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Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG has finally signed the 60/40Editorial Content Agreement with the National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea in Buka today.

This agreement will now make the ABG through its Communications Division provide the content that the NBC Radio Bougainville will air in its programs.

This was announced at the ABG Parliament recently by the ABG Minister for Communications, JOE NOPE.

The National Minister for Communications, JIMMY MIRINGTORO told the gathering in Buka that this arrangement is a start of a new era in the role of providing Communications throughout Bougainville.

He said information brings awareness, information, power, understanding, Peace and unity.

The Minister said that National Government aims to play its part in improving communication and awareness to the people.

Another agreement was signed with WATER PNG to improve the supply of Water in Arawa and the set up a water supply system for Buka town.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

As the ABG continuous to progress with its Draw down of Powers that creates its own Departments, today it signed two agreements that undermines its own existence and growth according to a former BRA Commander in North Bougainville.

He told New Dawn FM that the signing of the MOU between the National Government’s State owned Enterprises WATER PNG and National Broadcasting Corporation’s, Bougainville branch in Buka signals a new era for Bougainville’s future progress.

According to the former BRA Commander, who wants to remain anonymous, this trend if not controlled will completely dis-empower the ABG as a democratic and Independent Government for the people of Bougainville.

The former combatant said that restoring Government services should have been done longtime ago and suddenly fast-tracking National Government Departments on the eve of the Bougainville referendum was suspicious.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Buka airport remains open and small planes continue to use whilst AIR NIUGINI stopped all its services to Buka since yesterday.

According to the Civil Aviation, the airport was closed at 5AM due to landowner grievances surrounding some developments at the airport.

AND after some clarifications, civil aviation cancelled its previous notice and opened the airport.

Yesterday, two Airlines PNG Planes landed and also Travel Air made its inaugural flight to the Buka airport.

AND today, Travel Air, Airlines PNG and a Chartered Air Niugini cargo plane also landed at the Buka airport whilst the normal passenger flight remains suspended.

According to reports gathered by New Dawn FM, landowners said that they have no issue with the closer of the airport but said that it was the work of one person who is in Port Moresby.

It is believed Air Niugini will resume its passenger flight into Buka tomorrow.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Disaster Office yesterday restricted all further boat trips between Nissan island and Buka island.

Speaking to New Dawn FM yesterday, Bougainville Disaster Coordinator, FRANKLYN LACEY said that all boats that want to travel between these two islands and also Carterets Islands must be authorized by his office on condition of meeting safety requirements under the PAPUA NEW GUINEA small craft laws.

MR. LACEY and his team came up with this decision after one boat went missing last week with about 12 passengers on board.

And the passengers included small children under the age of five.

MR. LACEY said that search parties sent to locate the missing boat failed to locate them.

He said that his office has been trying to control the movement of small boats between these islands but many boat owners have not heeded their warnings.

MR. LACEY said that under the Small crafts act, the skipper and the boat owners can go to court for failing to adhere to the law.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG member for BAUBAKE in Buin, MR. JOSEPH BUIA wants the Buka General Hospital management to improve how it serves it sick patients.

The member made these comments on NEW DAWN FM after he was hospitalized at the Hospital over the Easter weekend.

He said that patients were left with unchanged dressings for days and this is not good for the natural healing process to take place.

MR. BUIA said that he was surprised that patients and guardians were using only one toilet by both male and females undermining custom of Bougainville.

He called on the Hospital management to improve these services as this was creating a bad image for the only referral Hospital on Bougainville.

Our attempts to talk to the Management of the Buka General Hospital were unsuccessful.

Pictured is the CEO for TravelAir TOFAYEL SIDDIQUE, EREMAS WARTOTO,WILFRED KOMBA (ABG Commerce Minister) Regional Member JOE LERA walking with the delegation towards the Terminal


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

A Paramount chief from NOVA village, ILAI KIKIT wants the government to help rebuild houses destroyed during the Bougainville conflict at NOVAH village.

Chief ILAI KIKIT made these comments at the NOVA celebrations at the weekend.

He acknowledged a Chain Saw and Forest mill and including a boat donated by DR. JOHN MOMIS when he was the Governor for Bougainville.

MR. KIKIT said that the people in the villages are still struggling to re-build homes destroyed during the conflict whilst the Government continues to assist the former combatants who are part of the problem.

He questioned when this practice will stop and the government supports ordinary villagers.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

A Bougainville leader is calling on the SP Beer distributors on Bougainville to stop getting Beer in Bottles into Bougainville.

Chief PAUL MOROKANA told New Dawn FM today that he was concerned at the damage been caused since the Bottled Beer returned to Bougainville some months ago.

He said that since Bottle was banned from Bougainville there were no broken bottles on the streets.

MR. MOROKANA said that since bottled Beer returned to Bougainville it has become another dangerous weapon during drinking sprees and makes the place full of broken bottles.

He urged the distributors to go back to the SP CANS instead of Bottles.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The inaugural flight by MANGI PLES or TRAVEL AIR to Buka today has increased the AIRLINES operating to Bougainville to three.


The TRAVEL AIR inaugural flight from Port Moresby to Buka had its first Passengers apart from the Group Chairman, MR. EREMAS WARTOTO and the CEO, TOFAYEL SIDDIQUE and including the media from Port Moresby.

They were welcomed by the Bougainville Regional member, JOE LERA and the ABG Minister for Commerce and Trade, WILFRED KOMBA and senior ABG Administration Officials.

As soon as the plane arrived, the ribbon was cut by the ABG Minister for Commerce to mark the special occasion and to signify that start of service into Bougainville by TRAVEL AIR.

In his welcome remarks, ABG Minister for Commerce, WILFRED KOMBA said that Bougainville was a safe place for doing business and said that the ABG welcomes services that can serve the people of Bougainville who are used to paying high fees for such services.

He said that competition in Business was healthy and Bougainville really welcomes and wants to work with the three airline companies.

MR. WARTOTO was able to present a business proposal for the ABG to consider and that is to serve other small airstrips throughout Bougainville.

Pictured is the TravelAir Plane parked at the Buka airport


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Chairman of TRAVEL AIR, EREMAS WARTOTO says that he supports the struggles by the people of Bougainville to make sure local Bougainvilleans participate fully in all economic activities.

Speaking at the inaugural flight of TRAVEL AIR or MANGI PLES, MR WARTOTO said that the principle was good and can make PAPUA NEW GUINEANS run and own businesses previously restricted to Governments and Multi Million companies.

He said that as a local but from the other island, He wants to support Bougainville and Papua New Guinea by providing the service at a low and competitive rate.

MR. WARTOTO said that his company will start with three flights a week then later increase into Six flights a week into Buka and once AROPA opens will also service the Aropa airport.

He said that he would like to provide smaller planes into other airstrips throughout Bougainville.

MR. WARTOTO said that the cost of providing Sea and Air Transport is very expensive and needs more support from Authorities in terms of providing conducive environment for doing Business in Papua New Guinea.

He also thanked the ABG for utilizing his Ship MV MARUNGA on charters to the outer islands of Bougainville.





Source: The National

Travel Air makes maiden flight to Buka


Airliner Travel Air made its inaugural commercial flight to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville of Bougainville yesterday.

The Mangi Lo Ples flight, under the command of Capt James O’Keefe, landed at Buka Airport after midday with 42 passengers on board, including Travel Air chairman Eremas Wartoto.  

The rain and the wet weather did not stop the people in Buka from attending the welcome ceremony held at the airport. ABG Minister for Commerce and Industry Wilfred Komba said they had been looking forward to Travel Air’s arrival.

He assured Travel Air chairman Wartoto and his staff that Bougainville was the safest place to invest.

“You will see that Bougainville is a safe place to do business so whatever plans you have, you must bring it over and we will discuss them,” he said.

“Through these discussions, we will look at ways to implement those plans and together we will bring service to Bougainville.

Wartoto said his aim was to provide service to rural travellers of Bougainville.

“As it has been said, it is true that Bougainville is a safe place to invest,” he said.

“However, we must stand “local” and do local business as we are not doing.

“I see that there is still a lot of work to be done, which includes the transportation of students.

“Let’s just not talk about ports to be established in Nissan, Tinputz and Buin but let us do business.

Wartoto presented Komba with a proposal containing issues about Travel Air and the other regional airlines.

“Airlines always struggle because of the high cost of running them, which is inclusive of the operational costs,” he said.

Travel Air is the third airline servicing Bougainville, Airlines PNG and Air Niugini being the other two.


Source: Post-Courier

NBC reaches out to rural Bougainville


BOUGAINVILLEANS, especially those in the rural and outer areas, can now look forward to listening to radio broadcasts from National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) .

This follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Minister for Communication Jimmy Miringtoro and his counterpart in the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Reverend Joseph Nopei in Buka yesterday.

This signing which was witnessed by the ABG Minister for Works and Transport, Luke Karaston, NBC managing director Memafu Kapera and his senior staff both from Port Moresby and Buka and senior heads of departments of the Bougainville Administration, will now pave way for work to commence on improving and increasing the broadcasting service to the entire region including the neighboring Solomon Islands and New Ireland Province.

Mr Miringtoro while delivering his speech before the signing said the delivery of vital information especially through radio to the populace was very important as it will equip them with information on the important happenings and events that people need to be aware of.

“Information and communication to bring awareness on the peace process and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville’s future is vital for our people,” Mr Miringtoro said, before adding that this MOU is to bring the vital radio and television broadcasting services to Bougainvilleans.

He said funding for this project will be sourced from the K500 million earmarked for high impact projects in Bougainville, with the minister stressing that the relaying of vital information through radio also comes under this program as a better broadcasting coverage will keep the population informed on events taking place.

“From this allocation, the national Government has committed an initial K5 million with the ABG committing K1 million.

“The national Government’s K5m commitment will go towards the purchase of two 10KW shortwave transmitters with FM and television transmission equipment for this project.

“The ABG’s commitment includes a satellite uplink from the President’s Office to strategic locations around Bougainville. From this funding, two new vehicles have been purchased for NBC Bougainville,” Mr Miringtoro said.

The Central Bougainville MP than thank all those who had played a part in reaching this MOU, before adding that this signing will also cover the attachment of ABG policy advisors with the National Department of Communications and Information for capacity building purposes.

Rev. Nopei said this MOU signing is another historic achievement for Bougainville, and not only marks the rebirth of NBC Bougainville but also increasing capacity and commitment of both governments to support projects that directly benefits the people.

“Information brings awareness, power, understanding, wealth, peace-information that can bring us together,” Rev. Nopei said, before adding that it is the government’s aim to improve communication that can bring information and awareness to the people.

Apart from boosting the broadcasting coverage, this funding allocation will also go towards carrying out major facelift on the existing but rundown building facility that houses the radio station.

Mr Miringtoro said discussions have been held between NBC management and the ABG to build a brand new building next to the current site. The project will be managed by NBC.

Meanwhile, the acting Bougainville Chief Secretary Herbert Kimai has tasked officers in both governments to ensure that this MOU achieves fruition. He said the implementation of this MOU is another major task that needs to be done.


Source: Post-Courier

Arawa water system set to be improved


RESIDENTS of the former mining township of Arawa in Central Bougainville will soon see rehabilitation works being carried out at the water and sanitation system in the town area.

That is the assurance from the Minister for Works and Civil Aviation in the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Luke Karaston during the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the ABG and Water PNG Limited.

The signing also covers the development of the Buka town water and sewerage system.

Mr Karaston said the signing now paves way for a new partnership between ABG and this state owned enterprise, Water PNG Ltd who has been selected as the project management consultant that will supervise and manage these two projects.

“Water PNG is not new to Arawa as they were responsible for water and sanitation previously when they were known as the PNG Water Board,” said Mr Karaston.

“As Arawa residence will know, the town water and sewerage system has deteriorated since 1989 and has become a health hazard, with sewer line blockages in some areas of the town.

“We are also aware that the present water source may have become unsuitable over time so this project is therefore timely.”

Mr Karaston said the restoration of the Arawa water and sanitation system is the “necessary first step for the return of key ABG divisions to Arawa town. It is also vital to sustain the growing number of visitors and importantly for the small but thriving service providers like commercial enterprises and guest houses”.

He said it is anticipated that the initial phase of the project will include a feasibility study to determine the scope for the rehabilitation while at the same time resources will be assigned to assist in the work of the Arawa Town Authority to maintain and improve the existing services.

He added that the study will also look into an alternative source for Arawa town water intake, before adding that he is aware that local communities have already expressed their willingness in offering new stream sources for this purpose.

“This is a good indication that the communities above Arawa town are willing to assist the government in its efforts to restore such important services,” Mr Karaston said.

The feasibility study for the Buka town water and sanitation project will cover Buka town, Kubu, Hahela and Hutjena.


Source: Post-Courier

Air Niugini cancels flight to Buka

THE scheduled Air Niugini flight into Buka Airport yesterday had to be canceled by the management of the airline company following rumors that the landowners of the Buka Airport area were planning to close the airport following the government’s failure to address their demands. Many passengers who turned up at the airport were very frustrated upon learning of the cancelation of the flight into Buka. A senior officer with the National Airports Corporation told this reporter yesterday afternoon that the NAC, upon learning of the landowners’ plan of closing the airport, then issued a notice for the temporary closure of the Buka Airport. The officer said the notice was issued yesterday (290414 Tuesday) morning. When quizzed on when the suspension notice will be uplifted, the officer said this will depend on his boss to make the decision. He however said more information regarding the closure of the airport was supposed to have been issued yesterday afternoon. As of yesterday evening the Post-Courier was still not able to get any update on the temporary closure notice issued or whether the notice was uplifted. However, the landowners from Ieta village have given their stand that they will not be carrying out their planned stand to close the airport. A representative of the landowners, Channel Solas also told NBC Bougainville that they have decided not to close the airport. He added that their intention to close the airport was just a wakeup call for the government to quickly address all outstanding raised by the landowners. Chief Solas also gave his assurance that the landowners will not disrupt the flights in and out of Buka starting today (Wednesday 300414). He however called on the Bougainville Administration and ABG to quickly meet with them and shed light on the outstanding issues they have raised more than seven years ago. He added that the recent issue that propelled them to further push on their issues to be addressed is the fencing project that is scheduled to be carried out at the airport. The landowner spokesman said though they have been notified on the requirements concerning this ADB-funded project, their main concern was on the benefits that will be given to the owners of the land where the airport is situated. The only flights that landed at the airport yesterday were the two Airlines PNG planes and Travel Air.


