executive Council approved a Bougainville-China Cooperation Committee in early 2011 with a key role of ‘promoting and coordinating joint venture Chinese investment in Bougainville and establishing a strategic partnership with China to fully support President Momis’s Vision: Change for Better Future’.
According to the Port Moresby-based Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority, the ABG created a number of companies between 2010 and 2013 with key positions held by Chinese figures and senior Bougainville parliamentarians and their local business cronies.
Amongst the more significant companies are the ABG-owned Bougainville Public Investment Corporation Limited, a number of jointly-owned ABG-China entities including the Bougainville General Development Corporation Limited (BGDE), Bougainville Import and Export General Corporation Limited (BIEGC) and Bougainville Energy and Water Development General Corporation Limited.


Chinese business building on Bougainville

But political foot-dragging and lack of technical resources have silenced all but two, BGDE and BIEGC, which operate as a protective legal shield for the Asian influx into Buka Town to operate retail outlets not what they were created for.
Records at the PNG Labour Office in Port Moresby state that BGDE has five employees and BIEGC has four under the leadership of Jason Fong (real name Zhenxiang Fang) who was appointed Trade Commissioner between Bougainville and China by the Momis-Nisira government.
This model is questioned by President Momis’s own parliamentarians as no different from the old Bougainville Resources Development Corporation engineered by former Bougainville Revolutionary Army leader Sam Kauona and resisted at the time by ABG for giving away 70% of Bougainville’s mineral wealth to Australian businessman Lindsay Semple.
“We the ABG leaders created all these companies and invited all these Chinese,” an ABG parliamentarian told me. “But now we cannot control them because we do not have the capacity and they are doing whatever they want on Bougainville.”
According to the Bougainville-China Cooperation Committee, one of the ABG’s aims of China as a strategic partner was that it had abundant capital and high expertise but this is contradictory to current the Chinese operations on Bougainville.
What can be seen in Buka Town is that all the Bougainville China Corporation activities seem to be small businesses - retail outlets, a handful of restaurants, vehicle spare part sales, wholesale and hardware outlets.
The so-called trade commissioner Jason Fong is constructing a massive vehicle spare parts wholesaler (pictured), which seems likely to choke other car dealers in Bougainville.
The Bougainville China Corporation was also to establish a roofing iron manufacturing operation in Toniva near Kieta which ended up assembling bed frames, tables, chairs and the like.
Local contractor Bougainville Metal Fabricating & Welders had been contracted by the Bougainville China Corporation to build the Toniva Industrial Zone but are owed over K600,000 which has nearly sent the company bankrupt.
The PNG Labour Office has stated government officials in Buka faceg a dilemma in executing their legal responsibilities over the ABG-Chinese operations on Bougainville.
It is claimed that when Department of Labour, Internal Revenue Commission, Customs and other agencies attempt to exercise their duties, the Chinese direct them to the ABG presidential and vice presidential offices.



Source: Radio New Zealand International

Ultimatum after attack on Bougainville police.

The police commander in the southern region of Papua New Guinea's Bougainville says he has issued an ultimatum to the community in Buin or police will leave the town.
Senior Sergeant John Popui says there has been a lot of criminality but the last straw was a vicious machete attack on one of his officers which left him with slashes on his limbs and his head. The man also lost a thumb.
Mr Popui says if the local community does not surrender the culprits police will move to another town.
He says the community has until Friday to act and police in the meantime will be withdrawing some services.

"We are not going to receive any complaints at the public safety counter. We are going to stay in the office until the community gives us assurance that those concerned suspects are going to be brought to the police."



Source: EMTV

Bougainville prepares for Aropa Airport opening

By Sasha Pei-Silovo – EM TV Online

Preparations are well underway for the historic opening of the new Aropa Airport in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
The airport will be officially opened on Friday 12 December, 2014, by the Prime Minister of PNG, Peter O’Neill and the President of the ABG, Chief Doctor John Momis and witnessed by dignitaries from the national government, the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, among others.
A milestone event for the region, traditional landowners of Aropa, the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the national government and the National Airports Corporation (NAC) have been working together to ensure that the day reflects the significance of the airport’s opening for the people of Bougainville.
A special events committee comprising of representatives from NAC, the ABG and landowners have been working around the clock to keep everything in check with ‘intensive preparatory meetings’ being conducted in Kieta at the district conference room.
The Aropa Airport was once Papua New Guinea’s international gateway to Bougainville from Australia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands, during the Bougainville Copper mine era.
The aerodrome was closed soon after all services came to a halt in 1989, during the Bougainville Crisis, and decommissioned by the then Civil Aviation Authority (now National Airports Corporation) immediately after the closure.
The opening of the new Aropa Airport promises to be a very memorable and sublime occasion, strengthening the continuous efforts by the PNG government and the ABG to restore services to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.



Source: Post-Courier

Transparency vital in resource management

AN EXTRACTIVE industry advocate has thrown its support behind the United Nation’s (UN) call for caution towards foreign investment in PNG and urged the government for transparent investment deals.
Simon Ekanda, a vocal extractive industry voice whose legal proceeding against PNG LNG Project operator ExxobMobil and parties in the National and Supreme Court is set to be heard this week said, "the government must take heed of the UN’s call for cautions when dealing with foreign investments particularly in the extractive industry.
It’s crucial in light of past failure by successive governments in dealing with foreign investment in secretive manner at the expense of Papua New Guineans," Mr Ekanda who represents the Hides LNG resources told this newspaper at the weekend. He said a classic example of a consequential government inability and failure to manage resources owners concerns is the 10 years Bougainville crisis.
"Because the resources owners feel that they are left out and made to be spectators and keeping them away from open and transparent investment deals, they object to allow any investment in the areas they felt they owned,"
Not only concerning resources owners, we have billions of kina investments in the likes of Porgera Gold mine, Ok Tedi, Kutubu, Gobe Oil projects, and now the PNG LNG Project; yet we don’t know how much the people benefit and how much the investor and government get for returns.
It’s now crucial for the government to make some policies as suggested by UN so the significant wealth generated from our resources are transparently and accountably managed for the greater benefit of this country and its future generations," Mr Ekanda said.
He stressed that since the operations of Ok Tedi Mine, Porgera, Bougainville Copper, Misima, Lihir and other oil and gas projects some 30 years ago, K150 billion as alluded to by the UN has been invested in the country but there hans been no positive impact on the lives of Papua New Guineans as well as any effect of prudent management of the resources booms.
"Billions kina of extractive industry revenue have been mismanaged and we don’t want history to repeat in light of our major resources booms such as the PNG LNG Project, the Elk-Antelope Project, Stanley Gas Project, Wafi-Golpu mining project, Yandera project. Solwara 1 and other mining projects in the country," Mr Ekanda added.
Meanwhile, the UN has urged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government for a cautious and planned approach to new foreign investments, following his invitation to overseas investors at last week’s PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference.
"Before further expanding mining and exploration activities in the country, the UN is encouraging Government, and investors in the extractives industry, to review the range of policy options put forward in the National Human Development Report which was launched in Port Moresby last week.
UN resident coordinator in PNG, Mr Roy Trivedy says while foreign investment is contributing to the country’s economy, better strategies need to be in place to take the significant wealth generated by extractives industries and translate this into meaningful human development for citizens across the country.
"Over the past 40 years, the country has had over K150 billion invested as a result of private corporations involved in the extractives sectors. PNG has also experienced 14 years of consecutive economic growth – an achievement experienced by very few countries globally – but this financial growth is not clearly visible in terms of significant improvements in the wellbeing of all citizens," Mr Trivedy said.
"Poverty levels in the country have stayed virtually the same as in 1996; health, education, literacy and other human development indicators remain stubbornly low," he said.
"We are seeing what is known as a ‘paradox of plenty’– a situation where the country’s resource wealth is not translating into increased opportunities and capabilities for the majority of citizens," he said.

Source: Post-Courier

Locals engaged to maintain road

By Ishmael Palipal

The road that locals have maintained. Inset: The locals who took part in the maintenance initiative.

THE Rorovana community in Torau has teamed up with its leaders to maintain their only access road from Arawa to the two villages.
According to their supervisor Raphael Moses, the road maintenance initiative started the previous week and is expected to be completed this week.
The work, organised by the council of elders (COE), was to involve the community and the youths to create a means of income for the unemployed.
This means that the funds allocated for the maintenance work by Central Bougainville MP Jimmy Miringtoro – about K200,000 – will be used to pay the locals who volunteered to do the work.
Mr Moses said at this time of the year, seas are rough and the locals, most of whom depend on the catch and sale of fish to earn an income, must resort to other means. He said the road maintenance initiative is one such avenue.
The council and leaders have decided that the money set aside for the road maintenance can be utilised by using the community to do the maintenance, which involves work such as bush and grass cutting, clearing, digging proper drainage system, patching and levelling portholes and muddy areas along the road.
“We see that most times when we hire contractors, they only work for the money and they do not do the roads properly; that’s why we decided to involve the community so that when they are working, they can at the same time take ownership of what they are doing and do it properly since it is the gate way to other services,” said Mr Moses.
“Also we engaged the unfortunate ones such as youths to earn an income.” Another local, Nathan Birio, said road infrastructure is an important service because through that other services will reach the people.
He said the government should look into this more closely and what the people of Rorovana have done is a good example of community engagement and equal participation. About 180 people volunteered to work on the road, including men, women and youths.
The volunteers were happy to give their service through the road maintenance initiative and urged the government to adopt such community-engagement initiatives throughout Bougainville so that the people can take ownership of government facilities and services in their areas. They said the communities will also stand to benefit from such partnerships.

Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville author pleads for his people in new book

Bougainville’s upcoming writer Leonard Fong Roka had come out in a strongest voice ever at the end of 2014 with his latest book, Bougainville Manifesto.
It is the Panguna man’s fourth book and an Australian reviewer, Chris Overland, had called it a “polemic, a plea and a plan” for the troubled Solomon Island people of Bougainville.
“Chris Overland is right in his review in the website, PNG Attitude,” the excited author said, fighting with his five-month-old daughter over a copy of the book.
“I attacked what colonisation and since 1975, the PNG state, had done to us Bougainvilleans,” he said. “Bougainville’s existence under PNG rule is all injustice and I did not hide it in Bougainville Manifesto.
“Truth must be known by all Bougainvilleans and that truth is that, we the people of Bougainville are Solomon Islanders and we have been subjected to exploitation, indoctrination and genocide over the years since colonisation reached our island.
“Bougainvilleans are also facing indoctrination, that is, we falsely now consider ourselves as New Guineans and Bougainville is now subjected to genocide, that is, loss of our God-given race, cultures and so on that we share with the rest of Solomon Islands,” he said.
According to Mr Overland, Roka believes that colonialism rendered Bougainvilleans virtually powerless in the face of a more technologically advanced culture; second class citizens in their own land.
This opinion is consistent with what is now probably the generally accepted view about the impact of colonialism on the colonised, Overland wrote.
“Bougainville’s demise as a long standing self-governing entity laid the ground work for the future disaster that was to consume it,” Overland wrote.
“It was arbitrarily included in a country created by imperial decision makers who had never seen it and knew nothing of its history or ethnic origins.
“Its people saw the systematic destruction of their culture and traditions at the hands of the colonial power and were reduced to near slavery, functionally if not actually dispossessed of their land.
“Bougainville remained a colonial backwater until the discovery of vast copper resources near Panguna. This suddenly elevated it to the most resource rich and economically important province in the proposed new nation of Papua New Guinea.
“The subsequent collapse of the Panguna venture brought about by the armed uprising led by Francis Ona is now well known, at least to those with an interest in PNG and the South Pacific generally.
“Less well known is the complex web of relationships, described by Roka, that underlay the uprising and which helped propel Bougainville into a period of bloody civil war which, by Roka’s estimate, directly or indirectly caused the deaths of anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 people.
“Somehow this very brutal and destructive civil war seemed to pass largely unnoticed by the rest of the world. This is probably a commentary on the lack of importance much of the world attaches to the usually very small and poor countries of the South Pacific and Oceania.”

Source: Post-Courier

Arsonists burn police post


ACTING Bougainville Assistant Police Commissioner Chief Superintendent Paul Kamuai has condemned the burning down of the Tanreki Police Post in the Haku Constituency of North Bougainville last week.
According to initial reports, the newly-completed building worth K50,000 was awaiting further funding for its official opening when it was torched down by suspects known to the community at Tanreki.
Mr Kamuai said the police post was one of three rural posts funded by the Australian Government through its law and justice sector program (LJSS) as a pilot project in 2010.
The other two posts are located in Kongara in Central Bougainville and Makis in South Bougainville. One suspect in the matter has since been detained at the Buka Police Station for further questioning.
Meanwhile, the police boss has heaped praised on senior policing officer and landowner from Tanreki village, Senior Constable Joyce Tseraha and local contractor, Kitarau Tsingin, for taking the next step forward in pledging to rebuild the burnt down post using their own resources with support from the community in Haku.
During a meeting with landowners at the Tanreki police site, Mr Tsingin and Senior Constable Tseraha urged the community at Tanreki to unite and help rebuild the post if they were serious about solving law and order issues. The chiefs and the people have all agreed to the idea and work is ready to start in the rebuilding process.

Source: Bougainville24

Women’s healthcare boosted by launch of Arawa clinic

By Tevu Tenasi


Marie Stopes International PNG, a non-government organisation that specialises in sexual and reproductive healthcare, has launched an outreach clinic at the Arawa Health Centre.
The organisation’s focus is on family planning, with its stated vision of ‘children by choice and not by chance’. This especially relevant to Bougainville where the maternal and infant mortality rates are high.
Dr Joe Vilosi, doctor-in-charge at Arawa Health Centre, stated he is happy for the presence of Marie Stopes within the region.
“It is now a dream come true,” Dr Vilosi said.
“We are so privileged to have Marie Stopes here with us as our partner.”
The request for their assistance was made four years ago because of low capacity and an aging workforce.
According to remarks from Country Director of Marie Stopes PNG, Tom Ellum, the team is now geared up to providing family planning services to the people of Central Bougainville and the region as a whole.
He also stressed the importance of women’s rights, stating that they are not machines to produce babies.
“The Arawa Health Centre where [Marie Stopes] is based has started to refurbish under the leadership of talented doctor Dr Joseph Vilosi,” Mr Ellum said.
“Marie Stopes is happy to be part of the positive change in town.
“The health needs of the people in Central and South Bougainville are the greatest.
“Therefore the outreach team based out of Arawa will provide an immediate boost to family planning, which will in turn help the [Autonomous Bougainville Government] to accelerate progress against their health plan.”
Manager at the Arawa Health Centre, Miss Claire Kouro, expressed her gratitude towards stakeholders that helped bring the organisation into Bougainville.
Kouro, along with her four other team members, now look forward to the outreach programme beginning with Bairima Village in North Nasioi Constituency.
Other partners in the program were present at the launch including the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

By Aloysius Laukai

Buin Police could pull out of Buin town if a meeting by Buin Police personnel decide on their future tomorrow morning.
This was the message from the Commander of Bougainville Police based in BUIN, Senior Sergeant JOHN POPUI.
He told New Dawn FM in Buin that Police have been living in Buin under extreme pressure due to no support from the local communities.
Senior Sergeant JOHN POPUI made these remarks after one of his Police Officers was attacked by a group of men from a nearby village.
The Police Officer got his left hand, leg and head sliced by a knife wielding man.
The Police Officer, named was off duty and was attacked outside the Police Station and was rushed to the Buin Health Centre after the incident.
Senior Sergeant JOHN POPUI said that he personally followed the attackers to stop them but they also threatened him.
He told New Dawn FM that the incident had nothing to do with yesterday’s launching of the Radio Ples Lain in Buin but those involved had gathered to witness the launching in Buin Town.
Commander Popui also said that the incident also disturbed the broadcast of Radio Ples Lain in Buin and had to leave Buin in the early hours of this morning for Buka.
He said they were supposed to Broadcast for the second day today Sunday.
The Police Commander said that the use of knives in town only happens in Buin town and not the other centres like Arawa and Buka.
He said this was not the first time his Police Officers were attacked by villagers and does not want to tolerate these actions anymore as his officers are also human beings who have families.
Senior Sergeant POPUI said the communities in Buin must rise and condemn such actions that is threatening the rule of law and peace in the Buin District.
He said if Police abandon Buin town, the conduct of the coming ABG general election in South Bougainville could also be affected.
Meanwhile, New Dawn FM understands that the Police manpower decreased when the New Zealand sponsored Community Auxiliary Police project was transferred to the Autonomous Bougainville Government and funding discontinued.
Recently the Assistant Police Commissioner, Superintendent, PAUL KAMUAI called on the ABG to honour its commitment and pay the Community Auxiliary Police Officers who are doing policing in the communities.


NewDawnPic take from file of Sergeant JOHN POPUI parading his Buin Police personnel at the recent Tuiruma Festival

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

By Aloysius Laukai in Buka

The earthquake that was felt on Bougainville fifteen minutes ago happened Location: 80 miles (129 km) WSW of Arawa, ...