Source: Solomon Times

Bougainville and Solomons Begin Trade Talks

Senior officials from the Solomon Islands Government have held talks with a delegation from Bougainville this week to further strengthen trade links between Solomon Islands and Bougainville.

The key aim of the meeting is to explore how Solomon Islands and Bougainville could improve on the existing trade links and to capitalize on the growing foreign investment interests on Bougainville.

Head of the Bougainville delegation, Mr Sam Kaona informed the meeting that Bougainville currently has established strong investment connections with South East Asia, particularly, Singapore and their wish is to share these opportunities with Solomon Islands.

He said the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) believes that establishing strong partnerships and understanding with Solomon Islands is crucial for modern economic advancement for both parties.

“We wish to partner with Solomon Islands to further develop our existing trade links so that we can take it further so where there are obstacles, we can address together so that enhanced trade between our Islands can flourish,” Mr Kaona said.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jeffery Wickham who chaired the meeting said Solomon Islands is pleased with the initiative to establish further understanding on trade links between Bougainville and Solomon Islands.

He added that the Solomon Islands Government is keen to strengthen these links and to develop new business partnerships with Bougainville.

The talks covered areas including common border issues such as immigration, customs, quarantine, investment opportunities in fuel supplies, shipping services, grocery goods, agricultural commodities, fisheries and trade agreements and policies.

Officials from relevant SIG Ministries have been assigned to work together and maintain constant communication with their Bougainville counterparts to move the process forward.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Nine Candidates have nominated for the TAONITA TINPUTZ BYELECTION at the close of nominations yesterday.


These nine candidates have only three weeks to campaign to get support from their voters.

Polling will commence on May 19th, 2014 and will close on May 23rd, 2014.

The writs will be returned to the ABG Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI on May 26th, 2014.

This seat became vacant when the former member and Minister for Works, the Late CAROLUS KETSIMUR died at the end of last year.

The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU said that counting will start as soon as the polling is completed on May 23rd, 2014.

He said that counting and declaration will be made in Tinputz to allow the people of Tinputz to appreciate the process of choosing a member of Parliament.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Australian Government this morning donated three sets of Sea Safety Equipments to the ABG Department of Health.

The presentation was done by, MR STUART SCHAEFER the Minister for Development Cooperation at the Buka General Hospital.

The three sets of safety equipments has six different sizes of life jackets that persons travelling out to sea on Banana boats can wear during the course of their work.

According to MR. SCHAEFER, the small donation is to make sure that the safety of Health workers travelling between islands are protected at all times.

He said that the set also includes a Radio beacon that can be activated during an emergency out at sea.

MR. SCHAEFER said that the signals indicating their location can be picked up by Ships and the people can be saved.

The sets will be located one set each for Buka, Nissan and Kunua.

Meanwhile,the CEO for the Department of Health in Bougainville, DR. ANTHONY PUMPARA has accepted safety equipments donated by the Government of Australia.

Speaking at the Handover take-over of the equipments, DR. PUMPARA said that Bougainville was privileged again to get such donation from the Government and People of Australia.

He said his Health workers at times have to travel out to sea to safe lives with no safety gear and these donations from the Australian government although small would go a long way in protecting lives.

DR. PUMPARA said that people get lost when travelling between islands without safety equipments and these equipments will be fully utilized.

New Dawn FM understands there is a Banana boat with 12 Passengers still missing since last week between Nissan and Buka island.

Pictured is MR STUART SCHAEFER the Australian Minister for Development Cooperation and DR. PUMPARA CEO FOR ABG Health shaking hands at the presentation.


Source: Bougainville24

PNG Power extends supply to villages

By Timothy Poroda

PNG Power has begun to extend its power supply network to rural villages on Bougainville that have needed electricity services for many years.

The rural electrification project started in Buka and will extend the service of providing electricity to rural villages.

The first phase of this project initiated in 2009 with an extension from Buka town to Susup Village.

In 2013 the lines were extended from Susup to Pikete, where roads were cleared to run the electrical power lines and erect power poles. Today the extension continues, moving towards Lonahan.

The project had impacts in Central Bougainville where extensions have been made to Toniba, the township in the Kieta area, to once again light up administration building.

The provision of this service helped many people with their businesses and other activities on the ground.

The extension between Arawa, Kieta and Toniba has been successfully completed as per the requirements of the plan.

With the completion of the Central Bougainville section of the project PNG Power have achieved a major milestone. Even before the crisis many people in the region did not have electricity, especially the rural villages.

The villages also deserve credit for their full cooperation, ensuring the project was able to be competed to plan requirements and on time. 


Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville reports one measles case


THE division of health in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has revealed the detection of one measles case in Buka.

According to the division’s director of Public Health Alois Pukienei, the case was detected at the Buka hospital about two weeks ago.

Mr Pukienei said this three months old baby had recently came from Port Moresby and was living with the parents and relatives at Kubu on Buka Island when he developed the symptoms of this viral infection.

He said after confirming the symptoms of measles on the baby, the health officials quickly isolated the patient to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mr Pukienei said at the same time they took blood sample and sent it to the Central Public Health laboratory in Port Moresby where it was later confirmed that the baby had measles, before adding that the patient had "imported" the virus into the region.

After getting the confirmed report, the health officials quickly went over to Kubu and conducted awareness there on the prevention of measles, as well as vaccinating all small children from Kubu and Hahela between the ages of six months to five years of age.


Source: PNG Attitude

Bougainville combatants want to put respect in weapons disposal


SIGNED in Arawa on 30 August 2001, the Bougainville Peace Agreement formally ended the 10-year Bougainville civil war. The Agreement includes three major pillars for Bougainville to uphold until referendum on independence is held at some point between 2015 and 2020.

The three pillars are autonomy, the referendum and weapons disposal, which specifically targets all combatants with the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) and the Bougainville Resistance Force (BRF).

Around mid-2003, the United Nations verified that the Bougainville weapons disposal program had reached Stage II (weapons locked in containers ready for destruction). But the weapons disposal process since has attained only a 50-50 success-failure rating.

This is not because Bougainvilleans want war or are hostile to each other. It is because many combatants are now viewing the third pillar as a sign of disrespect for the 20,000 Bougainvilleans who perished in or as a result of the conflict.

The combatants feel, too, that it disrespects the long history of struggle that Bougainville and its people have endured during the colonial era and the creation and maturation of PNG.

Those few former combatants who see the Third Pillar negatively believe that only the gun gave Bougainville the kind of respect it now has from Papua New Guinea and Bougainville Copper Limited.

“Our land would have being for the PNG government and people if we did not take weapons and chase them out,” Chris Bitunau, a 1988-97 BRA fighter told me from Panguna.

“So I do not and I will not destroy my stock of weapons since I value them as the means that halted the sedimentation from the Panguna mine and the colonisation by illegal PNG squatter settlers.

“We cannot throw away our Bougainville history; the future generations have to see and feel these guns, they have to know the owners of these guns in pictures and in stories.”

There is an increasing number of combatants who support Chris Bitunau’s hope of preserving weapons. To them, the United Nations and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) should change the Third Pillar and find a means of honourable disposal of all weapons on Bougainville.

“The UN and ABG should fund and built museums in each of north, central and south Bougainville,” Chris Bitunau told me, “and then get writers like you to collect our stories of the war.

“They should ask questions like why we joined the BRA or BRF, what we did and how did we get our weapons and so on, and preserve the stories with our guns and photos in these museums for people to come and see and know what happened.

“Under such a weapons disposal project, we as uneducated ex-combatants could financially benefit in the long run as could our children. Visitors can pay a little fee at the gate to visit the combatants’ museum and we will benefit.”

To Chris Bitunau such a weapons disposal approach for Bougainville would show high respect for combatants, their families, the deceased Bougainvilleans and the long history of struggle for Bougainville against colonial and PNG suppression.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville repatriates 20 people from Lae

The disaster office in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville has airlifted 20 people from Lae after they had become caught up in ethnic strife.

One Bougainvillean was killed earlier this month during a clash involving settlers.

The director of the Bougainville Disaster Office, Franklin Lacey, visited Lae last week and on Monday this week 20 men, women and children were flown out of the city and back to Bougainville.

New Dawn FM reports that the 20, who were mostly students, had to return home because their houses were destroyed and this had made life miserable for them in Lae.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Regional member for Bougainville, JOE LERA says that the Autonomous Bougainville Government has taken nine years since 205 and has not decided to build its own Parliament house.

Speaking at the NOVA United Church, MR LERA said that the ABG has to leave the building he built with funds from donations outside the ABG.

MR. LERA who was the University Director, when he built the building in 2004, told the people of NOVAH that the ABG continuous to deny the right of Bougainville students to education and the use of these facilities.

He said that he was working with the ABG to make sure that education institutions are established to train Bougainvilleans to become the workforce Bougainville desperately needs today.

MR. LERA said that he has already started the ITI school in Kokopau, Agriculture School at Aero in Wakunai, Mananau OISCA Project, The Bougainville Poly-technical school at HAHELA, MANETAI Soccer academy and the Bougainville Nursing School in Haku.

He said that plans are already been made to establish specialized schools in Kunua and other Districts.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG Minister for Community Development which covers, Women, Youth, Sports and Churches, MELCHIOR DARE says that the ABG through his division is embarking on working with the churches to address social issues affecting Bougainville today.

MR. DARE said that this Government and Church Partnership started with the allocation of ONE MILLION KINA to support the work of Churches throughout the region.

He said that the churches have been providing Education and Health services in the past and it was only proper for the ABG to support and also utilize these proven channels to achieve results.

MR. DARE revealed this during the 28th anniversary celebrations for the NOVA UNITED CHURCH Building in Nova village last Saturday.

He said that Bougainville has established a Bougainville Churches Council in which the Bishop of the United Church, TIM AUTHER is the chairman.

MR. DARE said that the ABG will work with four different denominations under this Government/Church Partnership program.

These denominations are, CATHOLIC, SDA, UNITED CHURCH and God’s Kingdom Network which covers all other smaller and Pentecostal churches.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The former National Member for Central Bougainville and National Minister for Mining, SAM AKOITAI today blamed the National Government and the ABG for failing the people of Bougainville with awareness of the Bougainville Peace Process.

Speaking to New Dawn FM from Port Moresby, MR. AKOITAI said that he was concerned at the delay in carrying out awareness throughout Bougainville.

He said that the Awareness on the Bougainville Peace Agreement should have been done just after the signing of the Agreement and also by the first ABG House.

MR. AKOITAI said with the five year window to referendum coming up in less than twelve months he is worried that the people are totally in the dark on these issues.

He also said that he was more concerned at the ABG Elections coming up that may distract the leaders from addressing these very critical issues.

On the plan by the ABG Communication division to establish another radio station for Bougainville, MR. AKOITAI said that the government must work with the two existing radio stations to carry out these awareness programs instead of creating another money drainer again.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Disaster Office this afternoon completed its task to remove Bougainvilleans from the troubled Lae’s back road back to Bougainville.

The Disaster Office was tasked by the ABG to make sure those affected by the conflict returned home to Bougainville when troubles were first reported.

AND this afternoon an Airlines PNG Charter arrived with more than twenty men, women and children who are mostly students who were disturbed by this conflict.

They told New Dawn FM that they had to return home because their houses were destroyed and this made life miserable for them to continue living in Lae.

The Disaster Office will bring them to their respective village tomorrow.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Regional Member for Bougainville, JOE LERA is calling on the people of Bougainville to elect matured and well educated leaders for Bougainville this time around.

He made these remarks at the NOVA United Church 28th anniversary of their church building at NOVA village last Saturday.

MR. LERA said Bougainville desperately needs its educated elites to go into politics and support the development of the region.

He said that development has deteriorated over the years because the people have been voting for their family member, church ,member and friends and not educated enough to analyze issues affecting the region today.

MR. LERA said that since his election, he has already established tertiary education institutions that will trigger economic activities for Bougainville.

He said that for so long, no Bougainville leader has ever dreamt of establishing Technical and Universities in Bougainville to train people for employment into the communities.

MR. LERA said that the Bougainville students that have graduated up to Grade 12 are not trained for work and this has resulted in the stagnation in our communities.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Sohano SDA Church sponsored BETTER CHOICE AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE One week evangelization program started in Buka town last night.

Speaking at the Opening, ABG Parliament Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI said that Bougainville needs healthy people therefore making the right choice for food and other social programs can change Bougainville.

MR. MIRIKI said that Bougainvilleans need to make the better choice and have a healthy lifestyle.

He said that people who choose to follow what the Bible preaches can have longer life on earth.

The program last night looked at JESUS as the one person that can change one’s life.

Tonight the program will look at the SIGNS, Tuesday’s program will look at HOW TO LIVE FOREVER.

Wednesday will look at the question, ARE YOU PREPARING TO FACE THE JUDGEMENT?

Thursday will look at the SECOND COMING, Friday the program will look at EVIL IN THE CHAIN and

Finally on Saturday the program will look at KEEP THE BIBLE AS THE TRUTH IS IN THE BIBLE.

Other speakers at the opening were, The Minister for Commerce and Trade, WILFRED KOMBA, Elder of the SOHANO SDA Church, RONALD SAM and the Deputy Administrator, HERBERT KIMAI.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Bishop of the United Church on Bougainville, TIM AUTHER says that the style of Worship that has divided people in the past is not important in the eyes of God.

Speaking at the 28th anniversary for the United Church Nova building at the weekend, Bishop Auther said that the important this was the relationship between man and his creator.

He said that prayer was the main key to getting closer to God and having a worship centre like the Church building can help people get closer to God.

BISHOP AUTHER said that with the population growing the people need to build churches that can accommodate the population in the next 20 to 50 years.

He thanked the people of NOVA for keeping the church alive and urged them to continue to abide by the Christian principles that has taken the people of Nova this 28 years.

The celebration was attended by Church members from nearby PETATS and TUNG villages.




Source: Post-Courier

Dekenai to seal Buka roads

By Adriana Schmidt

RESIDENTS, public servants, business houses and commuters to town can now look forward to having access to sealed roads in the Buka town area.

This was made possible after the Bougainville administration handed over a cheque of K3 million on behalf of the Prime Minister to construction company Dekenai Construction at the administration conference room on Wednesday

The K3 million funding for the road sealing project is a commitment that was made by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when he visited Bougainville earlier this year.