According to the U.S. Geological Survey

An earthquake with magnitude 6.7 occurred near Arawa, Bougainville, PNG at 01:22:02.00 UTC on Dec 7, 2014. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)

Recommended actions

Excerpted from ready.govExpect aftershocks. These secondary shockwaves are usually less violent than the main quake but can be strong enough to do additional damage to weakened structures and can occur in the first hours, days, weeks, or even months after the quake.
Look for and extinguish small fires. Fire is the most common hazard after an earthquake.
Be aware of possible tsunamis if you live in coastal areas. These are also known as seismic sea waves (mistakenly called "tidal waves"). When local authorities issue a tsunami warning, assume that a series of dangerous waves is on the way. Stay away from the beach.
We are trying to talk to some people near Panguna if some damage has occurred in these areas.

A tsunami warning is in effect for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred near Arawa, Bougainville, on Saturday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It was initially estimated as a 7.8-magnitude quake.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville will move its clocks forward by one hour on 28th December, 2014.
A new time zone, to be known as Bougainville Standard Time has been adopted by the Bougainville House of Representatives at its September sitting. The new time zone is 11 hours ahead of Co-ordinated Universal Time, which means that Bougainville will be one hour ahead of the rest of Papua New Guinea.
The honourable Wilfred Komba, Minister for Commerce and Tourism, told the House of Representatives in September that it has been felt that the Bougainville region was disadvantaged by being part of the National Time Zone. “As a result Sunrise and Sunset times in Bougainville are earlier than most people would like”. He said.
The change will happen at 2 am on 28th December, when all clocks in the Bougainville region will move forward to 3 am.
Minister Komba said that this date has been chosen because the period between Christmas Day and New year is generally a quite one for most people.
From that date onwards, when it is noon in Bougainville, it will be 11:00 am in the rest of Papua New Guinea.
Bougainville will be in the same time zone as Solomon islands said the Minister.
Visitors coming to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville by Air and Sea are required to forward their watches by 1 hour, to meet the Bougainville Time.
Meanwhile, New Dawn FM will broadcast up until 2AM to make sure it announces the change which is another history in a making for Bougainville.
The Minister will be invited to the studio to make that announcement at 2AM on Sunday 28th December, 2014.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Buka drainage work

By Aloysius Laukai

Work on the drainage system for the Buka town streets is moving at a snail pace according to Buka tow residents who want to see the sealing of Buka Town streets done by the end of the year.
By the way the workmen and equipments are moving about doing their work, it seems sealing could be done and completed by the middle of next year, 2015.

NewdawnPic of the workmen this morning by Aloysius Laukai

Buka drainage work

New Dawn FM's Awareness Mobile Cinema project has started.. we are encouraging Bougainvilleans who would like to participate to contribute by filling our online questionaires from the following link


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Cheque Presentation at the Chief Secretaries Office this afternoon.

Pictured are Rodney Huma, Brenda Tohiana,Benard Tzilu and Chief Secretary, CHRIS SIRIOSI - NewdawnPic by Aloysius Laukai

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


Police officers in South Bougainville and especially in Buin are gearing up for their Christmas and New Year mini-operations.
Senior sergeant Joe Popui explained that the main aim of the operations is to clean up the communities for the festive season.
He said Buin police will start their mini-operations next week Monday, December 8.
He added that the police officers will be going into the communities and carry out awareness’s and where there is problem, they will attend to it.
The Buin Police station commander revealed that police will be doing patrols in Buin Town also to ensure the environment is safe and conducive for the general public to move around during the festive season.
He said the patrols will ensure there is no illegal sale of homebrew in town, people are not in possession of offensive weapons and are not drinking in town.
Snr Sgt Popui is therefore appealing to the people of Buin to take ownership of law and order to ensure nothing bad happens during the festive period.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


A suspect is on the run after murdering his sibling while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.
This was revealed to New Dawn Fm on Wednesday by the police station commander in Buin senior sergeant Joe Popui.
According to police reports, the suspect from Oria in the Wisai area was under the influence of alcohol and Marijuana when he had an argument with the deceased Terry Jonah.
The report stated that while the brothers were still arguing, the suspect ran to his house and got a 3-0 home-made gun and pointed the barrel to his late brother’s head.
The deceased struggled to defend himself and as he lowered the gun, the suspect pulled the trigger and shot him in his abdomen.
Snr Sgt Popui said the incident occurred on Monday, December 1 and the body of the deceased was buried on Wednesday.
He added that this particular village where the suspect is from has so many reports on rape and marijuana consumption.
He revealed that recently a raid was done there but the community had complained about the raid.
Mr. Popui said this kind of reaction and attitude from such a community clearly shows that this particular community is not supporting the work of the police.
He stressed that the communities should support the police and stop such crimes from happening in their communities.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



Three police officers in Buin are currently under investigation for the mass break out which included eight prisoners from the Buin police station holding cells.
As revealed to New Dawn Fm today by the station commander senior sergeant Joe Popui, the incident occurred on December 2 between 2 and 3 am in the morning when the three officers on guard were asleep.
He said the three officers (names withheld) are yet to hand in their statements which will explain as to how the prisoners escaped and if they are found to be at fault, the officers will be dealt with and charged.
Snr Sgt Popui revealed the names of the escapees as Jeffery Sipison from Siwai, Steven Are, Morokai Moro, Martin Kupai from Morou, Peter Bana from Turigau, Samson Nanou from Eula, Clement Kwiki from Masiguru and Jeffery Kipau from Kikimogu.
Out of the eight escapees, one was apprehended and charged for murder, three for wounding and the other four for homebrew consumption and damaging of property.
The Buin police station commander is currently appealing to the communities in Siwai and Buin to help the police in apprehending the escapees and bringing them to the Buin police station.
He added that if the communities have any information of the whereabouts of the escapees, they must inform the police so that the police will be able to recapture the escapees.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

By Helmtrude Lewewett- DWU Journalism Student

The Paramount Chief of Buka Henry Onsa wants District Games to be held in preparation for the next PNG Games that will be hosted in WNBP.
Mr Onsa says this following his observation from team AROBs performance in Lae during the 6th PNG games.
He says the team didn’t perform well though they came fourth in the medal tally.
Mr Onsa says he is frustrated with sports facilitators saying that they didn’t see through their selections properly and that they must be replaced and the authority must appoint new people into the positions.
The chief is calling out to the government to put more money into sports activities and most importantly to upgrade sporting facilities so that players can have better training facilities.
He says Bougainville has a large population of young people living in the villages and one way to help them avoid problems is to get them involved in sports.
Mr Onsa insists on having district games and sports competition in each constituency to give more trainings and a better position for the best players to be selected in the future.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


BY Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

Paramount Chief of Buka Town Henry Onsa has express his concern over the bad road conditions in the West Coast of Bougainville.
Mr Onsa says the people of Kunua and Keriaka are very disadvantaged in terms of transport because they have no proper bridges over their rivers.
He says the people there have been travelling by dingy to get into town and this cost them so much money because for one person to travel both ways cost K300.
Mr Onsa also says the route is also unsafe because often times the sea is very rough.
Mr Onsa is calling out to the Minister for works, Finance and the president to look into this issue and take action as the people there have struggled for too long.
He says the government only concentrates on upgrading the road and building bridge for the road to South Bougainville and has abandoned the unfortunate people in West Coast.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

Buka Provincial Fisheries Officer Jinro Boisen reveals that the Buka fisheries project will soon be established on the region.
He says that they will build a warehouse in the Buka Town water front to start the project.
Mr Boisen says that the warehouse will consist of four cool room facilities.
He also reveals that the ABG government has allocated a total of K300, 00 to help run this project.
However, Mr Boisen says they will use the fund to develop an ice plant and built fences around it for security purposes.
Mr Boisen says the Buka Fisheries project will still be considered.

Piggery Project NewdawnPic by Philip Kobua

Display of Bricks NewdawnPic by Philip Kobua

Overhead Bridge project also in the TUMPUSIONG VALLEY NewdawnPic by Philip Kobua

Darenai Piggery Project also funded by the Regional Member

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



With the people of Bougainville labouring to ensure development takes place in society, is a good sign for the future of Bougainville and is a good omen.
This statement was made by the ABG president chief Dr. John Momis at the launching of three projects at Ioro in the Panguna district last week.
He said if we see the people coming up with their own initiatives to develop their societies, is a good sign and is also a pledge which shows clearly that the people of Bougainville are able to develop Bougainville but with support from the government.
He added that such initiatives is a way of the people saying that they must not be stepped on by the government and that the people must not be spoon fed.
Chief Momis then congratulated and thanked the people of Panguna for initiating the projects with the help of their member saying this is the real thing.
He added that the gathering is good as it also encourages the leaders to stand firm when performing their roles and responsibilities.
He said such initiatives by the people themselves is a pledge that Bougainville is able to move forward.
The three Projects were funded under the Provincial Service Improvement Program by the Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


BY Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

The people of Vaskuvir in the Tinputz District have witnessed the first ever service delivery into their community last week Friday during the opening of the newly built classroom.
The project has been basically facilitated by World Vision in partnership with the people in the district and community level.
Headmaster of Pateaveave Elementary school Greg Stanis says that the opening of the classroom has boost up his moral to run the school and teach the children because the classroom is one obstacle that will solve the students and teachers problems.
Mr Stanis speaks highly of world vision for seeing through the completion of the project and asks the parents look after it.
He appeals to the parents to take ownership of the project because they are very fortunate to have a new classroom which some communities in other places doesn’t have.
Mr Stanis also says that the head teacher, he will work together with his other two teachers for the better running of Pateaveave Elementary School in next year’s academic year.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

The international day for disabilities has been celebrated successfully today at the Bel Isi Park in Buka town.
Present also in the celebration was Dr Imako who has been asked to give his short speech to commemorate the importance of the day.
In his speech Dr Imako says that people with disability cases can do things and achieve better results just as much as an able person can do.
He says he is impressed with Callan Services for helping the disables and most importantly teaching them things which their parents are not able to do.
Dr Imako say Callan Services have donated one wheel chair to Buka General Hospital to help move around the disables who are admitted in the hospital.
He also points out that many disables that go to school with normal children do well in their school work and commit themselves to their studies.
Dr Imako further says that many parents feel shy about having a disable child but he encourage and urges them to bring their children to Callan Services so they can be checked and also learn things with and from the other disables that are in school.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism Student

Cocoa farmer and project officer in the Tinputz District Patrick Gairovi reveals that cocoa production in the area is slowly recovering after the downfall from the cocoa pod bora outbreak some year ago.
From his observation, Mr Gairovi says that the farmer’s interest in cocoa production has dropped since the downfall but he is seeing a slow recovery in some farmers whose interests are coming back.
He says that with Monpi Cocoa Exports help in conducting informal trainings to the farmers, the farmers are now able to look after their cocoa well and avoid the pod bora.
He adds on by saying the farmers who are now working on their cocoa produce have recovered economically as well and this has helped them a lot.
Mr Gairovi appeals to the other farmers who haven’t started planting to start working now because the production will help them earn some money in the future.
He says that at the moment World Bank is the only donor that is helping them with financial funds
Mr Gairovi is also calling out to the ABG members to help fund the agriculture sector.
He hopes that cocoa production in Tinputz will recover and get back to its original state next year.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

Chiefs from Selau/Suir constituency have taken the initiative too welcome team AROB yesterday at the Buka wharf.
According to paramount Chief Luke Pawen he says that they have organized the small welcome ceremony because they see that the district and ABG members have not organized anything for the team’s arrival.
He says only the regional member for Bougainville Joe Lera has been present in the wharf when the ship arrived and his presence there has been unofficial.
Chief Pawen says the team has been to Lae to represent AROB and definitely put the region into the country’s map when winning golds, silvers and bronze medals and they should have had an official welcome which was supposed to be done by the some ABG members and sports ministers.
The chief says 45 players from team AROB hails from the Selau/Suir area and he congratulates them together with the other players for the good performance and for bringing home some medals.
He says these players have represented the region and they must be recognized for giving putting out some best performance while in Lae for the game.
He adds on by saying that the players are role models for the other young Bougainvilleans who roam the streets only to consume alcohol and drugs without thinking of utilizing their time in sporting activities.

Students performing at the Commemoration day in Buka

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

The disable persons with their parents and teachers from Callan Services have celebrated the international disable day today at the Bel Isi Park in Buka town.
Many disables that took part in the celebration were children that were either deaf, blind or had hearing problems with only a few very young ones who also have similar disable cases.
The disables also entertained the crowd with dances and songs which those who have hearing problems showed the crowd their way of singing by which they have used the sign language to express what the song was about
The parents that were with their children on the celebration were so thankful to the Callan Services teachers for teaching and caring for their disable children.
The teachers have awarded presents to some of the parents who have received trainings from them on how to deal with their disable children in which they have done extremely well in.
The disable children were also given prizes by their teachers following their performance and behavior in the classroom.

DR. CYRIL IMAKO from the Buka General Hospital giving presnts to the kids



Source: Post-Courier

Me’ekamui Defence Force announces new government

THE Me’ekamui Defence Force (MDF) on Bougainville has announced the termination of the interim Me’ekamui Tribal Unity Government, originally appointed and supported by the MDF.
This was in response to the policies followed by the former president and the vice president, which they say did not have the support of the MDF.
In order to ensure the continued stability and proper representation for the Me’ekamui Nation going forward, the MDF announced in a press release the formation of the new Me’ekamui Military Government (MMG). The inaugural meeting of the MMG was held at the former Arawa Technical College grounds on November 22. Present at the meeting were the principal members of northern command, the central command and the southern command of the MDF.
The MDF representatives voted to vest as custodians of the right and gains of "the struggle" the power to represent the Me’ekamui Nation to a new Me’ekamui Military Government.
The following were elected to office: General Chris Uma as president, Colonel Felix Ragu as vice president, chief Peter Nerau as minister for foreign affairs, chief Benedict Ienu as minister for Defence, colonel Alex Dakanari as minister for finance, and chief Mark Nauma as minister for planning
The president, vice president and the ministers took their oath of the office and undertook to exercise their duties without fear or favour.

Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville chocolate on the rise

In Bougainville, cocoa growers receive a flat rate for their product, regardless of the quality.
A New Zealand chocolate company wants to change that, raising money to sail the region's beans to Wellington to make the 'Bougainville Bar'.
Gabe Davidson says the crowdfunded campaign started with a small group of people's love for chocolate and is expected to possibly boost an industry moving entity into existence.

Source: Post-Courier

Tinputz prepares for disasters

TINZPUT District Administration and development partners have finalised the first district disaster risk management (DRM) plan for the district.
The plan has been jointly drafted by the district level agencies and development partners with technical assistance from Disaster Risk Management Office of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
The plan was developed through comprehensive and participatory process where all district agencies, non-governmental organisations, the private sector and faith-based organisations as well as community consultations were involved.
Tinputz district is prone to a number of disasters like flooding, tidal surge/king tide, earthquake, tsunami, landslide, drought and disease outbreak.
Climate change is further aggravating the situation as future disasters are likely to be more intense. Unplanned development and increase in population are other two key factors for increase in the disaster risk areas.
The plan analyses various disasters the district is prone to and provides guidance to establish a coordinated mechanism at the district level to effectively respond to disaster situations.
The plan also outlines the disaster management roles and responsibilities of different departments at the district and includes clear instructions on how to set up early-warning systems for disasters.
This was the first attempt to develop the district-level disaster management plann and it will serve as a model for other districts. “The disaster management plan is a highlight to the Tinputz district because it’s a first of its kind and it gives further understanding on the different roles stakeholders in the district have to play as set out in the plan,” Mr Thomas Amos, the paramount chief of Inus said.
He thanked those involved in the drafting of the plan and and stressed that the plan is one thing but its implementation is crucial when the time comes.
The executive manager of Tinputz district congratulated all stakeholders involved in the process and thanked UNDP for the support. He mentioned the need to develop a strategic plan that will focus on the implementation aspect and n pleads for the support of UNDP in this important step.

Source: Post-Courier

Teen wins HIV/AIDS essay competition

By Joseph Morokana

MISS Kavaro, 15, with her first prize of K200 cash.