Mr O’Neill while on his visit had pledged to fund the sealing of the roads in Buka town in an effort to improve the town’s image, and it will also be convenient for residents and business houses operating in town as well.

The K3 million road sealing funding is directly from the prime minister’s office and is not part of the special intervention funds (SIF).


Source: Post-Courier

Telco helps Bougainvilleans

One of Papua New Guinea’s biggest telecommunication companies Digicel PNG, has gone to the rescue of victims of the recent earthquakes and cyclone in Bougainville over the long Easter weekend.

When Christians around the world celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the cyclones and earthquakes mercilessly rocked and ravaged Bougainville, which is in the vicinity of the "earthquake and cyclone belt’ of the South Pacific region.

Digicel PNG yesterday presented relief supplies to Bougainville’s acting Chief Administrator Chris Siriosi and the director of Bougainville’s Disaster and Emergency Services Franklin Lacey.

The relief supplies were mostly the most-needed bales of rice, Flour and biscuits.

Mr  Lacey said the relief supplies will be distributed to the disaster victims in the Southern region of Bougainville in Buin and Torokina this week.

Digicel PNG’s Bougainville area manager Ian Viore Getsi, when handing over the relief supplies, said Digicel PNG was happy to assist the disaster victims in Bougainville.

Thousands of Bougainvilleans in Bougainville are subscribers to the Digicel’s voice and data services.

The Disaster and Emergency Services and Red Cross in Bougainville are uniting their resources to relief the disaster stricken Bougainvilleans.

Bougainville’s acting Chief Administrator Chris Siriosi expressed his utmost gratitude to Digicel PNG to have initiated this relief exercise.

Mr Siriosi elaborated that the Bougainville Administration and Government will work to bolster strong partnership with Digicel PNG all other telecommunications companies and   Media Organisations in Papua New Guinea to harness and implement such strategies during disasters.

A report compiled by the Deputy Chairperson of Bougainville Red Cross Aidah Kenneth, reported that the recent earthquake hit the Southern Region comprising four (4) districts namely Buin, Siwai, Bana and Torokina.

The region has a total land area of 3150km2 and a population of 77823. This is approximately 24.4 per cent of the population of Bougainville.

The Red Cross Report further explained that a recent earthquake hit the Autonomous Region of Bougainville on Friday 11th April 2014 at 5:00pm affecting over fifty (50) families mostly in South Bougainville.

The epicentre of earthquake was 75km south of Panguna.

Magnitudes of 7.1 on the Richter Scale caused two deaths; a four-year-old child in Piano, Buin District and an elderly woman in Pakia, Panguna District.

On Friday morning, smoke was seen spewing from the areas around the Dunno Lake in the Crown Prince Range between Buin, Siwai and Central region .

The tremor that has caused fear and confusion to the population at large destroyed family houses, landslips covering food gardens, cash crops, roads and bridges.

The Buin District office generator was also damaged leaving the office without electricity.

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville Disaster Response Team was deployed to carry out a two days Initial damage assessment in the affected areas in response to notifications received from Buin, Siwai and Bana District Executive Managers respectively.

The team left for Arawa on Sunday April 13, and returned on Tuesday  April 15.

They have also visited some parts of Panguna to identify and assess the extent of damages especially in the Paruparu area.

The visit was purposely to collect data and assess the extent of damages caused by the earthquake in the affected areas reported to the Disaster office.

An overview of the scale and damages done include; in Buin one  four-year-old child dead in Piano.

More than 50 houses were destroyed, water tanks burst in Turiboiru Primary School and  Buin Secondary School, the United Church  building has now been rendered unfit for church services and the building that houses the district generator set was ripped into pieces and badly damaged.


Source: Post-Courier

Bank in talks with airport landowners


THE Buka Airport will be part of a program funded by the Asian Development Bank to upgrade facilities including the terminal and fencing of the area around it.

This was discussed in a consultative meeting between the National Airport Corporation, Autonomous Bougainville Government officers and the landowners from Ieta villagers in the outskirts of Buka town.

The purpose of the meeting was to consult between the groups on the airport upgrade which includes fencing the area around the airport. The area that the airport is situated on is part of customary land owned by the people of Ieta.  NAC chief operations officer Sylvester Kenatsi said there will be potential benefits from this upgrade project both long term and short term and he encouraged the landowners to get their people ready for this project. He explained that the people must start to organise now in their skill sets like building, security firms, plumbing and others so these skills can be put to use at the duration of the project.  Mr Kenatsi said tourism has a big potential in Bougainville but that is part of the long term benefits that will come out from this project.

“Bougainvilleans must open their eyes to development and be ready to take them on,” he said.

Also present at the meeting was Acting Chief Secretary for Bougainville Chris Siriosi.

Mr Siriosi said the airport fencing was important for security reasons and stressed that the interests of the landowners must be considered in line with the ABG policy on equal participation. “Village communities in and around town must be involved in town development”, he said.  He advised landowners to liaise in partnership with potential business houses or companies if they want to fully participate in the airport fencing project.

The Ieta landowners made it clear in the consultative meeting that they want to participate in this airport upgrade project.

“We are not disputing the fencing of the airport, but we want to participate as resource owners on our land,” the chairman of the Incorporated Land Groups, Herman Tugan said.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Normalcy returns in Bougainville after big quakes

Life is returning to normal in Papua New Guinea's south Bougainville after a series of severe earthquakes, but an estimated 100 families have been made homeless.

The tremors over the past two weekends claimed two lives, destroyed a number of traditional houses, a church building and a school.

Slips also wrecked roads and spilt debris over food gardens.

The quakes triggered concerns about tsunamis, prompting officials to advise people to seek higher ground.

The province's disaster and emergency services manager, Franklin Lacey, says there has been no seismic activity in the past day or so and people are now home.

He says a team is preparing to travel to the worst hit towns - Torokina, Siwai and Buin, taking basic building materials and tarpaulins for the homeless families.

Mr Lacey says they also want to check out the emissions from the Biun volcano, Mt Loloru.

"We haven't had a closer look. We are trying to get over there and get somebody up on the mountain to tell us what's happening."

Franklin Lacey in Bougainville.


Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

Bougainville authorities warn people to heed disaster warnings

Emergency Services on Bougainville in Papua New Guinea say people need to be more responsible and move to higher ground when the government issues disaster warnings.

The caution comes as aftershocks from the two recent quakes continue to cause damage in soutthern and central Bougainville.

A landslide at Panguna over the weekend has claimed a second life and buried food gardens and homes in the area.

The Director of Emergency Services in central Bougainville Franklin Lacey says if the seismic activity persists they may have to consider moving communities to higher ground on a more permanent basis.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Franklin Lacey, Director of Emergency Services Central Bougainville




Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville public service ready to go


THE Autonomous Bougainville Government will be launching its own public service next month, says the head of the Bougainville Public Service, Chris Siriosi.

Mr Siriosi said during that day, he will be inviting all public servants to converge at an identified location to celebrate this milestone achievement for the Bougainville public service.

He said this date was chosen as it will be the time when the payroll records for the government officers will show that they are now members of the new Bougainville Public Service and no longer under the National Public Service of PNG.

“During this time, the President will be issuing certificates and welcoming the public servants of Bougainville. This will show that they are now new members of public servants for Bougainville,” said Mr Siriosi.

He said he will also be inviting the secretary for the Department of Personnel Management John Kali and Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu to come and “farewell officers who will now become members of the Bougainville public service and cease to operate as members of National Public Service”.

Mr Siriosi later said this change will not affect the entitlements of the officers, before adding that those officers who wish to remain with the National Public Service can do so by expressing their stand with the Ministry of Administrative Service.

Meanwhile, the Bougainville Executive Council has authorised President John Momis to publish the gazettal of the three recently-passed laws by the end of this month.

These laws were passed by ABG and include the Bougainville Public Service, Bougainville Public Finance and Administration and the Tenders and Contracts laws.

The gazettal of these laws will now give effect to the implementation of these laws in Bougainville.


Source: Post-Courier

Telek rocks Arawa

PAPUA New Guinea’s pioneer musician George Telek touched down in Arawa this week to perform at the famous 3 Rocks Tavern to the population of Bougainville.

He will also perform live at Buka’s Rendevous Club. His trip was made possible by the Arawa – Wisai Komuniti with great support from the management of 3 Rocks Tavern. Sir George will be backed by the ever popular Aung ee Punks Band of Arawa.

Telek came to Arawa and Buka to raise much needed funds for the St Peter & Paul, Kulula Catholic Parish projects in Wisai of South Bougainville. Telek’s main aim is to also promote peace and unity in Bougainville through music. He is pictured rehearsing with the Aung ee Punks Band at Section 17 in Arawa yesterday. He will perform live today and tomorrow and Rendevous on Saturday 26 May.

Gate fees will be K25 for adults. There will also be lots of food on sale. Words & picture: ROMULUS MASIU


Source: Post-Courier

Siriosi announces first ABG departments


THE head of the Bougainville Public Service has announced the creation of the first departments under the new public service structural change.

These departments have been created in accordance with the new Bougainville public service law that was recently passed by the Bougainville House of Representatives.

These newly-created departments include the departments of President and the Bougainville Executive Council, Administrative Services, Mining, Education and Health.

Mr Siriosi said the creation of these departments will basically be increasing the number of departments, however he said “one of the important considerations that we must bear in mind is the guidelines provided for by the constitution, that we want a cost-effective, lean, very small but efficient public service”.

“We must not use up all our meager resources, financial and other resources on just paying public servants,” Mr Siriosi said.

“As a result of these terms of reference provided for by the constitutional guidelines, and the guidelines set out in the public service law, we will be limiting the number of structures or the number of aspects or divisions in each of the departments initially until we grow and develop the autonomy arrangements.”

“As autonomy develops, then the need to increase size of departments will become more and more necessary.

“For the moment we start small and grow out of a small organisation. There is a lot of work that require to be done in relation to the development of the organization structure.”

He said a lot of issues associated with the establishment of the new public service have already been accomplished.

He said this include the terms of remunerations and organisational structures, before stating that “certain departmental structures will need to be reevaluated” to suit the increased responsibility and accountability to the ministers of each department.


Source: Post-Courier

CEOs directed to report to ministers


Chief executive officers of the Bougainville Administration will now be reporting to their respective ministers in the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

This directive was issued by the reappointed acting chief secretary for Bougainville, Chris Siriosi during his weekly administration program last week.

Mr Siriosi said these senior officers will no longer be reporting to the head of the Bougainville Public Service, a practice which was common in the past years.

“The CEO will be accountable to your minister, and the minister is accountable for implementing the portfolio responsibilities. These are lines of accountability,” said Mr Siriosi.

“After Easter I want all CEOs to report directly to their ministers. I will not accept CEOs coming to my office and discussing matters related to your responsibilities. You have your ministers, you report directly to your ministers.

“Any CEOs who come to me with policy issue relating to health or primary industry or to trade and industry, I will simply tell you to go and discuss this issue with the relevant minister,” Mr Siriosi said.

He said he will make sure that the officers adhere to this new structural change.

He appealed to the ministers to give proper directives to their CEOs who will shortly be known as department secretaries.

“I am appealing to the ministers to give proper policy directives to officials. Certain things have not happened in the past because we have not had these clear lines of accountability.

“Now this law clarifies that CEO of whatever department, you are accountable to your minister. If you fail to do your responsibility, the minister has every right to raise this concern to me as the head of the public service in Bougainville to take disciplinary action or even to take action to terminate appointments.

“I appeal to all CEOs to work with their ministers, to facilitate their ministers through office space, through resources that the minister requires to work effectively with the head of department, to provide adequate advice on funding levels so that next year when we frame the budget we create a departmentalized budget,” Mr Siriosi said.

“The departmentalised budget must take into account the interest of each minister of the department and also operational activities of this department.”

Meanwhile, Mr Siriosi said he will be meeting with the President and cabinet to go through the list of all current CEOs and acting CEOs to confirm their acting appointments to the new departmentalised structures of ABG.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Writs for the TAONITA/TINPUTZ Constituency By-Election was issued this afternoon by the ABG Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI at the ABG Parliament House this afternoon.

This was after the ABG Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU’s report was presented to the Speaker on the preparation work for the By-election was accepted by the Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI this afternoon.

Speaker Andrew Miriki said that he was satisfied with the preparatory work done so far by the Electoral Commissioner and his team.

He said that he was happy that the people of Taonita/Tinputz will now have a representative in the ABG House for the remaining months before the ABG General Elections in 2015.

MR. MIRIKI also called on the people of Taonita/Tinputz to cooperate well with the Election officials to make sure the conduct of the by-election is free, fair and Just.

The issue of writs also means that nomination is open for the next three days and will close on Thursday 24th of April, 2014.

Polling will commence on May 19th, 2014 and will close on May 23rd, 2014.

The writs will be returned to the ABG Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI on May 26th, 2014.

This seat became vacant when the former member and Minister for Works, the Late CAROLUS KETSIMUR died at the end of last year.

The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner said that the by-election and the up-coming ABG General elections will be conducted under the ABG Electoral law which was amended to make certain changes like the three-days nominations period and daily end of polling closing at four pm instead of the former time of Six PM.

MR. MANU also said that all the election process of Order of draw and counting will be conducted out of the Tinputz district Office.

He said that the nomination fee remains at FIVE HUNDRED KINA per candidate.

ABG Clerk signs the writs this afternoon


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG member for Torokina, STEVEN SUAKO says that the Operation Render Safe in Torokina will definitely help Bougainville now and in the future.

Member SUAKO who was suspicious of the Hydrographical survey being conducted in the waters of Bougainville ahead of the Operation in October said that he was happy and wants the operation to continue.

MR. SUAKO made this turnaround after meeting the Commanding Officer of HMAS BENALLA, LCDR Mick Rigby, and members of his crew yesterday in Torokina.

He said that the hydrographical survey will provide new maps for our waters so that the Ships will use during the operation and this map will be made available to the National Maritime Department and ABG for other ships to use in future.

On the Operation render safe, MR. SUAKO said that his people have been working on top of live ammunitions and the operation will definitely help the people of Torokina and Bougainville as a whole.

MR. SUAKO says that his people will help the soldiers during the second scoping exercise on land to identify and prioritize areas of operation as the World war 2 remnants are too large to be removed in six weeks.