Grade seven student Ashleyanne Kavaro from the St Peter Chanel Primary School on Buka Island has won a K200 award for being the best HIV/AIDS essay writer.
The second prize of K100 was awarded to Maria Keneh of Hapan Primary School, while Immaculate Mala won the third prize of K70.
The school’s HIV/AIDS written composition was an initiative of the Bougainville Catholic AIDS Ministry mainly to involve students in ways to have a better understanding of the disease and the risks involved so that they can manage their lives well.
The sponsor of the awards, Constituency MP Jerome Sawa, while presenting the prizes to the students, said the initiative to involve schools was an effective way to enable students to improve on their writing skills.
Through their writing competition, student can have a better understanding of the HIV/AIDS and its impact on society.
Mr Sawa has thanked secretary of the Bougainville Diocese Catholic AIDS office, Stella Morokana for initiating the idea and urged all the seven primary schools in the area to support and involve in such programs in the future.
“Our children are vulnerable to HIV due to the advent of social media where they are accessing pornographic stuff. We are seeing our youths involve in illicit drugs such as marijuana.
“These activities are means of getting infected with HIV. I urged the parents to make sure that their children are given moral support and good education for their future,” he said.
He said the HIV/AIDS disease has affected mostly the productive age group from 29 – 49 years old. He said it is the responsibility of all the stakeholders to fight against the diseas.
Mr Sawa was speaking at the World AIDS Day celebration at Hapan village in the Gagan Parish of Peit constituency on Sunday where a big crowd normally turns up to watch soccer and rugby touch every Sundays.
“This is the first time World Aids Day is celebrated in the rural area. This is where the bulk of the population of Bougainville is and I would like to thank the Diocese HIV/AIDS Ministry for taking the celebration right down to the village level so tha village people can learn more about the disease, the risks involved, the rights of those living with the virus and how they can plan their lives,” Mr Sawa said.

Source: Bougainville24

Momis queries Jubilee’s ethics and methodology

The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has raised new questions about research about Bougainville published in September by Australian NGO, Jubilee Australia.
The NGO handpicked 65 people opposed resuming mining at Panguna for interviews and then claimed that the entire Panguna mine affected population were opposed to mining.
President Momis pointed out that there are between around 15,000 people in those communities and a majority support the resumption of mining.
“Jubilee and its partners were researching sensitive issues in Bougainville’s complex post-conflict situation,” the President said.
“The research and Jubilee’s report, involve serious risks, not just for those being interviewed, but for the wider Bougainville community.”
“By taking sides on complex, divisive issues, Jubilee has added to sources of division and conflict; it has undermined the carefully considered efforts of the democratically established ABG to build consensus amongst divided Bougainvilleans on the difficult issues involved in choices on mining.”
In a series of three letters to Jubilee in September, October and November, President Momis has criticised the report, questioning its research methodology, false claims made on the basis of interviews with a tiny selected group of opponents of mining and many serious factual errors in the report.
He also raised concerns about the track record of obdurate opposition to BCL and Rio Tinto on the part of Jubilee Australia’s research partners, Kristian Lasslett and the Bismarck Ramu Group.
The President was especially critical of Jubilee’s failure to at any time communicate with the ABG or Panguna landowner associations about the research – failing even to seek ABG views on a draft of the report before it was published. He agreed with an Australian academic who criticised Jubilee as involved in advocacy, not research.
“If Jubilee had been adhering to proper ethical research standards, they would not have intervened in this complex situation and taken sides,” President Momis continued.
“They would not have rejected having any form of communication with the ABG and landowner associations.”
“Jubilee Australia’s website claims that their research program is overseen by a Research Centre Advisory Committee comprising ‘leading Australian academics’, which they say strengthens Jubilee’s ‘capacity for rigorous, academic based research’.”
“But it now emerges that a member Advisory Committee, who had extensive knowledge of PNG, was never informed by Jubilee about the research.”
“This fact may help explain Jubilee’s use of badly flawed research methodology; it raises serious questions about how Jubilee ensures that its research adheres to the highest standards of research ethics expected of a ‘scientific research’ body.”
President Momis today wrote to Jubilee’s board to seek a response to the issues surrounding their report.
“I have asked how Jubilee can be held accountable in terms of their ethical standards.
“Jubilee is an Australian NGO working on international development issues; most such NGOs are members of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), which administers a complaints process that can handle queries about NGO research ethics.”
“But from the list of members appearing on the ACFID website, it appears that Jubilee is not a member of ACFID.”
“I am questioning Jubilee’s board as to whether it is open to being held accountable by independent bodies?”
“I have further asked Jubilee to advise whether any non-citizens who have been in PNG at any time to undertake this research have held the research visas required under PNG law.”
President Momis concluded by stating that the ABG welcomes thorough research, and well-informed criticism, but at the same time expects outside research bodies to observe the highest standards and principles.
“There are grave doubts about many aspects of what Jubilee has done,” President Momis said.
“Jubilee has shown little willingness to be in communication with the democratic government of Bougainville.”
“Their one communication with us in the more than two years they have been doing their Bougainville ‘research’ was a letter in late October stating that my criticisms of their report were ‘without basis’.”
“I now call on Jubilee’s Board to engage with the ABG in relation to the serious questions that we are asking, both in today’s letter, and my letters of October and November.”



Source: Post-Courier

Childhood learning centre closes on high note

By Ishmael Palipal


Children and parents during the closing ceremony of Incy Wincy Early Childhood Learning Centre.

CHILDREN as young as four years reading from Reader One book was the highlight of the closing ceremony of the Incy Wincy Early Childhood Learning Centre’s (IWECLC) in Arawa.
Incy Wincy Early Childhood Learning Centre is located in section 10 in Arawa town of Central Bougainville. It teaches the children to read and write English at the early age of four to about eight years.
According to the principal of the learning centre, Ms Rayleen Ivomari, the centre actually started when she began to teach her own children but since other parents also want their children to learn at the early age at the learning centre, she and her partner had enrolled 13 children in February this year and with the support of the parents, the learning centre has come this far.
Ms Ivomari believes that good workforce can be built starting from the early age of a child, therefore early childhood learning is the way forward for a healthy workforce in the country.
Therefore, she strongly urged the government to support this early childhood learning programs like Christian academic and other early childhood learning centres. She said that phonics teaching is the basic tool where children will learn to read quickly.
“In line with our motto ‘assisting children to build a better academic foundation’, our centre aims to set a better foundation for children to pursue better education in life. Through early childhood programs or schools, I believe we can build a fast and strong workforce,” she said.
She also said parents play a very big role in the learning of their children. And they are the very first guides and upholders or enlargers of what their kids learn in their early childhood learning.
The school principal would also like to pass her announcement to all interested parents around Arawa town who may want to see their children to learn at an early age on how to read and write, that Incy Wincy Early Childhood Learning Centre will be open for registration for the 2015 academic at the first week of February 2015, adding that the learning centre will take 30 children only.
The school fees will be K1500 and this will be the funds that will run the school. For more information, Rayleen Ivomari can be contacted through her Digicel Mobile Phone 73 446 983. Meanwhile, the parents of the 13 first students were in joy as they saw their hildren read in front of the crowd.

Source: Post-Courier

Fuzzy wuzzy angel appeals for recognition

By Ishmael Palipal

CHIEF Paul Teori

Bougainville was once a war zone for Japanese and the allied forces during the World War II and most of the old people of Bougainville still tell their stories of their young life during the war.

Chief Paul Teori of Angkanai village in Central Bougainville was one of these people who took part in the World War II. He is still alive. Chief Teori was born on February 11, 1920. He is now about 92 years old.
Chief Teori joined the Australian scout team in 1942. At that time, he was a very young boy with other fellow Bougainvilleans to support the allied forces in their campaign against the Japanese forces.
Yesterday, Chief Teori expressed his pain that people in other provinces who took part in the war have been benefiting from the World War II pension while him and his other Bougainvillean Fuzzy Wazzy Angels have never benefited from the pension for aiding the Australians during the war.
He is calling on Papua New Guinea and Australian governments to recognise these Bougainvillean Fuzzy Wazzies as they are part of the Wazzy Angels like those in other provinces. He said now that he is 94 years old, he may never get any benefit from the pension.
He said he would be appreciative and honoured if him and his colleagues from Bougainville if they are acknowledged like others Fuzzy Wazzy Angels in other provinces.

Source: Post-Courier

Arawa remembers HIV victims

By Ishmael Palipal

A Catholic agency HIV clinic in Arawa hosted a candle light memorial to remember people who died of the HIV virus, especially the innocent children.
The town community with vigorous interest participated in the program that started at 6pm. A candle light march conducted from the Arawa main market to Arawa hospital was escorted by an ambulance and the police.
The program at the hospital compound was well presented with songs and moments of silence to remember those who had died of HIV/AIDS.
A huge crowd gathered – children with their families came together and enjoyed that moment of commemoration. An inspiring video show was also shown.
Present at the event were the staff of Arawa health centre and satff of Marie Stopes, VCCT and other church representatives. There were speeches made to remind the people of what the virus is all about and how best the people can avoid it.
Pastor Munau from the Arawa CLC local church reminded the people of the Christian beliefs which are relevant to help restrain from practices that can lead to the contraction of the HIV virus.

Source: Post-Courier

Children observe Disability Day

CHILDREN attending Callan Special Education Resource Centre in Buka and Arawa have celebrated International Day for persons with disability.
In Buka the day was observed with the children performing dance shows and showing what they have learnt and were also given presents for their achievements.
The centre was established in 2002 by the Catholic Diocese for all children who have intellectual hearing impairment, blindness, behavior and emotional and physical disabilities.
Site Leader for the Center, Mr Blaise Semoso said they work with the parents of those children to improve them in their life with excess needs and train teachers and the parents to meet a child’s needs with an inclusive education. Mr Semoso said they assess a child’s ability through their learning before they can be enrolled in schools.



Source: Post-Courier

PNGDF engages in joint efforts

Thomas Tari and Colonel Walter Enuma shaking hands.

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force, the Autonomous Bougainville Government and Bougainville Ex-Combatants are now in the process of formalising a memorandum of understanding.
This will allow the PNGDF to be engaged in peace building and civic efforts on the island.
High level discussions were held between PNGDF, the ABG and Ex-Combatants on the MoU arrangements with all parties expressing their commitment to the initiatives outlined in the deal.
ABG’s Director for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation, Nick Peniai said the “missing link” in the Bougainville peace process was the PNGDF, that it was a party to the crisis and should therefore be part of the overall efforts to restore normalcy and services in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
Mr Peniai said after the MoU is signed, the PNGDF would initially be engaged in joint operations with ex-combatants conducting surveillance work in Bougainville waters.
He said the joint operations would be very crucial in rebuilding trust between all parties, especially after the Bougainville Crisis and would be the first practical step towards national reconciliation.
PNGDF Colonel Walter Enuma said the PNGDF was committed to the peace process on Bougainville and he commended the ABG for taking the initiative to invite the PNGDF to be part of it.
Col Enuma also acknowledged the support of prominent ex-combatants like Thomas Tari and Ishmael Toroama who had shown maturity and come out to show their support for reconciliation with the PNGDF.
Col Enuma said the reconciliation process between the PNGDF and ex-combatants had already begun as demonstrated by ex-combatants in Buin led by Mr Tari in a small traditional ceremony where pigs were exchanged and traditional spears broken.
“I would like to commend Mr Tari for giving us the right passage which enabled us to lay to rest one of our colleagues, the late commander (Navy) Martin Taririn,” Enuma added.
Col Enuma was the leader of a small contingent of PNGDF soldiers and navy personnel who were in Bougainville last week to conduct the funeral of Commander Taririn, who was the Commanding Officer of Tarangau Patrol Boat Base.
This was the first official engagement of the PNGDF on Bougainville since the withdrawal of security forces after the Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed in 1997.

Source: Post-Courier

K1m to boost sports, says Miringtoro

JIMMY Miringtoro

Minister for Communication of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea stated that he will put K1 million to boost the sports in Central Bougainville. He was speaking last Sunday at the Kokoda Football Association closing program.
Mr Miringtoro stated that since the government had improved the funding on sports, the crime level in PNG seems to be dropping therefore he is looking forward to supporting sports to improve the social lives of the young people in Central Bougainville.
He also stated that Kokoda Constituency in Kieta district will be the first place he is looking into to support and improve sports to engage more young people of the area.
But he also urged strongly that youths should nurture discipline to see the improvement in sports and developments from leaders.
“Today, I like to say out here in Koromira that I will put K1 million to improve sports in Central Bougainville once the grants are ready by January next year,” said Mr Miringtoro while addressing his speech to the people of Kokoda COE in Koromira Mission Oval. He wished everyone a happy merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2015.

Source: Post-Courier

Pastor urges partnership

By Ishmael Palipal

Crowds gathered at the Independence Oval on Monday to celebrate and listen to the messages of the World Aids Day in Arawa.
Speaking at the event, Pastor Mark Inu of AOG church strongly appealed to the government authorities to support and work alongside with the church bodies.
Pastor Inu stated that supporting churches in helping the people and the government to find solutions to such issues as HIV/AIDS is like including God in finding solutions.
He also stated that he strongly believes God is the only solution to such issues for he is the source of every thing which the human race goes through. Hence if God is not included, we won’t go anywhere. “If we forget God, that is the time we will face many problems,” Pr Mark Inu stated.
He said churches can play an important role by promoting Christian beliefs. And to work hand-in-hand with government, many issues can be tackled together. Thus, he appeals for the government authorities to support churches so that godliness can be included in issue-solving.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



New Dawn Fm is currently conducting interviews in the three main centres Buka, Arawa and Buin of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville for New Dawn Fm Awareness Cinema programme.
The purpose of the interviews is to get the thoughts of the people of Bougainville on the issues of Good Governance, Weapons Disposal, Referendum, Government Corruption, War Widows and Missing Persons and to see how well the people of Bougainville understand these six topics.
After useful information has been collected from the interviews, the information will be documented and in March 2015, New Dawn Fm will present a series of awareness videos in centres across the region on the six mentioned topics.
With volunteers already picked out to do interviews in Buin and Arawa, New Dawn Fm is now recruiting university students who are on holiday to carry out interviews in Buka Town and surrounding villages.
If you are a university student and you are interested, call into New Dawn Fm office with your student ID for further directions.

NewDawn Pic of Staff stapling the last questionaires for Buin and South Bougainville

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Only the IEA students commemorated

Only the IEA students commemorated World Aids Day despite the increase in the number of infected.

New Dawn FM Drone to take pictures from the sky been tested in Buka

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



The ABG minister for mining and natural resources Michael Oni has supported the idea of a Leaders’ Summit which was brought forward by the executive manager for Panguna District.
Speaking at the launching of the brick laying programme at Ioro last week Friday, the minister asked the ABG president chief Dr. John Momis and his ministers to support the Leaders’ Summit.
He said the summit will allow for leaders and stakeholders to come together and talk and iron out issues of Panguna and Bougainville as a whole.
He added that he wants the summit to happen so it would help Bougainville to move forward.
Mr. Oni then appealed to the COE leaders, the village assembly leaders and the administration to strengthen their connections and networks so they can all work together to implement governance and at the same time deliver through the administrative services.
He also called on to the people to not linger outside the structure saying once you are outside the structure, you will continue to point fingers at the leaders without you actually contributing to the development of the region.
Meanwhile, Veteran Moses Pipiro, who represented the Meekamui Defence Force revealed that the Meekamui was not an official party to the Bougainville Peace Agreement which is the road map to our political future.
He said despite that, the Meekamui continue to honour the BPA with honesty and try to uphold unity in Panguna and Bougainville as a whole.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



The ABG minister responsible for the department of Primary Industries Nicholas Darku has challenged his people in Panguna to help the ABG government make money.
He said Panguna is sitting on gold and copper and therefore the people of Panguna must help President Momis and his government make money.
He discouraged them to ask the government for money saying the government has no money which is a fact.
Speaking during the launching of three projects at Ioro in the Panguna district last week, the minister stressed to the people that they are celebrating three projects that will change their lives and the lives of their families.
He added that they are not celebrating for nothing but must look forward to and see what the project means to them and the lives of those who will be coming after them.
As their minister, Mr. Darku challenged the people of Panguna to expand the projects of brick making and piggery.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett -DWU Journalism student

The International Day for persons with disability will be on the 3th of December 2014 with the Sustainable Development and the promise of technology.
The event is very important because all respective citizens all around the world will address specific needs of the disabled people.
Callan Services who is working with and for the persons with disability will be hosting this event tomorrow especially to see how much improvement each programs have achieved to provide quality and effective services for persons with disability.
The event will kick off tomorrow and it is an important day for everyone to reflect on how much each individual have provided to serve the disabled ones.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

The Team that went to represent Bougainville in the 6th PNG games in Lae has arrived today in Buka on MV Chebu.
According to the General Team Manager Robert Semoso he says that team AROB has performed extremely well and came fourth in the tally with a total of 34 golds.
Mr Semoso says that regardless of some unfair decisions that have been made regarding the code charters team AROB at least performed to the best of their ability having competing with 22 other provinces.
He adds on by saying that team AROB has managed to beat provinces like ENB who have much better sporting facilities.
Mr Semoso also reveals that a girl from the athletic code has been automatically selected to go for trainings at Goroka Sporting Institute for next year’s South Pacific Games.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

The Pateaveave elementary school at Vaskuvir in the Tinputz district has been opened last week Friday.
The ceremony is historic to the people of Vaskuvir because this part of the region has not been receiving such services over the years as it is located in a remote area with bad road conditions.
The establishment of the double story classroom is part of World Vision’s Education Project to ensure that children learn comfortably in a conducive learning environment.
The opening ceremony has begun with songs and dances followed by speeches given by distinguished speakers.
A crowd of more than 500 people have gathered at Vaskuvir to witness the opening that has been celebrated in a heavy down pour of rain.
The opening ceremony ended on a high note with the continuation of traditional and modern dances performed by school children and parents.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