Pictured is LCDR Mick Rigby (centre), and ABG Member for Torokina, Steven Suako (Right) and Steven Nibo, Chairman of the Banoni Baboi Council of Elders (left)



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Commemorating 99th ANZAC Day in Papua New Guinea

Australians and Papua New Guineans will gather at war memorials around Papua New Guinea tomorrow to commemorate Anzac Day.

Each year on 25 April, Australians gather to remember the servicemen and women who have served their nation in times of war, in conflicts or peacekeeping operations.

The Returned and Services League of Australia (Port Moresby Sub Branch) will hold a dawn service at Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby on Friday starting at 4.30am and welcomes everyone to join in the ceremony.

Services will also be held in Alotau, Kokopo, Rabaul, Isurava, Lae, Kimbe, Wewak, Kavieng, Bulolo and Manus.

“On 25 April 1915, 99 years ago, thousands of Australians landed on the shores of Gallipoli beginning a hard-fought campaign that lasted eight months,” Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Ms Deborah Stokes, said.

“Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which we remember all service men and women who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. The spirit of Anzac, with its human qualities of courage, mate ship, and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance today.”

Ms Stokes said Anzac day is an important symbol of the close and enduring links that bind Australia and Papua New Guinea.

“Australia will never forget the service and sacrifice of the brave Papua New Guineans. In these bloody and arduous campaigns, together we faced the same enemy and endured the same hardships. Many Australians owed their lives to the selfless courage of Papua New Guineans on the Kokoda Track, in Milne Bay, Buna, Gona and Bougainville, to name only a few places that have now become part of the history Australia shares with Papua New Guinea,” Ms Stokes said.

This year will mark 100 years from the beginning of Australia’s involvement in World War One. Australia will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the departure of the first convoy of ships that carried the Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Expeditionary Force to the First World War. The convoy departed from Albany in Western Australia on the morning of 1 November 1914.

In Papua New Guinea this September, Australia will commemorate one of its first actions of the war. On 11 September 1914, an Australian force seized the German wireless station at Bitapaka near Rabaul. In the following months Australian vessels and troops were dispatched to conduct operations on the New Guinea mainland, New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, the Western Islands and Bougainville.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Alex Munme

A COMMITTEE is set to control the sales and consumption of homrew and drug in Kokopau town, Selau Constituency.

The committee was formed to help Police maintain peace as law and order got out of control and a man’s arm was almost chopped off during a homebrew related brawl early this month.

Buin Community Chief Elder at Kokopau, John Munei said there are many ways to earn a living including selling of food crops and not homebrew.

He strongly discouraged the sale of homrew and its consumption as their role now is to prevent the sale of homebrew, maintain peace as well as promote cleanliness in Kokopau town.

Chief Munei appealed to the ABG and Kokopau Business Houses to support their initiative to look after the town.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Management and Staff of NEW DAWN FM, Community Radio would like to pass our sincere condolences to the family of the late THOMAS RABAN FOR THE UNTIMELY PASSING of their Father, Uncle and relative.

The late THOMAS RABAN has been one of our faithful follower and contributor to our New and Current Affairs programs since the establishment of New Dawn FM in 2008.

The late THOMAS RABAN has been very vocal on the delivery of government services and the rule of Law throughout Bougainville and was not afraid of anybody to give out his views on issues affecting Bougainville today.

We are very sad on the passing of THOMAS RABAN and would like to assure the family that we are with you in this time of mourning.

May his soul rest in Eternal Peace. PEACE CHAMPION THOMAS RABAN.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Alex Munme

EASTER Holiday in North Bougainville has been described as peaceful and good compared to the previous years.

Bougainville Police Service Northern Commander Spencer Aili reported this today in Buka.

While thanking the general public for assisting the Police for maintaining peace he said in general Easter was peaceful however only 20 complaints were reported.

He said 12 arrests were made on the 20 complaints and eight still pending.

Homebrew and drug related complaints were the highest with four while two complaints for stealing and one for threatening.

Meanwhile a technical staff of Radio Bougainville has been arrested and is behind bars for stealing by false pretence.

He is Wilfred Tonang from Pororan Island.

Mr. Tonang was responsible for all IT and Computer repair work with NBC and used a sum of K20,550.00 for personal use.

He will appear at the Buka District Court for mention tomorrow.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Four candidates have nominated for the TAONITA TINPUTZ BY- ELECTION as of start of Nominations yesterday afternoon.

Immediately after the nominations opened, DYSON KAETAVARA nominated to the Assistant Returning Officer for the By-Election PETER KUTEADEO at the Tinputz District Office.

The other three candidates who nominated today were LAWRENCE WONE,DAVID BRAUN VATAVI and ROBERT SINGKO KEKEVIO.

Candidate DAVID BRAUN VATAVI told New Dawn FM in Tinputz this morning that he was standing to unite the people of Tinputz who have be fragmented for so long due to leadership differences.

MR. BRAUN said that since the establishment of the ABG in 2005, TINPUTZ leaders continued to work in isolation from the Village Assemblies, the COES, and this has resulted in the district falling backward in terms of development.

He said that if he wins this round, he would want to strengthen these different levels of governments to make sure Tinputz unites for the overall good of Tinputz and Bougainville as a whole.

PETER KUTEADEO said that he is expecting six more candidates by close of nominations tomorrow.

Pictured is ARO Peter KUTZ counting Nomination fees paid by Candidate Robert Singko Kekevio in Tinputz yesterday.

Picture by Aloysius Laukai




Source: The National

USG reveals tsunami warning after quake

A MAGNITUDE 7.5 earthquake struck off Bougainville last weekend, prompting a tsunami warning to be briefly issued for the country and neighbouring Solomon Islands, according to the US Geological Survey (USG).

It said the earthquake struck 68km south-west of Panguna on Bougainville.

The USGS, revising down the magnitude from an initial 7.8, said the quake hit at a depth of 10km. 

There were no immediate reports of damage.

A tsunami warning was issued for PNG and the Solomon Islands by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, but it later cancelled the alert.

The Pacific Warning Centre said there was no threat to neighbouring Australia or other countries across the Pacific Ocean.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck off Bougainville earlier on Saturday but there were no reports of damage.

At least six strong tremors have hit near Bougainville in the 

past week including a powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake on April 14 that triggered a local tsunami alert.

Those jolts were felt locally but there were no reports of significant damage from Bougainville.

“Certainly it has been very active, more active than usual,” Jonathan Bathgate, a seismologist at Geoscience Australia, said.

“[The spate of earthquakes] is relieving some pressure on this fault line, but we can’t rule out another large earthquake.”

Bathgate said the latest quake would have been felt strongly 

on Bougainville and nearby islands, but given its position on the so-called Ring of Fire in the 

Pacific, where earthquakes are frequent, extensive damage was unlikely.

In 1998, a magnitude-7 earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit villages near Aitape on PNG’s north coast, killing more than 2,000 people.


Source: The National

Locals in fear of quakes

SOME people in South Bougainville celebrated Easter outside their homes because they feared there could be more earth tremors, police say.

Buin police station commander Snr Sgt Joe Popui said while the long weekend was generally peaceful, some people were taking precautions.

“The only panic was from the earth tremors and earthquakes which caused a couple of houses to collapse,” he said.

“Most of the people are living outside their homes for fear of their houses collapsing.”

At least three earthquakes struck the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in the past two weeks killing at least two people.

Popui said Easter was quiet because most people went to church. 

“Most people took part in the Easter celebrations and church services and had no time to cause trouble,” he said.

Popui said the only incident was the robbery of a vehicle by known suspects at Ibirai village in Buin. He said arrest them soon.

“Despite that incident, Easter was celebrated peacefully and without trouble,” he said.




Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

Bougainville authorities clarify situation after series of quakes

Poor communications and bad weather is affecting efforts to assist villages hit by flooding, landslides and tsunamis in Bougainville.

The Autonomous region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea has been hit by heavy rain and flooding for nearly three weeks, and last week two small earthquakes triggered landslides and what's been described as a mini tsunami.

But poor communications combined with the Easter break means it's only now that emergency officials are getting an idea of the damage caused.

The Director of Emergency Services in Bougainville Franklin Lacey says homes have been lost.

Two people have been killed, a child and an elderly woman, with officials expecting more reports of damage, in the coming days.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Franklin Lacey Director of Emergency Services in Bougainville




Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

New research looks at future challenges to stability in Bougainville

New research has been comparing the record of post-conflict stability in East Timor and on Papua New Guinea's island of Bougainville and trying to find out if the widely held view that the more inclusive a political settlement is, the more like it is to lead to peace, holds true.

The two territories are have a lot of similarities.

Both are single islands sitting on the edge of an archipelago, with a similar culture, land area and dependence on subsistence agriculture.

Since East Timor achieved its independence from Indonesia it has faced serious internal unrest but Bougainville, since its peace-deal in 2001, has mostly succeeded in avoiding violence.

Presenter: Jemima Garrett

Sue Ingram , Australian National University





Source: Post-Courier

Siriosi is acting chief secretary


THE Bougainville Executive Council reappointed Chris Siriosi as the acting chief secretary and head of the Bougainville Public Service during its meeting last Thursday.

Mr Siriosi’s position was previously the acting chief administrator however cabinet decided to adopt this new positional title to be in line with the new Bougainville Public Service organisational structure.

While commending the BEC on his appointment, Mr Siriosi said he was very pleased as the appointment was done on merit.

“I welcome this acting appointment.

“I was particularly pleased that there is this notion of merits based principle of having people appointed to the public service on merit and not on appointment on other reasons,” Mr Siriosi said. “It is now law that the BEC has extended my appointment as the acting chief secretary to make sure that the follow-up work streams in relation to implementing the public service law is achieved,” said Mr Siriosi.

He said a permanent substantive appointment to the post will be made after the position is advertised and a successful applicant considered and appointed by the Bougainville senior appointments committee.

Meanwhile, one of the immediate responsibilities of the acting chief secretary is to meet with the Bougainville Executive Council and discuss issues relating to the departmentalisation of the divisions under the Bougainville administration, especially in relation to the appointment of the heads of departments.

“… at the moment we have heads of divisions and when we move to departmentalised phase we will need to consider suitable people to take up positions as heads of departments on an acting basis.

“So there is work to consider suitability of acting appointments to these positions.

“At some point of time during 2014, after the 15th of May and before the proposals on the organisation structures are tabled before the BEC it will be my responsibility and obligation to sit with the President and cabinet to go through the lists of acting CEOs and CEOs and confirm as acting appointments to departments when the organisation structure depicting the departmentalised structure is tabled before the BEC,” Mr Siriosi said.


Source: Post-Courier

Public servants warned on attendance

By Adriana Schmidt

NUMEROUS calls have been issued by Bougainvilleans for the acting head of the Bougainville administration to take disciplinary measures on government officers that fail to go to work.

Many have been saying that the government should not be entertaining such officers as they are not fulfilling a duty that they are expected to provide.

Yesterday again saw one frustrated Bougainvillean fronting up at the Post-Courier office expressing his complaints on the lack of public servants’ presence in the Bougainville administration offices.

Henry Malaya said he was very frustrated when he went around the divisions, particularly the Health Division only to find that there were no officers available. “If public servants cannot stay in their offices then they should just resign,” he said.

Mr Malaya  also called on the acting chief secretary Chris Siriosi to do regular checks on public servants on whether or not they are  doing their required jobs.

Meanwhile, Mr Siriosi has already issued numerous appeals to public servants to effectively perform their required duties.

He has also warned the government officers that under the new Bougainville Public Service law, the authority to hire and fire officers is now with the ABG, therefore officers should seriously consider performing their duties to avoid termination from office.


Source: Post-Courier

Siriosi calls for officers to report on earthquakes


THE acting chief secretary for Bougainville, Chris Siriosi is calling on government officers in the districts that experienced destruction caused by the massive earthquakes that struck Bougainville over the past days and weeks to quickly make assessments and compile reports on the amount of damages caused.

Mr Siriosi said these reports are urgently needed so that the Autonomous Bougainville Government can analyse and come up with the necessary assistance to provide to those affected.

“I want as much as possible for government officers to quickly make assessments so we can make determinations on whether or not the destruction that happened need disaster response or other forms of response from the ABG and its administrative machinery,” said Mr Siriosi.

He  specifically tasked the executive managers in the affected districts to “quickly carryout your investigations and forward to the relevant departments or relevant divisions with the relevant ministers, especially department of the President-under my leadership as the head of the administrative machinery…”

“I want to see all these reports so we can make relevant response to those affected by these very serious tremors that occurred last week. Mr Siriosi added that he was very concerned at the slackness of those responsible government officers in compiling reports so that relief supplies can be dispatched to the affected areas.

Meanwhile, Mr Siriosi has acknowledged and commended leading telecommunication provider, Digicel for responding to the situation in South Bougainville through the supply of K5 credits to all mobile phone users in that part of the region.

Digicel is also organising with the Red Cross Branch in Bougainville to provide relief supplies to those affected.

Mr Siriosi said he will be personally meeting with the executives of the company to thank them for the company’s generosity towards assisting the affected Bougainvilleans.


Source: Post-Courier

Render Safe operations to commence this week in Buka


THE two Australian navy ships involved in the Operation Render Safe program will be returning to Bougainville to re-commence their survey works this week.

The vessels, HMAS Benalla and HMAS Shepparton will continue surveying offshore areas that include around Buka Island and the approach to the Buka passage on the east side of Bougainville Island to Cape Laverdy.

HMAS Benalla

was expected to arrive yesterday at Torokina and will anchor at the Torokina Harbour to conduct a beach survey there starting today.

The ship intends to survey the beach at Torokina to determine its capacity to handle landing crafts that will be used during the Operation Render Safe to transport personnel and supplies from ships to the shore for explosive ordnance disposal work.

The survey operations will involve the placement of tidal gauges and equipment temporarily in the ocean and on beaches to determine water depths, as part of developing charts to assist safe navigation for vessels.

This exercise will require diving and securing the gauges to the sea floor. All this equipment will be retrieved later. HMAS Shepparton will finish the survey work and recovery of these tidal gauges.

Both ships are expected depart Bougainville on the 26th of this month.


Source: Bougainville24

Plans begin for Blaqueville Nite

By Ishmael Palipal


As another academic year gets underway at Divine Word University (DWU), the Bougainville Students Association (BSA) has announced that planning is well underway for its landmark event, Blaqueville Nite.

Pre-purchased tickets are already available for K5 and the public is invited to come, support and watch this unique night.

The evening of culture and fun held at DWU, where students from all over Bougainville showcase traditional dances, songs, dramas and jokes.

Its purpose is to raise funds for Bougainville Youth Foundation, the end of the year awareness program and other events such as the Bougainville Day celebration.

The tickets are already printed and are on pre-sale for K5 each (K6 on the night) and are available at the DWU, Madang, Papua New Guinea. Tickets are limited to 550 tickets according to the available seats at the SVD Memorial Auditorium, where Blaqueville Nite will be held.


There are many different items to be performed by the Bougainville students and outline some important things about their regions.

This includes the DWU Bougainville Students’ Bamboo Band, which has been practicing hard since the return of students to Madang.

The Bamboo Band has earned itself a good reputation in Madang and is fresh from paid gigs, including one at the Madang Resort Hotel.

“We are trying to contact the House of Representative in Buka to try and invite President Dr. John Momis if he can make his time available to give a brief on the progress of the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG),” said Marlene Giris, BSA counsellor and Blaqueville Nite Assistant Chairlady.

“Because this year is the year that they (ABG) will make some important decisions that will determine the referendum of the region in the near future. Thus as the future leaders of the region we would like to know about it,”

The Blaqueville Nite committee are working to have the President as a guest at the event, but it is not yet confirmed whether he will attend.

The 2014 Blaqueville Nite will be the 9th annual edition after the inaugural event was first held in 2005.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainvilleans urged to stay on higher ground

Disaster officials in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville are calling on people in coastal areas to stay on higher ground as the threat from earthquakes continues.

People on the coast in the south of the main island sought higher ground on Saturday after the latest of a series of major tremors.

Don Wiseman reports.

"Saturday's quake did result in flooding in several villages. The provincial disaster co-ordinator, Franklin Lacey, says the geophysics advice they have received from Port Moresby is that more tremors are likely this week and people need to be away from the coast. He says a few houses, a church building and a school were toppled by the quake which measured 7.5 and was centred in the south. Mr Lacey says they are still waiting for full reports of the impact of the latest quake - the 4th in a little over a week - but there have been a number of slips which have blocked roads and swamped food gardens. There is one report of a woman being injured. And Mr Lacey says people in South Bougainville have also reported that Mr Loloru, a 1800 metre high volcano has begun to emit steam or smoke. He says they are not concerned at this point but are sending staff to check it out. Loloru is last believed to have erupted 3 thousand years ago."


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Writs for the TAONITA/TINPUTZ Constituency By-Election was issued this afternoon by the ABG Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI at the ABG Parliament House this afternoon.

This was after the ABG Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU’s report was presented to the Speaker on the preparation work for the By-election was accepted by the Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI this afternoon.

Speaker Andrew Miriki said that he was satisfied with the preparatory work done so far by the Electoral Commissioner and his team.

He said that he was happy that the people of Taonita/Tinputz will now have a representative in the ABG House for the remaining months before the ABG General Elections in 2015.

MR. MIRIKI also called on the people of Taonita/Tinputz to cooperate well with the Election officials to make sure the conduct of the by-election is free, fair and Just.

The issue of writs also means that nomination is open for the next three days and will close on Thursday 24th of April, 2014.

Polling will commence on May 19th, 2014 and will close on May 23rd, 2014.

The writs will be returned to the ABG Speaker, ANDREW MIRIKI on May 26th, 2014.

This seat became vacant when the former member and Minister for Works, the Late CAROLUS KETSIMUR died at the end of last year.

The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner said that the by-election and the up-coming ABG General elections will be conducted under the ABG Electoral law which was amended to make certain changes like the three-days nominations period and daily end of polling closing at four pm instead of the former time of Six PM.

MR. MANU also said that all the election process of Order of draw and counting will be conducted out of the Tinputz district Office.

He said that the nomination fee remains at FIVE HUNDRED KINA per candidate.

ABG Clerk signs the writs this afternoon

Pictures from the Issue of Writs this afternoon.

Pictured is ABG Speaker with Clerk Edwin Kenehata( left) and seated (right is the ABG Electoral Commissioner GEORGE MANU


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The former BRA General and a member of the Bougainville Veterans Association, ISHMAEL TOROAMA is calling on the ABG to fast-track the work of Radio coverage by New Dawn FM into Central AND South Bougainville as soon as possible.

He made these remarks during one of his awareness programs at IOKOMORI village in Tinputz yesterday.

MR. TOROAMA said that they were more interested in getting local information from a local radio than relay broadcasts from Port Moresby.

MR. TOROAMA said that they were very satisfied with how New Dawn FM is also using social media in disseminating information as it happens and this is second to none network that Bougainville leaders need to support.

He said that it was good to support an independent media whilst supporting the Government radio which is prone to manipulation by politicians.

He also questioned why the support made to New Dawn FM by the Bougainville Copper Foundation last year has taken over a year now to implement.


Picture of Another Veteran JAMES ONATO talking at Iokomori yesterday



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The former BRA General, ISHMAEL TOROAMA yesterday applauded the work of the Australia Defence Force to remove un-exploded ordinance from Torokina in October this year.

Speaking to New Dawn FM in Tinputz yesterday, where MR. TOROAMA was carrying out awareness on the Peace agreement and Referendum at IOKOMORI village, MR. TOROAMA said that his former combatants were supporting the program and want it done within the specified timing.

He said that the program will help the people of Torokina who over the years could not do gardening due to the existence of un-exploded ordinances in the soil.

MR. TOROAMA however wanted the Torokina landowners to corporate with the team and identify areas that they need to clear so that they can fully utilize their after the program has been completed.

On the question of what specified tasks the Soldiers would undertake during the operation, MR. TOROAMA said that the team was invited by the Vice President, PATRICK NISIRA and only him knows what other areas they want them to also cover.

He also called on the ABG to inform the people to stop all the suspicions they may have on this operation.

MR. TOROAMA said that many people especially the Mekamui led group are still in the dark and are questioning the program.

Meanwhile, in a interview made with New Dawn FM two weeks ago, REBECCA WORNER Community Engagement Specialists working with the Operation Render Safe 2014, said that there will be no extension after the program time lapses.

And it was up to the ABG to request them again to come back at a different time.

She also said that the World War two remnants in Torokina was too huge and they will not be able to complete but work with the Torokina leaders to prioritize areas of operation.

And despite the tidal waves that hit Torokina at the weekend, the ship’s are expected to have arrived in Torokina this afternoon.

Pictured is ISHMAEL TOROAMA speaking at the Awareness at Iokomori village yesterday. Picture by Lawrence Banae


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Approval of the Bougainville Public Service Law which will take effect on Bougainville on May 15th, 2014 has upgraded five Autonomous Bougainville Government Divisions to become Departments of Bougainville.

This was announced by the Bougainville’s first Acting Chief Secretary, CHRIS SIRIOSI on his Bougainville Administration update program on New Dawn FM last week.

These Departments are, the Depart of President and the Bougainville Executive Council, The Department of Administrative Services, the Department of Mining, Department of Education and the Department of Health.

MR. SIRIOSI said that the law has established these departments and the Organisation Restructure Development Team is already working on increasing the structures to accommodate these departments.

He said that these Departments will now be added to the Public Service Machinery for Bougainville.

The Chief Secretary also stated that the Bougainville Constitution guidelines also says that Bougainville must have a public service which is small but effective to carry out its roles and functions.

The BEC has already approved the Gazettal of these laws and would be Gazetted by 30th of April,2014.

The Chief Secretary also said that the ABG Public Service will be launched on May 15th 2014 and this means changing the records of all public servants into the new ABG Public service.

All Public servants from the National Government will become ABG Public servants.

MR. SIRIOSI said that all records and entitlements of these public servants will be transferred to the ABG Public service.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Rebuilding underway near centre of Bougainville earthquakes

The town of Buin in the south of Papua New Guinea's Bougainville is requesting building materials and tools from the province;s government after strong earthquakes left homes destroyed.

The 7.5-magnitude quake on Saturday followed other large quakes the previous weekend.

The executive manager of Buin town, John Itanu, says a house collapsed on a woman, who survived but was taken to hospital.

A representative of the Bougainville government stationed in Bana, Sam Roroga, says people will have to help themselves as there is little the government can do to help due to funding issues, but Mr Itanu says his requests are pretty basic.

"We need nails, saws and hammers to try and rebuild the houses. So we are now putting the report together to send it to the government so that the government can look into it. Nails and hammers and saws, and some petrol, some petrol to cut the timber, using saws."

John Itanu.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Approval of the Bougainville Public Service Law which will take effect on Bougainville on May 15th, 2014 has upgraded five Autonomous Bougainville Government Divisions to become Departments of Bougainville.

This was announced by the Bougainville’s first Acting Chief Secretary, CHRIS SIRIOSI on his Bougainville Administration update program on New Dawn FM last week.

These Departments are, the Depart of President and the Bougainville Executive Council, The Department of Administrative Services, the Department of Mining, Department of Education and the Department of Health.

MR. SIRIOSI said that the law has established these departments and the Organisation Restructure Development Team is already working on increasing the structures to accommodate these departments.

He said that these Departments will now be added to the Public Service Machinery for Bougainville.

The Chief Secretary also stated that the Bougainville Constitution guidelines also says that Bougainville must have a public service which is small but effective to carry out its roles and functions.

The BEC has already approved the Gazettal of these laws and would be Gazetted by 30th of April,2014.

The Chief Secretary also said that the ABG Public Service will be launched on May 15th 2014 and this means changing the records of all public servants into the new ABG Public service.

All Public servants from the National Government will become ABG Public servants.

MR. SIRIOSI said that all records and entitlements of these public servants will be transferred to the ABG Public service.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville

Render Safe Update

By Aloysius Laukai

Australian Navy Ships BENALLA and SHEPPARTON should have returned to Bougainville at the weekend to re-commence their survey work on Sunday, 20 April. They intend to continue surveying offshore areas that include around Buka Island and the approach to the Buka passage on the east side of Bougainville Island to Cape Laverdy.

On Tuesday, 22 April, HMAS BENALLA will anchor in Torokina Harbour and it will conduct the beach survey on Wednesday, 23 April.

In the meantime, HMAS SHEPPARTON will finish the survey work and recovery of tidal gauges (this requires diving and securing the gauges to the sea floor).

Both ships plan to depart Bougainville on 26 April.

Meanwhile the beach survey at Torokina is planned for Wednesday 23 April. The ships intend to survey the beach at Torokina to determine its capacity to handle landing craft. Landing craft will be used during Operation Render Safe to transport personnel and supplies from ships to the shore for explosive ordnance disposal work.

Survey operations have included the placement of tidal gauges and equipment temporarily in the ocean and on beaches (this requires diving and securing the gauges to the sea floor) to determine water depths, as part of developing charts to assist safe navigation for vessels. All this equipment will be retrieved.

As part of deploying this equipment, which supports the survey operation, there has been some interaction between local population and the ships’ crew. The ships report that this has been very positive.

Weather remains an issue for the ships, given the cyclonic conditions, so the survey schedule is subject to change.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Catholic Bishop of Bougainville, BISHOP BENARD UNABALI has called on all Christians of Bougainville to sacrifice for the future as Jesus Christ sacrificed for our future.


Speaking on New Dawn FM, during his Easter message, BISHOP UNABALI said that the peace we enjoyed in the past was because of somebody’s sacrifices in the past.


He mentioned the early missionaries, who had to face sicknesses to evangelize Bougainville, the Heroes of World War 2 who defended our island from people who wanted to conquer the world,

And our forefathers who sacrificed for our education and so on and so forth.

BISHOP BENARD called on the Christians of Bougainville to sacrifice on our children’s future by making sure they are well educated to be responsible citizens of Bougainville.

He said that many parents were not helping in making sure their children were brought up in a good family environment.

BISHOP BENARD also wished the people of Bougainville God’s Blessings during this Easter season.



Source: Radio New Zealand International

Aftershocks in Bougainville after weekend quake raises landslip fears

A government administrator in the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville says there are still tremors after Saturday night's large earthquake, as damage reports keep coming in.

The quake registered 7.5, with an epicentre 75 kilometres to the southwest of Panguna, and followed similarly-sized quakes last weekend.

The Executive Manager of the Bana District Administration, Sam Roroga, says the most urgent need is to repair water pipes that service health centres and schools, and people are afraid of landslips in some areas.

"There are landslides there that are visible up in the mountains. You can see the signs of those landslides and lanslides along the ridges of the places there are villages there and the people themselves they are scared at the moment."

Sam Roroga says he is asking the Bougainville Government in Buka for help with water tanks and pipe repairs.


Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

ESBC: The PNG Mine Watch Warriors try harder to fight BCL's progress on the ground. Their target: Keeping Bougainville in the stone age!

Autonomous Bougainville Government must denounce threats against mine landowners

by Dansi Oearupeu

In 2013, ABG President John Momis assured Rio Tinto communities in the mine area supported the company’s return. Whether he believe this was actually true or not is anyone’s guess, but at least Momis was confident that the ABG, with help from the AusAID sales team, could win the communities over. The subsequent pitches have gone down like lead balloon, and the President is no closer to realising his vision, which may turn out to be a mirage.

Now a customary pincer-move is being used, or as they call it in the Hollywood films, good-cop, bad-cop. The good-cop is Lawrence Daveona and his utterly discredited and deeply unpopular landowners’ association. They are going around telling village people that BCL have agreed to pay bel kol – a traditional form of compensation. But they haven’t, not really. There is no admission of guilt on BCL’s part for the killing of thousands of innocent people. And the offer of K450,000 is an insult.

So the good cop routine is failing. Enter bad cop. ABG representatives are telling citizens that ‘the Panguna mine … [is] now owned by the people of Bougainville and not just the landowners as blood was spilled for this piece of land and these fighters must be compensated for the part they played to protect Panguna’.

In its haste to reopen the mine, the ABG is lighting a fire that may soon burn out of control. Threats are circulating, by a loud minority, that the people of Panguna must reopen the mine and pay compensation to the rest of Bougainville, or they will suffer the consequences.

But the ABG’s view, which this loud minority mimics, makes no sense. The war began, as they acknowledge, over the right of communities to protect their soil, and the birth right of future generations, from being vandalised by foreign corporations out to enrich their shareholders. It was also a war to liberate Bougainville from the casino mentality of Waigani, which sees bloated politicians place the nation’s natural resources on the roulette wheel so they can make a few million, while the foreigners take the rest; with barely a trickle making it through to the silent majority.