By Helmtrude Lewewett - DWU Journalism student

Pateaveave Elementary School Cordinator Margareth Gordon appeals to parents to send their children to school since they now have a newly built classroom.
Speaking during the opening of the classroom last Friday, Mrs Gordon says Pateaveave has a large population of children but only a minority of them goes to school because the other portion of the population is being held back in the villages to do house chores and babysitting.
She says that this type of behavior shows that parents are not concerned about their children’s education and don’t value the chances that are provided.
Mrs Gordon strongly appeals to parents to release their children to school so that they will make use of the newly built classroom and get quality education as well.
In her speech during the official opening of the classroom, she also urges the teachers to improve their teaching performances because they now have good housing and a better classroom to conduct their teachings.
She says that she want to see an improvement next year with regard to the district’s education standard.
Mrs Gordon commends world vision for being a good partner in the establishment of the classroom.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville




The Family Support Centre at the Buka General Hospital celebrated its first anniversary today with speeches, songs and dramas.
Today, the 28th of November marks the centre’s successful operations in one since its establishment last year.
The chief executive officer for Buka General Hospital Dr. Cyril Imako in his welcome remarks stressed that it is fitting that the first anniversary of the centre is celebrated within the twenty days of activism.
He explained that the Family Support Centre is part and parcel of the Buka General Hospital but acknowledged other organisations such as the UNICEF, UN Women, DFAT, New Zealand Aid, Care International, CIMC and others who have contributed towards the sustenance of the centre.
Dr. Imako then revealed that since the centre opened last year, the centre has received a total of two hundred individual cases of sexual violence for one year alone with most cases relating to rape.
He said he is proud that the centre is providing such service to the people of Bougainville with their partners saying the service will continue and everyone is welcome to access services from the facility.
After his speech, Dr. Imako was given the privilege to unveil the centre’s sign board with the sister in charge of the centre Sr. Essa Barnabas.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



On November 20 every year, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated throughout the world.
Tsunpetz and Tohatsi Primary Schools were the only two schools in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville who had the privilege to commemorate the day with activities relating to children’s rights.
These two schools were chosen by World Vision to celebrate the day because World Vision has established projects in the area in which the two schools are located.
When giving a background on the Universal Children’s Day, World Vision team leader Cecilia Naguo explained that the date November 20 marks the day on which the assembly, the United Nations Convention adopted the declaration of the rights of children in 1959 and the convention on the right of the child in 1999.
She said during the general assembly in 1954, the general assembly recommended that all countries institute a universal children’s day to be observed as a day of worldwide union and understanding between children.
The general assembly also recommended that the day be observed with developed activities that promote the ideals and objectives of the charter and the welfare of children of the world.
Ms. Naguo who was present for the children’s day celebrations at Tohatsi Primary School on Tuesday urged and encouraged the parents to make it their responsibility to uphold the rights of their children.
She pointed out strongly that as parents, it is their sole responsibility to ensure that their children have the right to education, are loved and are cared for.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


The ABG health minister and member representing the women of South Bougainville Rose Pihei has revealed that Bougainville needs strong families and individuals so we can take our stance against ‘Violence against Women and Young Girls’.
She added that Bougainville needs to build the capacity of women but at the moment, the region lacks good leadership and has a problem with leadership.
When asked about the policy on gender, the minister revealed that a policy is already in the making which will look after women in Bougainville saying the act has so many rules that will help to enhance women’s livelihood and also end violence against women.
Speaking in an interview during the official commemoration of White Ribbon Day yesterday, the minister stressed that in order for Bougainville to reach its destination, a law must be enacted which will become the foundation.
She added that big change can only happen if we change the characters of the mothers so they can take charge of their children.
Mrs. Pihei also challenged the women in Bougainville to come out and become strong leaders saying Bougainville women must come out and take charge in promoting peace in the region.
She then stressed that we must build the capacity of women in the region so as women, they can take charge of their lives and take charge of their families as well.

Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The National Education Minister, NICK KUMAN is on Bougainville to officialy launch commodity component of Tution Fee Free (TFF) on Bougainville the launch will be held at the Bana High School in South Bougainville.
The delegation arrived on the Air Niugini flight and were welcomed by the ABG Minister for Education, John Tabinaman at the Buka airport.
In his welcome remarks MR.TABINAMAN thanked the National Minister and the National Government for supporting the Education programs on Bougainville.

Pictured is the Minister arriving in Buka 

Source: Post-Courier

Reconciliation mandatory for negotiation

THE Bel Kol or Domangmitta between the Bougainvillean people and Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) can proceed when the Bougainville Executive Council approves a date.
The ceremony, to be staged in Arawa, was requested by landowners in 2012 at the first meeting between them, the Bougainville Government and the mining company. It is a pre-condition to any negotiations on the Panguna mine’s future. The mine was the flashpoint for the ten-year Bougainville Crisis which claimed up to 20,000 lives.
The traditional ceremony is one of appeasement according to the custom of the Nasio people of Kieta, Central Bougainville. It symbolizes a readiness by both parties to reconcile past differences and, through negotiation, forge a new relationship.



Source: PNG Attitude

Bougainvillean businesses feel the sting of an Asian takeover


LUKE Maneu of Siwai in south Bougainville successfully operated a retail outlet in Buka Town from 2009 until 2011, when the Asian influx and affected his operations leading him to venture into other businesses including operating a PMV service and a guesthouse.
“Bougainville is such a small place that needs us, the indigenous people, to be in charge of development in terms of business and other economic activities,” Luke told me.
“The ABG and our MPs in the national government should be the ones pushing the laws and systems to create an environment conducive for the localisation of all cottage industries.
“With the Asian entry into Buka Town,” he added, “my business was harmed along with other businesses owned by fellow Bougainvilleans. Customers left us for the cheaper Asian goods.
“Our shops are said to be expensive because we do not have an entrepreneurial or business culture.
“Thus we are learners who need time and government input to make things right for our services to the Bougainvillean public,” Luke said.
“‘I am moving into other areas to save myself from succumbing to the Asian takeover. I am safe for the time being.”
To Bougainvillean businesses time is not with us. Soon we will see more Bougainvillean businesses leaving the scene because they cannot stand the might of all these Asian operations.’
After talking with Luke, I visited a few other Bougainvillean business houses - Wedelyne, JN Trading, TM Trading, Haput Clothing, Maia Clothing and Evokong. They all shared the same fear.
Asian operations are competing aggressively and taking over business activities they have been involved in.
“We heard that the ABG was inviting Asians to work in multi-million kina impact projects like the Torokina oil palm,” Chris Haput of Haput Clothing told me.
“But we were amazed to see them setting up tiny retail booths everywhere.
“From one or two booths they spread all over Buka Town, grabbing and renting large buildings from Buka people.”
Haput Clothing operates next to one of the many Asian BCM Trading retail outlets legally owned by a Siwai lady, Mary Lyn, who is a second wife of a Chinese named Lyn.
“Mary Lyn is our neighbour and best friend,” said Nathan Haliken of JN Trading. “She knows Asians wants to make money in Bougainville and, despite being the legal director, she has not much power over the BCM trading retail outlets spreading around Buka Town.”
Evokong and Maia Clothing, both originally from Kieta, have a business presence in Buka and Arawa and admitted their operations in Buka Town had shrunk in terms of daily takings in the face of cheaper goods offered by the Asian business operations.
Wedelyne, a local Buka business, were emulating Luke Maneu’s survival strategy and had ventured into PMV and taxi services and a retail outlet.
Many Bougainvillean businesses, whether owned by Buka islanders or Bougainville mainlanders, feel operating in Buka is not worth it and are starting to move to the mainland.
Here, Asians were invited but, if seen to be going off-track, they were kicked out.
At Toniva near Kieta, Asian businesses have already faced a first wave of attacks by locals and reports suggest there may be worse to follow.
Last weekend Asians in Buka Town, warned that certain businesses were targeted for attack by disgruntling locals, organised for police surveillance at BCM Trading.
The story around town is that the Buka Police has been penetrated by Asian tycoons.
Anti-Asian feeling is growing amongst Bougainvillean business houses and ordinary people in Buka. Time will tell us the next move.