The ABG is now suggesting we honour the blood of those who fought for these two causes, by turning Bougainville into a casino, and vandalising the land and environment.

It would be laughable, were the ABG not playing such a dangerous game. If this blood-debt fiction starts to circulate, and communities outside the mine area feel they have been betrayed by the people of Panguna, things could get nasty, very quickly. The President needs to put a stop to this blood-debt talk by opposing it, loudly – otherwise, the loud minority will take his silence as approval.

He must tell his people, that if the landowners do not want the mine, this is a dignity and a right won through the spilling of blood, and it is one that the ABG will uphold as the custodian of the peace agreement and constitution. If it fails in this act, it is a government without legitimacy.




Source: Post-Courier

Easter quiet


Police in North Bougainville have reported a quite Easter weekend in the northern region of the island.

According to North Bougainville regional police commander Inspector Spencer Aili, there were no major crime reported by police in the districts under his command.

“We have not received any major complaints or reports of major crimes committed within the region,” Insp Aili said.

“There were only 15 minor cases being reported to police at the Buka police station.”

Insp Aili said these cases include possession of marijuana, homebrew consumption, threatening and assault. He said police were able to make seven arrests and are still following up on the eight remaining offences. He also announced that all liquor outlets, bars and taverns in Buka town and Kokopau in the northern tip of Bougainville also adhered to the liquor ban imposed by the Autonomous Bougainville Liquor Licensing Commission starting from last Thursday till today.

“We have not received any reports of any liquor outlets, bars or clubs selling alcohol during the duration of the liquor ban,” Insp Aili said.

“I want to commend the operators of these liquor outlets for adhering to this liquor ban.

“There were also no reports of people consuming factory made alcohols.” Insp Aili also commended the people for observing a peaceful Easter celebrations, before appealing to them to continue maintaining peaceful celebrations in any important events in future.

The Post-Courier was not able to get updates on Easter celebrations in other parts of Bougainville however it is understood that celebrations there were also observed peacefully without any major troubles.




Source: PNG Attitude

Seven months in Bougainville

by Mark ChambersMARK CHAMBERS | Wake Up in the Pacific Blogspot | Extracts

WE'VE been back in New Zealand ("civilisation" some people have said to me) for two weeks now. During my last few weeks in Bougainville I was thinking a lot about my stay there. Or in particular, my impact. What have I changed? What have I left behind?


I'll start with the conclusion: It’s really hard to find a balance between the very great things and the very harsh things I've experienced.


For starters, no one in Bougainville goes hungry. The bucket loads of rain and sun are a winner for photosynthesis and things grow just about everywhere.  Every family has land and as well as a house they keep gardens.  Many also have a share of a plantation, growing either cocoa or coconuts to sell overseas.

Gardens are full of banana, papaya, taro, sweet potato, different greens, nuts, tomatoes, corn etc.  And anything you can't grow you can probably swap with a neighbour.  Every person has their own bit of land through birth and sharing it a strong part of the culture.  So there are certainly no starving people.

Instead, there are a lot of malnourished people as there isn't much nutrition in a whole plate of starchy vegetables and unless you live on the coast, you don't have much access to fish.  Pigs are owned by many families but are a status symbol and saved for big feasts.

Most 'jobs' are centred around public services or agriculture and the majority of people are farmers - usually both subsistence and commercial. There is no strong desire to earn money.  When you can produce almost anything you 'need' from the land, there isn't a huge demand for earning a salary.  And in fact there isn't really that much to spend money on anyway.

The supply ship arrives every two weeks but you never know what is coming.  One week it might be eggs and the shelves will be full of them.  But there won’t be any flour and that shelf remains empty till the next time someone remembers to order flour.  Meat only comes in the frozen variety and isn't hugely appealing - lamb flaps or sheep's tongue for dinner?

Nevertheless, as with most places, it’s the people who make the country.  Bougainvilleans are wonderfully generous people.  Essah, Vik's colleague at the hospital was like a mother to us.  Each time I would go round to see Vik, Essah would appear and demand I sit down, rest and eat something.  One day she noted that we ate different foods from her so stuffed some money in our hands and told us to buy some lunch for ourselves rather than her supply too many cooked bananas.  When we left she gave us six locally-made baskets from the market to give as presents to our parents.

It seems you only need to meet someone once and you are friends forever.  And if I helped someone out with their computer, no matter how trivial, they would thank me every time I saw them and want to take us to their village.  Each time we went into the highlands to see Viks old friend Pedro we would leave with bags of fruit and veg that his family grows up in the cooler hills

But at times Bougainvilleans make you despair.  The concept of planning is almost alien.  Most tasks are carried out at the last possible second - from booking flights for business trips, to signing agreements between government departments or buying fuel for the backup generator.  If you suggest spending money now to prevent the need for spending more in the future it’s likely to be ignored.

This is all part of the renowned "island time" lifestyle that nothing is important enough that it can't be done "tomorrow".  Working in that environment can be frustrating and my only saving grace is that I have a ton of patience.  Locals wait for years for public offices to do their jobs, courts and the police included.  It’s not just slow by New Zealand standards, it’s ridiculous that someone should wait years for forms to be approved or offenders to be imprisoned. 

Information is also pretty hard to come by.  Accurate information that is.  Everyone likes to spread stories they've heard but actual facts are difficult to uncover.  In the workplace it's worse.  Public servants I met all worked in isolation from one another.  It seems to be a status thing, and maybe there's shame in needing to ask for help. 

 Different government divisions often work on the same project but without talking to each other or even acknowledging the other division.   Even within the same office, two people can be doing the same thing without even being aware of it.  My boss didn't know there was a job advert in the newspaper, advertising for his replacement. 

Finally, there is one big area of life that I won’t go into much detail about.  Violence and relationships.  I won’t write anything at all actually but there is a very dark side to family life in Bougainville and PNG as a whole. 

Worse still, there is little being done to accept the truth of the extent and prevalence of violence, and almost nothing to prevent it. 

Back in Wellington I've actually been quite overwhelmed by the things we want to do here, the things we can do here and going back to work.  I actually felt very stressed out last week and long for the simplicity of life in Bougainville. 




Source: Bougainville24

Easter performance for Hahela

Boys from around Bougainville play the parts of Roman soldiers in the Easter drama.


Hahela Parish, in the northern part of Bougainville Island, has celebrated Easter with a drama recreating  how Jesus was treated on Good Friday.

In the Catholic Church, Good Friday is the day that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the act that brought salvation to all who believe. It is the culmination of Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, and  takes place two days before Easter Sunday.

People from the community participated as actors in the performance, that was displayed in the evening on Good Friday.

The group included young boys from North, Central and South Bougainville volunteered to play the role of Roman soldiers in the drama, the highlight of Good Friday celebrations.

Easter celebrations in most parts of Bougainville are treated very much like Christmas and New Year celebrations. Though from observation it seems like Easter’s flavor, aroma, feelings and harmonious emotions are even more prevalent than at other events during the year.


Actors ready themselves for the Easter performance.


In Hahela and throughout Bougainville, people’s hearts, body, mind, soul and spirit have been touched much by the Easter fever.

For many people Easter represents a time to change ones attitude, a time to reconcile and reunite. It is a time to reflect and move on from past failures,  negative attitudes, fears and lack of self-confidence.

For this reason people on Bougainville find their own meaning from Easter.




Source: PNG Attitude 

Bougainville Manifesto 13: An economic road for Bougainville


BOUGAINVILLE needs protectionism for its politics, economy and cultures for the island and its people to gain the maximum benefit from their resources.

“My fighting on Bougainville [is] based on these factors: (1) that is, we are fighting for man and his culture, and (2) land and environment; and (3) independence,” stated the late Francis Ona, rebel leader during the Bougainville Crisis of 1988-2005 (Coconut Revolution, 1999, documentary film by Darren Bender & Mike Chamberlain).

Francis Ona believed that Bougainville and its people were staggering to their fate under PNG and BCL’s three burdens: great exploitation of the Panguna mine; forceful indoctrination through the PNG education system; and a foreseeable fate through genocide, where Bougainville identity and dignity would be nothing.

Ona had in mind that the only way to save the Bougainville people was through independence, where Bougainvilleans would at least have a say in the development of their island that was geographically, ethnically and culturally not related to Papua New Guinea.

Bougainville is the largest and most resource rich island in the Solomon archipelago but that resource had been stolen to develop PNG, profit shareholders of BCL and Rio Tinto, and benefit the many non-Bougainvillean business tycoons who had rushed to the island during the colonial era running coconut and cocoa plantation industries. Others benefited by getting contracts with BCL.

This massive exploitation of Bougainville wealth happened as the indigenous people sang the PNG national anthem and preached PNG perspectives of democracy that had no relevance in Bougainville and the rest of the Solomon archipelago.

It led to the civil war of 1988-97; its aftermath still felt in post-conflict Bougainville.

The Bougainville Constitution prepared itself to accommodate such resource matters in Section 44 (Land) and Section 47 (Fisheries). Here all of Bougainville’s resources are catered for to creating the best investment policies for mining, agriculture, fishing and so on making a positive economic leap practical.

The base of Bougainville’s economic drive should start from Section 22 (General Social and Economic Objectives) of the Constitution. With this in focus, Bougainville must be aware of Section 27 (Environment and Conservation), that is sustainability of development which is paramount in a small island state in the midst of the Pacific.

With these fundamental requirements activated, Bougainville must connect the above provisions to Section 23 (Land and Natural Resources), since the right path to built a nation from scratch involves using the resources it has available; not from exploitative foreign direct investment built upon a shattered domestic foundation.

In order to facilitate Section 24 (Development), private initiative and self-reliance must be encouraged. The right decision-makers in parliament are a vital resource to uphold Bougainville’s constitutional ambitions.

However, Bougainville had a leadership that fears the economic status quo; it fears being associated with a cash-strapped Bougainville and wants an economic miracle.

The first president, the late Joseph Kabui, attempted to sell 70% of Bougainville’s wealth to Canada-based businessman Lindsay Semple for K20 million. The next president, James Tanis, stood undecided in the centre of the economic continuum. The current incumbent, Dr John Momis, looks at China and BCL. But the people’s ‘tide of stubbornness’ has being sweeping his government everywhere.

In an island economy like Bougainville where the citizenry is not all literate, the focus for take-off should be the agricultural sector.

WW Rostow’s 1960 work, The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto, outlined the basic steps to building a nation’s economy to maturity from zero.

Rostow’s steps are: (1) traditional society, (2) preconditions for take-off, (3) take-off, (4) drive to maturity, and (5) age of high mass-consumption. Bypassing the steps fails a state unless the political masters are creative. Bougainville is problematic looking at Rostow’s guidance.

Rostow’s order of progress is centred on agriculture; and Bougainville has agriculture and fisheries that need restoration in accordance with the growing intellectual and technological capacity of the citizens. We also need to introduce new technologies related to downstream processing to move to Stage 2. There is no snailing down of progress now Bougainville is in the age of foreign donor funding.

But in utilising resources, Bougainville’s government and people must focus on the United Nation’s Agenda 21 that, according to Richard J Estes Towards Sustainable Development: From Theory to Praxis, seeks:

…the husbanding of the planet’s wasting resources. Along with the roster of problems familiar to environmentalists—the ozone layer, global warming, deforestation, desertification, soil erosion, biodiversity—Agenda 21 addresses action to be taken against poverty, infant mortality, malnutrition, epidemic disease, illiteracy and other affiliations that waste that other resource of the planet: its human population.

Bougainville is a tiny island and running along with Agenda 21 is a way to success for the government and its people.

Since its discovery in 1767 (sighted by British sailors) and 1768 (landed on by French sailors), Bougainville’s natural resources have being exploited by non-Bougainvilleans. In the drive for change, it is Bougainvilleans who must use these resources for their betterment.

The primary task for a responsible government is to create and implement economic and social laws that build for Bougainvilleans an environment conducive for business and economic advancement that reflects Section 24 of the Constitution.

Then plans can be framed for each region (North, Central and South) about which goods and services each will specialise in, depending on climate and topography, especially with agriculture, downstream processing and light manufacturing.

Harnessing agriculture, fisheries and tourism is what Bougainville should be investing in during this period of low fiscal and monetary power. And the focus must be on both wealth and social cohesion so as to avoid failures such as Nauru, where wealth was supreme over social cohesion.

Bougainville must ‘think big but start small’.

Here are a few ideas on income earning resources from Tim Ashton, an Australian who has had a long association with Bougainville.


Cocoa: Take over the marketing of your own beans as they have done in Vanuatu

Fresh coconuts to Australia: Currently they are imported from Thailand

Develop industry around laminated bamboo products


Fresh reef fish for the Australian market

Fresh frozen Yellowfin Tuna bring $5000+ in Tokyo properly killed and prepared

To do this you need ice machines so your fishermen can chill the catch and transfer it to strategically located freezers


Japan: Buin is where their wartime hero, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto died. Build a shrine

Torokina War relics

The Japanese are the most prolific birdwatchers in the world. Guided tours

Butterfly farms

Orchid nurseries

Adventure tourism (Bagana; Green island; Feid island, the most beautiful in the Pacific)

Build guest houses like the Arawa women’s centre. Feed them fresh reef fish. Be respectful and above all, do not be greedy and the money will flow

Bougainvilleans should look into growing banana, taro, fruit and other staple garden stuff and secure markets for this produce. We should look into fresh river farming for prawns and eels and other stock. We should look into animal husbandry for animals like chickens, ducks and pigs which require less land area for domestication.

Rice sucks much of the income out of Pacific countries. It can grow on the plains of south Bougainville alongside sugar cane. The Wakunai-Torokina area produces some of the best vegetables - peanuts, cabbage and potatoes - and needs investment. Coffee grows well across Bougainville.

With all this, we now need local Bougainvillean companies to take control of the export function. For a start, a state enterprise or joint ventures with ABG backing is vital together with the removal of foreign companies like Singapore’s Agmark Industries and Asian businesses that the myopic ABG loves so much. 

The Bougainville directive is: if cocoa grows in Bougainville, then Bougainville must produce chocolate powder; if coffee grows on Bougainville, then Bougainville must produce coffee powder; if a coconut palm sways on Bougainville, then Bougainville must produce oil cosmetics; if the sea girds Bougainville, then Bougainville must produce fish products; and if the Bougainville child is born on land, then that child owns the land and everything that grows on it belongs to him but he must care for it and trade it.




Source: ABC Radio Australia - Pacific Beat

Authorities still looking for damage reports from Bougainville

A small tsunami was generated after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit off the south west coast of Bougainville Papua New Guinea late on Saturday.

Assistant Director of the Geophysical Observatory in Port Moresby Chris McKee says saturdays event happened in a similar location to the 7.1 quake that occurred on the 11th April. But he says unlike last time they haven't been able to establish if there's been any more damage.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Assistant Director of the Geophysical Observatory in Port Moresby Chris McKee




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Latest quake damages houses and gardens in PNG's Bougainville

It will be tomorrow before a full picture is gained of the impact of the latest major earthquake to hit the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville.

Houses, food gardens and roading in southern part of the main island have been affected.

The province has suffered a series of potentially damaging quakes over the past ten days.

The latest on Saturday night registered 7.5, with an epicentre 75 kilometres to the southwest of Panguna.

There was a tsunami which impacted on some coastal towns.

The Red Cross's Aidah Kenneth says people in Torokina had fled into the hills but had returned by this morning.

She says there have been no reports of injuries or deaths from the latest quake.

The first tremor, ten days ago, claimed two lives.

The acting district executive manager in Siwai, Martin Tumuki, says Saturday night's tremor had a significant impact in his hilly region.

"Several food gardens have been flattened, and we have several houses that have been brought down to the ground. Along our road network there have been landslips."

Martin Tumuki.

New Dawn FM reports that houses and water tanks were destroyed by the tidal wave which hit Torokina.


Source: Post-Courier

Latest quake strikes Bougainville again

Bougainville was struck tonight (Saturday) by another large earthquake that was felt from the north to the south of the region.

This latest quake comes after last Friday's massive seismic event which destroyed more than 50 houses in South Bougainville and killed a girl, 4, who was caught under a collapsing house.

In Buka, North Bougainville the quake lasted for around eight seconds at 11.30pm tonight (Saturday).

According to the US Geological Survey tonight's earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richtor Scale and was situated 68km south west of Panguna in Central Bougainville. The location is very close to last Friday's devastating quake which measured a lesser 7.3 on the scale.

No damage has been reported in the north but the quake was felt more severely in the south, which bore the brunt of last Friday's event.

When contacted immediately after the latest earthquake, Buin businessman Michael Pakei told Post-Courier that the quake was definitely larger than the recent one and said "it's still shaky out here, afraid it might get worse".

It is likely, given the magnitude of tonight's quake that there will be damage on the ground, particularly in the Buin District.

Last Friday's quake occurred during the day when most people were outside. But, as people were sleeping during tonight's event it is feared there may be casualties.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Reports from Torokina says that Tidal wave triggered by the 7.5 Earthquake which was felt all over Bougainville and including East New Britain just after 11.30 pm last night.

Reports from Buin and other centres said that they felt the strong earth quake and ran off their houses.

But report from Torokina said that the people were moving in land due to the rising seawater in their area.

A Officer from the Torokina District office PAUL TAKILA told New Dawn FM by phone that the tidal wave went straight inland after the Earthquake.

New Dawn FM managed to talk to the ABG President, DR. JOHN MOMIS who is spending his Easter weekend in Buin and was concerned at the fate of the people of Torokina.

Some reports from Saposa island also stated that the sea had risen some meters tonight.

Will update as we get more information.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said a destructive widespread tsunami was not expected but said waves could be generated along coasts in the area from an earthquake of that magnitude




Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Erdbeben - Papua-Neuguinea: Seebeben der Stärke 7,5 vor Papua-Neuguinea - Tsunami-Warnung


Port Moresby (dpa) - Vor der Küste Papua-Neuguineas im Pazifik hat sich ein schweres Seebeben ereignet. Die US-Erdbebenwarte gab die Stärke mit 7,5 an. Für Papua-Neuguinea und die Salomonen gab das Pacific Tsunami Warning Center eine Tsunami-Warnung heraus. Laut US-Erdbebenwarte USGS lag das Zentrum des Bebens 75 Kilometer südwestlich der Stadt Panguna auf der Insel Bougainville. Über Schäden war zunächst nichts bekannt. In derselben Gegend hatte zwölf Stunden zuvor schon einmal die Erde gebebt.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Latest Quake centred just off PNG's Bougainville

More details have emerged about a strong earthquake which struck late this morning off Papua New Guinea's Bougainville Island.

Initial reports centred the quake in neighbouring Solomon Islands but the United States Geological Survey says its epicentre was about 62 kilometres to the southwest of Panguna, which is in the central part of the island.

There was no tsunami warning.

Last weekend Bougainville experienced two major quakes - the strongest - 7 point 6 - claimed two lives and wrecked several dozen houses around Buin in the island's south.

Other quakes in the region around Makira, to the southeast of the Solomons' capital Honiara, sparked tsunami alerts in both countries and in Vanuatu last Sunday.

There was also a strong earthquake last night in Temotu, the most eastern of the Solomons' provinces, and the site of a destructive tsunami in February last year.


Source: Radio New Zealand International

Another quake in Solomon Islands

Another earthquake has occurred in Solomon Islands but there was no tsunami warning was issued.

The magnitude 6.9 quake on Saturday was at a depth of 52km , near the border with Bougainville.

Two earthquakes last weekend claimed two lives in Bougainville and destroyed dozens of houses.

Solomon Islands, which is struggling to cope with the effects of flooding on Guadalcanal two weeks ago, has recorded a number of large earthquakes in recent days.

Mostly these were around Makira, to the southeast of Honiara, and in the eastern province of Temotu.




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS says that the people of Bougainville should start a new this Easter to work for Peace and Unity and development for Bougainville.

In his Easter message to the people of Bougainville, ABG President said that Bougainvilleans need to give more time and effort in the development of Bougainville and its future.

He said that the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday should give us the strength and excitement to do our part in shaping Bougainville into a democratically powerful and free nation, where its people can live in harmony with each other.

The ABG President said that Easter should be a reminder for all of us to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our sins.

AND this must be seen as a new beginning for Bougainville.

He said the resurrection of Jesus has brought us the hope for a bright future for Bougainville.

The ABG President wished the people of Bougainville and their families a joyous and trouble free Easter.



Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville



By Aloysius Laukai

More than Two Thousand Catholic People from the Sacred Heart  of Mary Parish Buka town, with fellow parishioners from Sohano and Kokopau combined to carry the cross through the 14 Stations in Buka town this morning to mark the 2014 Good Friday.

They started from the Town Parish area and to Station one, up to station 14 which was at the Parish.

The sun was very hot but the believers braved the Buka heat to complete the stations before completing the walk at the Church.

This is the first time, for the Buka town Parish to carry the cross as a Parish of its own since the Bishop of Bougainville, BISHOP BENARD UNABALI declared Buka town as a Parish last year 2013.

Prior to that Buka town, Sohano  used to be part of Hahela Parish whilst Kokopau was part of the Hantoa Parish.

The service for Good Friday was held at THREE PM this afternoon.










Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Chief Secretary, CHRIS SIRIOSI is concerned at the slow reporting of the Earthquake that damaged properties in Buin South Bougainville last week.

Speaking on New Dawn FM to wish Bougainville, Season greetings, MR. SIRIOSI called on the administrator for Buin and other areas in South Bougainville to speed up their report so that the government can respond to the need of the people affected by the earthquake.

He said that he was not happy report was coming very late and this is creating suffering for the people who may need government assistance at this stage.

MR. SIRIOSI also thanked the mobile company, DIGICEL for assisting the people of South Bougainville with relief supplies when the government is still to respond.

He said that digicel was able to credit K5 to all mobile phones in South Bougainville so that they can communicate and report their situation.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Executive Council yesterday approved the three laws approved by the ABG Parliament and would be gazetted for immediate implementation after the 30th of April, 2014.

This was revealed by the Chief Administrator, NOW CHIEF SECRETARY under the new Public Service law for Bougainville, CHRIS SIRIOSI.

He said that submission was presented to the Bougainville Executive Council by the ABG Minister for Public Service, who will be called the Minister for Administrative Services under the new laws.

MR. SIRIOSI said that this has now directed him to appoint a committee that would prepare the structure for the Bougainville Public Service.

He said that this has now connects the individual ministers to be responsible for their Departments and the Secretaries will have to report and work with their Ministers and not the Administrator as in the past.

MR. SIRIOSI said that this new structure gives more power to the Ministers to discipline their Officers at the same time they must report to the BEC.

He said the Secretaries and their Ministers must start work on their operation budget for next year.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville emergency chief calls on people to help themselves

Following strong earthquakes in Bougainville in Papua New Guinea last weekend, the emergency manager says people need to help themselves.

The earthquakes killed one child when a house collapsed on Friday night, and the Red Cross is now reporting an elderly woman passed away in Panguna on Sunday.

The Director of Disaster and Emergency Services, Franklin Lacey, says about 50 to 60 houses were destroyed and tarpaulins are being donated by the Red Cross and Digicel.

While emergency workers in Buin say people are returning to their properties and starting to rebuild, Mr Lacey says he is still waiting on reports from some regions.


"My concern is that people should look after themselves and that disaster is everyone's issue. And also disaster preparedness is purely common sense, so they have to look after themselves at this point in time while we are trying to look for assistance."


Franklin Lacey. 




Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Bougainville will be liquor free as the region moves into the Easter mode this weekend.

And according to a memo from the Acting Chief Liquor Commissioner, REUBEN TOKOME all liquor outlets throughout Bougainville will cease selling Beer as of 7pm On Holy Thursday, April 17th, 2014 to normal Business on Tuesday April 22nd, 2014.

The memo reads, that all clubs, canteens and taverns will close trading after close of Business on Thursday April, 17th, 2014.

And all dealers licensed premises will cease trading at 4pm on Friday 18th, April, 2014 and resume normal trading on Tuesday April 22nd, 2014.

Restaurants, Hotels and Motels are exempted to provide liquor as served to lodgers and guests with meals only within the period of restrictions.

The memo also states that Sporting bodies staging important tournaments and organizing fundraising activities which involves liquor during the period will have to lodge special applications for approval.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai



The Sohano Seventh Day Church will run a one-week Evangelism program in Buka town from the 27th of April to the 3rd of May, 2014.

The program will focus on living healthy lives under the theme “BETTER CHOICE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”.

The Sohano SDA Church is promoting this program under its Adventist Community Service department.

According to a invitation message sent to New Dawn FM by the Buka District Director, Pastor PETER BEBE, the church wants to share the word of God and strengthen the faith of the believers of Jesus Christ, and believe the spiritual rehabilitation is one way that our people throughout Bougainville will change.

New Dawn FM will cover the program and record mostly the various Choir groups that will participate during this program.


Source: Radio New Dawn on Bougainville


By Aloysius Laukai

Parents of students attending the ST. PAUL’S TUNURU Specialized Training Centre in Central Bougainville have been reminded not to send their children to school after Easter holidays but wait for further information from the School.

This was contained in a special service message from the School aired by New Dawn FM today.

A senior School teacher from the School CARETAKER, ALOYSIUS SAMEN said that the school will commence one week after other Schools have commenced their second Term holidays.

He said that the School does not want the students to come earlier as it is expensive providing food during holidays.

MR. SAMEN said that the School will advice when students will return to the School.

New Dawn FM understands that the School has students from all the three regions of Central, South and North Bougainville.




Source: Post-Courier

Police chief calls for peaceful 


THE North Bougainville Provincial Police Commander Inspector Spencer Aili is appealing to Bougainvilleans, especially those under his command, to observe the Holy Week without engaging in illegal activity.

Mr Aili said according to police records, there have been many crimes committed during past Holy Week celebrations; therefore people need to change their attitude and mindset in order to make this year’s event a peaceful one.

He added that records show that more than 75 per cent of crime activities like rape, assault, murder and traffic-related deaths that took place during the past Easter celebrations are alcohol related.

"Over the past celebrations, we have noted an increase in the alcohol consumption rate of people, which later led to many social and law and order problems taking place. During this year’s event, I want all of us to celebrate the true meaning of Easter, so that there will be no problems taking place," Mr Aili said.

He  said police will be carrying out their policing duties so those caught taking part in any illegal activity will be dealt with by the law.

He also gave a brief update on the community policing concept currently undertaken by police in Bougainville, before appealing to the people to assist police in performing their duties.

"Bougainville police is emphasising the community policing concept, meaning people must assist and work hand in hand with police. "If we all work together then we will have less trouble happening in our areas.

"This is our place and by working together we will make it become a conducive place for us to enjoy the freedom of movement plus other benefits,"  Mr Aili said.

Meanwhile, he is appealing to all liquor outlets to adhere to the liquor restrictions put in place by the Liquor Licensing Commission.

He said those caught defying this directive will be arrested and charged.


Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville to discuss dates for new laws


THE Bougainville Executive Council will be meeting this morning to deliberate on a date for the new laws that were recently passed by the Bougainville House of Representatives to come into effect.

These laws include the Bougainville Public Service (Management and Administration) Act, the Bougainville Public Finance and the Bougainville Tenders and Contracts laws.

During this meeting the ABG Minister for Public Service Joel Banam will be submitting a number of policy issues that will aid the effective implementation of the public service Act.

"This would include such things as the date on which Bougainville public service management Act is to become effective, the general orders, the conditions of employment and other issues that will effectively operationalise the Bougainville public service Act," said Mr Banam.

"This means the public servants employed under the Bougainville public service management Act will be reporting to the government of Bougainville through the appropriate minister responsible for the department. It means that all Bougainville public servants will be paid directly by the Bougainville public service and no longer by the PNG Public Service," added Mr Banam.

Meanwhile, Mr Banam is calling on all public servants to respect the decisions and directives issued by the President and the ministers responsible for each portfolio.

"We should aim at delivering essential services that will meet the needs and demands of our people especially those who live in the rural areas of our region.

"The Momis/Nisira Government plans to empower public servants not only at headquarters level but where it matters most, that is the district level, the council of elders (CoE) and the council of chiefs (CoC).

He later said that the ABG also has plans to develop the capacity of public servants living and working in rural areas.



Source: Post-Courier

Liquor ban in Bougainville


THE Autonomous Bougainville Liquor Licensing Commission has announced that there will be a liquor ban throughout the region during this Easter celebrations.

According to a circular from the Office of the Acting Chief Liquor Commissioner Rueben Tokome, all liquor outlets and liquor stores will cease trading at 7pm tonight and will reopen for business on Tuesday.

All clubs, canteen and tavern will close trading at their normal trading hours today at 10:30pm till Tuesday next week.

Dealers licensed premises will cease trading at 4pm tomorrow and reopen for normal business on Tuesday. The only business exempted from this restrictions are the restaurants, hotels and motels however liquor should only be served to guests and lodgers during meal times.

The liquor commission also announced that all sporting bodies staging important tournaments and organising fundraising activities involving alcohol during this liquor ban period will have to lodge special applications for approval.

Meanwhile, the police commander for North Bougainville, Inspector Spencer Aili is appealing to all liquor outlet owners to adhere to the restriction given by the liquor commission. He said those who disobey will be arrested.



Source: Bougainville24

The history of the Bougainville peace process

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) since its inception has succeeded in extending the peace on Bougainville.

The Bougainville civil war was one of the most serious conflicts in the South Pacific region since World War II. Some thousands of people died as a direct or indirect result of the conflict, which began in 1989 and dragged on until the early months of 1998.

Suffering on the island was widespread. At one point 70,000 of a population of 180,000-200,000 were displaced in care centres or camps.

In July 1997, the Bougainville factions first met to discuss a peaceful settlement of the conflict. In October 1997 they agreed to an immediate truce.

The New Zealand-led Truce Monitoring Group was deployed from December 1997 until April 1998. It included up to 250 truce monitors from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Vanuatu.

On 30 April 1998, the parties agreed on a permanent ceasefire agreement. The Australian-led Peace Monitoring Group was deployed to replace the Truce Monitoring Group. At the end of July 1998, this was complemented by the deployment of the United Nations Observer Mission on Bougainville.

On 30 August 2001, a comprehensive Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed in Arawa. The Agreement included a weapons disposal plan and provided for elections for the establishment of an autonomous government on Bougainville.

It also provided for a referendum on the question of Bougainvillean independence, initially set for 10 to 15 years after the election of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

That referendum is now set to happen between 2015 and 2020.

On 21 December 2004, an agreed Constitution for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville was gazetted by the PNG Government, paving the way for elections to establish an autonomous government.

The Constitution provides for a legislature of 33 directly elected members, a President, a Speaker, three women’s representatives, and three ex-combatant representatives.

In May 2005, the United Nations Observer Mission on Bougainville declared the weapons disposal program complete and verified that the situation on Bougainville was conducive to holding elections. The election took place from 20 May to 2 June 2005.

It was a momentous event in the long process of establishing and consolidating a permanent peace on Bougainville. An International Election Observer Mission – invited by the PNG Government and Bougainvillean leaders to observe the election – concluded that the election was competently and transparently conducted in all key respects.

On 15 June 2005, the first Bougainville President, Joseph Kabui, and the members of the Autonomous Bougainville Government were sworn into office in a ceremony in Buka.




Source: Post-Courier

Bougainville welcomes government decision


THE acting head of the Bougainville public service has welcomed news on the recent National Executive Council’s approval of the joint review on Bougainville’s autonomy arrangements. Acting Bougainville Chief Administrator Chris Siriosi said yesterday that this decision was a prudent step and one that adds value to the administration of the peace process.

He was speaking in response to reports that NEC had also endorsed the establishment of a Bipartisan Parliamentary Committee for Bougainville matters.

“The ABG has already established its Parliamentary Committee whose members will meet the National Parliamentary Committee as soon as it is established, to consider the review findings and report back to respective parliaments,” said Mr Siriosi.

“The committee will have an important monitoring role in preparations for the constitutionally guaranteed referendum on the future political status of Bougainville,” added Mr Siriosi.

He added that through the Bipartisan parliamentary committee, the respective parliaments could be informed from time to time on developments and the decisions that have to be made by the parliamentarians.

According to a press release from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, National Executive Counci (NEC) has endorsed the terms of reference guiding the review of Autonomy Arrangements including its legal standing as determined through Section 337 of the National Constitution.

The PM added that it has become apparent that the establishment of a committee on Bougainville matters is imperative.

“The purpose would be to educate on constitutional requirements, the Bougainville Peace Agreement, specific Organic Laws, the challenges and complexities of implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement are amongst others,” Mr O’Neill said.



Source: The National

Bougainville assessing damage after earthquakes


OFFICIALS in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are assessing the damage caused by three earthquakes which hit the southern tip over the weekend.

The first 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Buin at 5pm last Friday. The second and third hit – measured at 7.5 magnitude – hit the island at 3pm and again before midnight on Sunday.

Buin district administrator John Itanu and ABG Minister for Community Development Melchior Dare could not be reached for an update on their survey yesterday.

But Eleanor Maineke, who is attached with the Buin district community development office in South Bougainville, said villagers were helping each other rebuild their homes destroyed during the earthquakes.

“It was reported to disaster officers who came from Buka on Monday that 50 houses were destroyed,” Maineke said.

“There was also a landslide which blocked the Loruru River.”

She said the only generator supplying power to Buin Town had been facing mechanical problems after the earthquake. 

“There is a blackout in Buin Town. A team will attend to the generator over the Easter weekend,” Maineke said.



Source: Post-Courier

Severe quake kills girl, destroys houses



Fr Lugabai stands in front of his sister’s destroyed house. Picture: David Lornie

THE severe earthquake which struck Bougainville on Friday afternoon has destroyed more than 50 houses in Buin, South Bougainville.

The quake, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale that killed a girl, 4, was followed by several smaller shocks, the most recent on Monday morning.

In  Wgukau Village just outside Buin town, several houses collapsed during the earthquake.

Villager Father Peter Lugabai a Catholic priest, was sitting in his hauswin when the quake struck at around 5pm.

“Houses started swinging to every side,” said Fr Lugabai. “I ran outside to hold on to a pawpaw tree.  Kids hit the ground. I was scared and there was screaming all around.”

Holding onto the tree for safety, the priest saw his brother’s nearby house fall off its posts and hit the ground. His sister’s house also collapsed as did several others.” Fr Lugabai said it was lucky the quake struck during the day as everyone was outside at the time. If it had been night time there would have been casualties.  On Monday, Bougainville Community Services Minister Melchior Dare visited Buin with a delegation including members of the Red Cross. They asked for a report on the damage to be prepared by the district administration.

People in Buin are hoping the Bougainville Government will help in any way it can.  The district administration office said that Friday’s quake was the most severe experienced in the district in over a decade.

In the nearby Siwai District the quake on Friday was felt but only a few buildings were damaged. Bougainville lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire and in the last year there were 60 recorded earthquakes in the Autonomous Region, though they were of a lesser magnitude than last Friday’s.

Muthuvel supports WNB people to form co-operative societies

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel is encouraging his people to form more co-operative societies because they will benefit a wider group of the community.

He said these societies should diversify into various business activities like fishing and agriculture to promote the concept of healthy eating.

Mr Muthuvel said there is an abundance of fish  in the sea but yet people choose to buy tinned fish which can contribute to various diseases if they have been on the shelf for a long period of time.

He said people should be eating more garden food than processed food stuff.

The governor was speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of the Bialla Fishermen’s Co-operative Society where he pledged K20,000 as initial capital to build the office.

Mr Muthuvel urged the executives to ensure that the building became a reality which will serve the fishermen throughout Bialla.

Chairman of Bialla Fishermen’s Co-operative Society, John Baliau said the society will assist registered fishing groups and the indigenous people in the villages, to help them sustain their livelihoods through fishing. He said assistance will be given to the oil palm block holders through fish farming.

Mr Baliau said the co-operative society is promoting fishing as a sustainable and traditional activity which is an inclusive activity.

The co-operative society also stands to promote conservation through the local marine managed area concept, which safeguards sustainable fishing in selected areas.

Mr Baliau said fishermen will no longer go looking for markets for their catch as the society will have buyers available to purchase their fish.


Another destroyed house in Buin



Source: Post-Courier

New bridges for Bougainville west coast



THE people in the west coast areas of North Bougainville including Hahon and Kunua-Keriaka will soon see the construction of three new bridges along the Siara-Korepovi Road.

According to the acting Bougainville Chief Administrator Chris Siriosi, these bridges will be constructed at Nagam, Sun and Vanalue rivers.

Funding for these bridges has been sourced from the second tranche of this special intervention funding of K100 million that was released recently by the national Government for high impact projects in Bougainville.

Mr Siriosi said the ABG has already made the payments and the contractor will be shipping the materials into Bougainville within the next few weeks to construct the bridges.

The purchase of these bridges is one of the high impact projects recently announced by Mr Siriosi that will soon be implemented in Bougainville.

The other project is the upgrading of National Broadcasting Corporation Bougainville, with

Mr Siriosi stating that the delay is still with the NBC head office.

“As soon as the project management unit and the ABG receive the quotations from the NBC we can authorize the release of funding to buy new equipment. This is a priority project and we will be making contact with NBC to make sure that this project is fast-tracked,” said Mr Siriosi.

“With the education infrastructure, the project management unit and the administrator’s office are still waiting for the Education Division to identify and notify the government on their priority projects,” added Mr Siriosi.

Meanwhile, the ABG is still trying to locate land in Buka to construct houses for public servants.



Source: Post-Courier

Airport fencing plan on track


Buka Airport: ideal, but dangerous playground for youths


THE Acting head of the Bougainville Public Service has revealed that tenders for the fencing of the Buka Airport will shortly be facilitated by the National Airports Corporation. Mr Chris Siriosi said the administration will soon be meeting with the landowners from Ieta village to come up with an amicable solution before the commencement of the airport fencing project.

He said the fencing of the airport is of paramount importance as it will enable the airline companies to “feel comfortable” with their flights in and out of Buka. It is understood that the landowners had wanted to be awarded the contract of fencing the airport but later became disappointed after learning that the project will be put on tender for those who meet the selection criteria to apply.

They had said that as the legitimate owners of the area where the airport is situated, it would be appropriate for them to be given the contract. The Minister for Civil Aviation Steven Davies has already met with the landowners and updated them on the strict procedures concerning the project.

Mr Davies said since this project will be funded through the Asian Development Fund (ADF) there are stringent measures that need to be met in relation to the loan agreement reached between the national Government and the donor.

He however told the landowners that they will still be engaged in spinoffs associated with this fencing project, before adding that the next thing that needs to be done before the commencement of the project is the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the government and the landowners.

Following the brief discussion with the Minister, the landowners said they now fully understand the process and voiced their support for the project to go ahead as planned.

North Bougainville MP Lauta Atoi, who had accompanied Mr Davies to meet with the landowners, later said that he will be meeting with ABG President John Momis to try and identify the forms of assistance to be given to the landowners as a gesture of commending them for allocating their land for the benefit of the population.




Tertiary education on Governor’s radar

Joe Lera (centre) on his visit to Bougainville. Credit: Otago Daily Times

The Governor of Bougainville, Joe Lera, has stated that extending educational capacity is vital for its continued development of the autonomous region.

Lera spent a week in Dunedin, New Zealand in March as a relationship building exercise to gather support from New Zealand as Bougainville continues to rebuild following the crisis.

The decade long crisis had a devastating effect on education, with almost an entire generation missing out on opportunities.

Speaking to the Otago Daily Times, Lera stated that he would like to see a campus of Otago Polytechnic on Bougainville.

”That is the dream,” Governor Lera said.

“After the crisis, the Bougainville population increased from 150,000 to more than 350,000; of that population, 60% are youths.”

“A training institute could educate the illiterate for jobs in agriculture and the fishing industry.”

”That’s why I’m here because Otago Polytechnic is the institute that can help the Bougainville workforce.”

Recently Leonard Fong Roka, a student at the Divine Word University in Madang, wrote about the desire among Bougainvillean students for a university campus to be built at home.

“Bougainvillean students believe the ABG must speed up the development of technical and teachers colleges and universities,” Roka wrote.

“They are happy that colleges in Tinputz, Koromira and Mabiri provide trade skill to Bougainvillean youths.”

“They are also excited by the development of a technical school and a teachers college in Buin.”

Governor Lera signed a memorandum of understanding with Otago Polytechnic during his visit. The first activity of the bilateral partnership was a study tour for Bougainvillean public servants held January.




Source: Post-Courier

Workers under spotlight


THE Bougainville Administration will soon come up with the terms of reference (TOR) specifically designed with provisions to deal with the maladministration of public servants based in the districts. According to Acting Bougainville Chief Administrator, this approach will be taken as some public servants in the districts “simply don’t have any regard for accountability in the districts”.

“So one of the TORs must include how we will make the public service become accountable, efficient and effective in the delivery of government service to the people of Bougainville,” said Mr Siriosi, before adding that he is planning of involving the council of elders (CoE) in the monitoring of the delivery of government services within the districts.

“One of the critical roles that I have proposed over some time now since I took over the office is for the COEs to be given greater roles in making sure that the integrity of the services is preserved at the districts.

To make this happen, we need to enable the COEs to inspect, to monitor, to make sure that public servants in the districts are performing their roles.So one of the roles that the COEs will be performing in due course is to monitor the performance of public servants in the districts,” Mr Siriosi said.

He said the COEs will be reporting to the head of the public service and will be making reports on those officers that do not perform their duties in the districts. “You (public servants) will be accountable at the district level to the COEs in which you are located.

The COEs will be empowered to make sure that they have a greater role in enforcing accountability, integrity and preserving the dignity of public servants working in the districts. He later stated that it will be the responsibility of the executive management to decide on the appropriate measures to serve on those officers that fail to perform their duties.




Source: Radio New Zealand International

Bougainville Red Cross says about 50 houses wrecked by quake

The Red Cross in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville says it hopes aid can quickly be got to the victims of two strong earthquakes which struck the south of the province last Friday.

The provincial deputy chairperson, Ida Kenneth, says about 50 houses collapsed and some food gardens were wrecked.

One child was killed in Buin when a building collapsed.

She says the Red Cross will make a formal report to the provincial disaster co-ordinator on Wednesday.

Ms Kenneth says people will need help with temporary shelter and rebuilding.

"To provide tarpaulins for temporary shelter while they have to rebuild their houses. There are some also, like widows, who will find it very difficult to rebuild so we are hoping that when we discuss with the co-ordinator we can maybe recommend that he provide some hardware, like nails and stuff like that, just to support them."

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