Source: Post-Courier

Students learn more on excursions

EVERY year grade eight students from schools in Bougainville take excursions to existing and operating organisations in the region after their exams.
And Tahetahe Primary School in Buka was no exception when their students visited the Autonomous Bouganville Government House of representative, the court house, police station, hospital and the National Broadcasting Corporation Bougainville radio studio.
Chairman of the school board of management John Sahoto said the purpose for this yearly trip for the grade eight students is to see the operations of these organisation to enhance the child’s mind so they know and get the feeling of what they would become or do in future.
He said many of these students have never been inside any of these places as they come from the rural areas. Some of the students when asked about the visit said it was their first to be inside some of the places they have visited and now they know what goes on inside those institutions.
The school always plans ahead for the Grade eight sttudents’ visits with fund raisings for the students trip and their end of the year get together with teachers and parents. The children were treated to a restaurant lunch at Unity Restaurant in Buka town to also get them to know the rules and ways of eating in such a place.

Source: Post-Courier

Students enjoy function on island

By Ishmael Palipal

As the year comes to an end, most of the school around Papua New Guinea and Bougainville are having their end of the year functions commonly known as ‘class picnic’. Last week Friday, grade seven students from a remote primary school in Koromira went out for their class picnic at a distant island near the border of Solomon Islands and Bougainville.
The boat ride that took them about an hour brings them to this beautiful paradise island of the eastern Solomon Sea. The grade seven students from Pangkanau Primary School in the mountains of Koromira in the Kokoda constituency of Central Bougainville were in full smile when the boat shores at Ma’abara Island located on southeast of Koromira area.
It was a picnic day for the Pangkanau Primary School and out of the majority who were doing their function back at the school, Ms Jennifer Movo and her student went out to the Island for their function. According the students, it was an amazing and very enjoyable picnic ever.
They said that they really enjoyed the trip to the island and their party was a memorable one. “Some of us never come this far to this island,” most of the students said. “We really have a great time out, playing, swimming and taking photos on the large white sandy beach of the island.”
The teacher was happy that finally the students enjoyed what they have worked hard for in terms of raising money for the end of the year functions. “I was really happy to see the students enjoying themselves,” the teacher said. “It was their day, and they deserve to enjoy that much after the days of been in the classroom.”
The students, parents and friends from Panganau Primary School would like to pass their early Christmas Greetings and Prosperous Happy New Year 2015. “We like to wish all the students around Papua New Guinea safe Christmas season and mostly safe partying in your class picnics,” said the group said.



Source: Bougainville24

MP challenges Bougainvilleans to unite
By Leonard Fong Roka

The Member for Gogohe in the Bougainville Parliament, Hon. Peter Sohia MP, has challenged all Bougainvilleans to work together as one in a speech in Buka on Friday, 7 November 2014.
“As Bougainvilleans we have to tell PNG that we are prepared for the referendum,” Mr Sohia stated under the shimmering hit of the afternoon sun at Bel Isi Park.
“We have to get rid of our weapons, raise our level of governance to international standards and move on.”
Sohia also took the opportunity to praise the newly launched government mobile radio.
As addressed the crowd the Wakabaut (mobile) Radio, or Hauslain (neighbourhood) Radio, was broadcasting live from the side of the stage.

“This little [piece of] equipment that is currently broadcasting as I speak will bring the Autonomous Bougainville Government closer to the people of Bougainville,” Mr Sohia said.
“It is the ABG’s awareness tool for the referendum.”
He praised the Papua New Guinea Government and people for helping Bougainville and its people with the radio.
Sohia stated that awareness is now vital with a referendum on Bougainville’s political future looming and most remote areas of Bougainville still in the dark on political developments.
“I feel that the Buin, Siwai, and Nagovis will now learn something about Bougainville’s peace process, the ABG’s achievements over time and other vital information on what our Bougainville is undergoing,” Mr Sohia said to the gathered crowd.
The Gogohe leader called on NBC to carry its broadcasts from Radio Bougainville across to the Bougainville Atolls.
Bel Isi Park was filled with music from the string band group, all of whom belong to the family of the late Francis Ona from the Guava Village of the Panguna District.
Meekamui members also came in a truckload to celebrate with the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

Source: Bougainville24

Heavy rain floods Arawa streets
By Ishmael Palipal

A short but heavy downpour of rain on the afternoon of Tuesday, 12 November 2014 caused the main streets in Arawa Town to flood knee deep with water causing the travelling vehicles to follow the side of the road.
Bystanders said that a car sped into the water trying to cross the street flood but the engine died in the middle. The water was deep enough that cars without snuggles over their bonnet could not cross.
It is alleged that the water was centralized to this location because of washed gravels used to patch the road some weeks ago.
“When the water washed down the gravels and the sand, it blocks the waterways into the underground drainage system,” said one local, frustrated about the road condition and how it was maintained.
“As a result, the rain water cannot go into the underground drainage therefore we experience such flooding in our streets.”
By Wednesday most roads were back to normal but gravel and sand remains blocking the underground drainage.



Source: Post-Courier

Buka honours White Ribbon Day

SOME of the participants of the White Ribbon Day march.

A number of non-governmental organisations led the commemoration of White Ribbon Day through Buka town last Thursday.
A march was organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia with the United Nations women’s program and the Bougainville Women’s Federation (BWF). It began from Kuri Village Resort to Bel Isi Park.
White Ribbon Day is to commemorate our women who have been victims of all forms of family and sexual violence.
UN Women representative in Bougainville, Agnes Titus said many cases of violence are not reported to the agencies to properly be dealt with.
She said there is a big injustice done to women and Bougainville women had gone through this situation during the Bougainville Crisis where many were raped, tortured and suppressed by all factions.
“Last year in April, an incident in the region was the brutal inhuman torture and murder of a women leader who was accused of being a sorcerer and this year in Buka town, an elderly woman was gang raped and killed when she was trying to protect a young girl from being raped,” Mrs Titus said. “We must say no to violence against women and our young girls in our community for a respectful and safe society.”

Source: Post-Courier

Authority cheers team Bougainville

By Ishmael Palipal

Kieta District Sports Authority president Augustine Kikira wishes to convey a congratulatory message to Team Bougainville, its officials, medical and media personnel.
Mr Kikira with his executive treasurer Ben Madaku said it is very pleasing to see a huge achievement. They said it is a history for Bougainville to come this far in the 6th PNG Games.
However, they sympathised to see that little attention was given to sports in Bougainville over the years.
“Over the last five years, we hosted Kieta District Games with the aim to gather the young people together, give them awareness message and identify their raw talents,” they said.
“And we must admit that since we gave our five year sports plan to the Kieta district office five years ago for funding by the Central Member’s office, we are still waiting for a reply or even a courtesy call by the district office or the Central Member’s office,” they said.
“It must be well understood that when there were no games such district, regional or ABG games, it will only mean one thing and that is very less or no attention to all these young people in terms of sports,” Mr Kikira said.
Mr Madaku said he was wondering whether some of their political leaders have the heart for these young people to see their social life in sports achieved.
“Sports is one thing that in every community young people can do, even if they do not go to formal schools. And if we encourage every youth throughout Bougainville and expose them with proper support and funding, we can touch many young people through awareness during sports tournaments, which will help in minimising social issues and building socialisation and networking,” Mr Madaku said.
Mr Kikira said it is about time they appoint sports coordinators for all districts to work along with community development officers.
Mr Kikira added: “AROB can provide athletes for the South Pacific or Common Wealth games or even the Olympics if given full attention with proper planning.
Both officials appeal to Jimmy Miringtoro to try this approach.

Source: Post-Courier

Police arrest murder suspects


THREE suspects whom police have been after since 2012 for the killing of a young Correctional Service (CS) officer at Bekut village in Buka have been apprehended by police.
Four suspects were identified after investigations by the police since 2012. One of the suspects was captured while the other three had been at large after numerous appeals from police for their surrender.
“The suspects have continuously threatened police, saying they will retaliate if they are apprehended in their village, which police have taken seriously but with the good collaboration of the Bekut youths and community, our men were able to apprehend them during a dawn raid at their village last week,” Commander of Buka Police Station, Inspector Spencer Aili said.
He said according to law, under any circumstance the public or community can make an arrest on any person breaking the law and bring the culprit to the police station.
The late CS officer, David Sawa Gereo, was found dead on the roadside at Bekut during his compassionate leave in the region. The investigation into the incident had taken such a long time because of the threat given by the three suspects.
Charges will be laid on the suspects once their records of interview are done to complete their files for their court appearances to answer their charges.
The suspects are currently being held at the police lockup.
Inspector Aili said people must not threaten the police service as it is there to uphold the law for a safe and free community and he applauded the work of the Bekut community and the police for the good community policing relationship that has made the operation a success.
He is also appealing to the other four prisoners who escaped from the police lockup to surrender to police or to their community authorities so they can be dealt with according to law.
Mr Aili said out of the five who escaped, Elliot Tohiana, a National Court remandee for murder, voluntarily surrendered after being convinced by his family members.


The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC)